Why Bret Hart Didn’t Sound Like Himself in “The Simpsons” Appearance

The Simpsons is one of the longest running television series of all time. As such, the show has had many celebrity guest appearances over the course of the twenty-eight seasons. Bret Hart is one of many who appeared.

CBR.com is reporting that Bret Hart’s lackluster appearance on “The Simpsons” many years ago is due to the crew not knowing how huge of a star he was.

In the 1997 episode of “Simpsons”, titled “Old Man and the Lisa,” Bret Hart appeared as himself, but with a Russian accent. Mr. Burns loses all his money in the episode and is forced to sell his home with Bret being the buyer.

According to Hart himself in a 2009 interview with Dave Hofer of the AV Club, Hart was to come on and play another character with the Russian accent, but after having seen the fan reception Hart had after recording his lines, the crew member in charge of the episode told him they would put Bret in as himself if they hadn’t started the design yet. Here is the excerpt:

Hofer: Why did your appearance on “The Simpsons” sound so, well, weird?

Hart: They approached me about doing a voice as a wrestler, but not Bret Hart. It was the Mad Russian or something. I said, “I don’t want to be the Mad Russian, I want to be Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart!” We went back and forth for a while and they eventually said, very politely, “This is the way it’s written, take it or leave it.” I agreed, and flew down to FOX Studios. They had blocked off this huge chunk of time for my three lines, and were saying things like, “We need you more mad,” “Okay, not quite that mad!” I did my lines about 100 times in two minutes! I went outside to wait for my limo that had gone to get gas, and I signed autographs and took pictures for 45 minutes. The guy that was in charge of my episode came up to me and said, “I had no idea you were this big of a star! If we haven’t already started the artwork, we’re going to draw you in as yourself.” That’s why the voice doesn’t really sound like me, because I thought I was playing a crazy Russian!

CBR.com also notes that the crew on “The Simpsons” have said in the past that Hart wouldn’t leave them alone about playing himself. They believe what Hart said in the interview and what producers of the show said are both correct, in a mixture.

It should also be noted that Bart Simpson was featured on the cover of a WWF Magazine which you can find here:

If any more information does surface about Bret Hart and his appearance on The Simpsons, Wrestling Rumors will be there to let you know all about it.

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Editor’s Note:

I don’t mind the way Bret sounded in the episode, if I’m honest. Sure, I would’ve preferred hearing his actual voice, but I knew it was physically him performing the lines. If anything, my young brain the first time I saw it probably believed it was his ‘real voice’ and the one he used in wrestling was created specifically for his character.

What do you think of Bret’s appearance on The Simpsons? Did you even know he was featured? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and Twitter account. Turn the notifications on to get updated when news does go live! You can also follow me over on Twitter at @SOSNH1995 if you are so inclined.

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Brock Lesnar – Rolling Stone, David Otunga Return Update, Brawls In The Crowd (Video)

– Above is WWE’s latest Top 10 featuring “Brawls in the Crowd.” The video includes Sasha Banks defeating Charlotte, John Cena giving Edge a running bulldog off the steps, and Seth Rollins diving out of the stands.

– According to PWInsider, David Otunga will be making his return on the Extreme Rules Kickoff panel, alongside Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg. Otunga has been off TV for the last six weeks due to filming a movie.

Rolling Stone ran an article on how Brock Lesnar helped give country/folk singer, Colter Wall, a boost thanks to Lesnar’s mention of the singer during a Stone Cold Podcast in 2015. Lesnar’s support has brought in a whole new group of fans to the singer’s music and Wall spoke on meeting the WWE Universal Champion:

“I got an email one day that said, ‘Hey, it’s Brock Lesnar.’ I was like, ‘Sure, sure.’ But sure enough, it was him. He said he liked my music and would like to meet me. I went out to his farm, hung out, talked and played some music for him. He has been a huge supporter ever since.”

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EC3 On Being #1 Contender (Video), Impact Theme Song And Video For India Tapings, The VOW Advance

– This week’s Impact Wrestling saw Ethan Carter III defeat Magnus and James Storm to become the new #1 contender to World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley for a match at Slammiversary. In the video above, EC3 says he’s a Carter and the company needs him. Carter ends it by saying he will be celebrating the win next week.

– The Impact crews are currently headed to India to tape 4 episodes of TV in Mumbai. Below is the theme song and opening video that will be used for the special episodes:

– Thursday’s Impact also saw “Veterans of War” Mayweather and Wilcox defeat Bokara and Bahh to advance to the finals of the GFW Tag Team Title tournament. They will face Impact Tag Team Champions The LAX next week in the tournament finals. Below is video from Thursday’s win:

.@Crimson #Mayweather & @TheJaxDane #Wilcox, together they are #VOW and they are moving onto the Finals of the @GFWWrestling Tag Tourney! pic.twitter.com/IW0GJm2SeI


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Former WWE Diva Talks About Her Release From The Company

Through her YouTube channel, former WWE Superstar, Cameron, spoke about the phone call when she was released from WWE and the time leading up to it.

The months just before her release:

“For the people who don’t know, I wasn’t happy with my position in WWE. I was coming to ‘TVs’ and I just wasn’t doing anything. I know that I didn’t have the best in-ring skills, because I was brought up early. I’m really honest about that, I can keep it one-thousand percent. I wanted to go back down to NXT. I’m like ‘I know this may mean I might lose my spot. I know this may get me fired,’ but I rather walk away knowing that I did everything I possibly can, than nothing at all and I walk away with regret.”

Finding out she was let go from WWE:

“I get this ‘ding’ [on my phone] and Mark [Carrano, WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations] says ‘Can you call me?’ And I just knew, so I called him and he told me. It was shocking, but at the same time, that’s just where we were. I’d given my all and things just weren’t progress, so, it hit me, and I thanked him for my time. This is one experience I’m never ever going to forget, unfortunately, it’s not a fairy tale ending.”

If going after fans was potentially a reason she was let go:

“To this day, I still don’t know if it’s partially because when I stirred up all the stuff with [the] IWC. That was one of my tactics, to try and get stuff stirring to potentially have a storyline and I never asked, I never asked. I didn’t want to know, because at that point what was done, was done. I never know to this day if it was that, mixed with everything that was already going on and my position with the company.”

You can listen to Cameron’s full comments in the video above.

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Cathy Kelley On Jinder Mahal’s Win, Jerry Lawler Clotheslines Mascot (Video)

– Above, Cathy Kelley looks at reactions to Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship win. Kelley goes through responses by Heath Slater, The Singh Brothers, and YouTube Personality, Lilly Singh.

– WWE Shop’s latest sale is 30% off items with code SAVE30 and by clicking here. There are some exclusions: Championship Titles and Side Plates, Memorabilia & Collectibles, Gift Cards, Connor’s Cure, Select New Arrivals, Select Jackets, and Preorder/Backorder. The sales until May 29 at 2:59am EST.

– Yesterday, at a Columbus Clippers baseball game, a hot dog mascot race started and then stopped when two of the hot dogs turned on the third with some wrestling moves, including a People’s Elbow. As one of the hot dogs (who turned on his partner) was headed for the finish line, Jerry Lawler landed a clothesline, putting down the mascot. You can see how it happened in the video below.

What happens when baseball, a hot dog race, “The King” @JerryLawler, and @TheRock‘s finishing move mix together??

Awesomeness. That’s what. pic.twitter.com/UKa9q5Nxm4

— Columbus Clippers (@CLBClippers) May 27, 2017

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Title Match On Next Week’s Impact Wrestling, Top 5 Magnus Matches

– Courtesy of Impact Wrestling and The Fight Network, above are the top 5 matches of Magnus – vs. Sting at Bound For Glory 2013, vs. Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution 2013, vs. Samoa Joe at Lockdown 2014, vs. The Motor City Machineguns at Final Resolution 2009 and vs. Bobby Roode at No Surrender 2013.

– Next Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode will feature Moose defending the Impact Grand Title against Eli Drake.

– This week’s Impact saw Scott Steiner return to set up the tag match at Slammiversary with Josh Mathews. They will be going up against Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash. Below are videos from Thursday:

The Return of @ScottSteiner to #IMPACTWrestling!! HE IS BACK and it is on for #Slamm15@RealJoshMathews reveals his partner! #IMPACTICYMI pic.twitter.com/8u0CLoczck



The #SteinerRecliner for @Josephpark_esq from @ScottSteiner What a scene on IMPACT Wrestling!!! What will happen on 7.2 at #Slamm15!!! pic.twitter.com/fpK1nC8qJT


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How Old Is Natalya Today?, Nikki Bella Reveals Her Inspiration, The Rock’s Evolution From WWE Video

– Nikki Bella posted the above video on her YouTube channel featuring her appearance on KTVK Phoenix. Nikki reveals being inspired by Maria Shriver and how she wants to be like her and speak like her and motivate people like she does. Nikki says that she always wanted to empower women, and walk the talk.

– Former WCW Executive Vice-President and former RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff turns 62 today. WWE Superstar Natalya is celebrating her 35th birthday as well.

The Huffington Post created the video below looking at The Rock’s career from WWE to Hollywood:

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John Morrison On WWE And Impact Using Ideas From Lucha Underground, The Miz, ‘The Dirt Sheet’ Series

Source: The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast

John Morrison spoke with The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights, via Sportskeeda:

“The Dirt Sheet” Series:

“I think the reason it was fun to watch and to do was because Miz and I found this little loophole and niche and we had creative autonomy. Not full creative autonomy, because we still had to run ideas by people, but Miz and I, we wrote the episodes of The Dirt Sheet while we were traveling from town to town. We got to a TV taping and we would go into the pre-tapes room and we would usually get one hour to tape our episode and it was really cool. It was creatively fulfilling and it gave us a chance to get our personalities across to fans of WWE in a way we didn’t get because it’s really hard to get TV time, in which you can do that kind of talking and cut those kinds of promos.”

The Miz still working for the WWE:

“He’s an extremely hard-working guy and one thing to note on successful professional wrestlers, in my opinion, is people believing their own hype, living their own gimmick, people who are emphatically themselves, The Miz is all those things. I think that’s why, when you’re watching him, he seems like The Miz all the time, there’s no slipping in and out of character and that’s because he’s doing him, that’s who he is, obviously with the volume turned up on TV. It’s rare that you can find somebody that’s so all-encompassing as a character and I think that’s why he’s been so successful.”

WWE and Impact Wrestling using ideas from Lucha Underground:

“Totally agree. I feel like Lucha Underground was the first promotion that’s really integrated the gritty, action movie feel with wrestling. Shooting the vignettes that stitch Lucha Underground together, with coverage like a TV show or a movie has set that trend. You’re right, the Total Deletion and WWE House of Horrors and even some of the costumes in WWE. I feel the trends were started in Lucha Underground.”

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Justin Roberts Talks Triple H Blowing Him Off, JBL Changing After Being Punched By Joey Styles, More

Ring Rust Radio recently interviewed former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts. You can listen to the full interview in the video above, they sent us this transcription:

You recently released your book, “Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass Through My WWE Journey.” Why did you feel now was the right time to write this book and what are you hoping to accomplish with its release?

“I thought it made for a cool story many years ago while I was actually with the company. I thought because I was a huge WWE fan and a wrestling fan in general for so many years and then I made it to WWE, I was able to work with a lot of the guys a group watching, and I just thought it made for a cool story. The idea came while I was actually still there. I pitched it to WWE magazine and they weren’t interested in my story so it was still in the back of my mind and I thought it was a cool story and I’d like to share it. I started working on it while I was there and I had a good amount down and then once I wasn’t with the company anymore it just made it easier to go back in and speak more freely and talk about anything I wanted to talk about in the story. So, once it came together and it felt like it was where it needed to be, that’s when I released it.”

Considering how close you are to the action, what type of information are you told before the matches about what is going to happen? Do you know if they’re expected to battle around ringside, for example?

“No, that’s usually not something I’m aware of which is good because when they came at me, I always looked scared and acted scared and ran away scared because I kind of was. Everybody gets in their zone when they come out to the ring and they’re not my buddies that they are backstage. Now they are the characters and they are on and they are performing. I always got out of the way if they came brawling towards me. If it looked real it was because it felt real. I didn’t look at them brawling around me and think, “Oh those are my buddies and they’re going to do anything, I’m ok.” It was, “Oh no they are over here, they are beating each other up and I need to get out of the way.” If I don’t, I might get it in the middle of it. I didn’t really know if they were coming near me. Once in awhile they would send somebody flying through the barrier and the barrier would fall backwards onto where the timekeeper and I sat, and sometimes we would be warned of that just so we would know to get out of the way and not get hit with it.”

One of the hottest topics recently has been the accusations of bullying against John Bradshaw Layfield. Many reporters are using stories from your book for source material in the case against JBL, but what are your thoughts on the situation with Mauro Ranallo?

“A lot of people asked me about it and I said I don’t know Mauro. I don’t know him at all and we never once talked. I don’t know his situation. All I know is the experiences that I’ve had which I clearly stated were in 2003 when that was happening with JBL. Case in point, after the incident with Joey Styles when he stood up to him and punched him, he basically disappeared shortly after that. When he came back, he was a much different person. That stuff wasn’t going on and the locker room had changed completely. So, when he came back it was a different world with different guys and a different mentality. The guys who were around in the early 2000s knew what happened and later on I don’t know what happened with Mauro. So I can’t say anything about that, but I did say when people asked me if he should be fired and I would say no. It’s not just something with JBL; it’s a mentality in the company. They like to ride people and I don’t know if that had anything to do with Mauro because again, I don’t know anything about his situation for sure, just the accusations that we have heard that are going around.”

If you could go back and relive your WWE career is there anything you personally would do differently or anything that you wish was different outside of your own control?

“I’m happy with everything I got to do I feel like I got to do everything that I dreamed of and more. Stuff that I couldn’t of even dreamed of. I’d always try to speak up if I had an idea or something that I saw at live event or on TV. If there’s something I thought they could be better, I would bring it up. If there’s something in the script that just didn’t make sense from a fan’s perspective, I would speak up. I always tried and I got shot down a lot. If I brought something up or if I tried to turn up my announcing or if I saw an announcement that just felt like it wasn’t big enough and I would turn it up and make it a bigger announcement, I would be told to turn it down and bring the announcement down. So, I feel like I tried. I tried to do everything I could to be the very best that I could, but I knew that I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of the things that I thought they were better for announcing or better for the announcers to do. I don’t have any regrets because I tried. If I got shut down, I got shot down, but at least I tried.”

Looking back, what was the biggest thrill of your WWE career or your crowning achievement that you believe maybe helped you leave your mark on the company or the business?

“I think maybe some of those announcements that have become memorable to a lot of people. I hear from a lot of people about the John Cena introduction, the Undertaker introduction and the Jeff Hardy introduction. Some of those introductions that became part of the entrance and those guys didn’t need me by any means. They are big stars on their own, but just that my voice was able to contribute in a small way to their introduction and to leave a mark on people the same way Howard Finkel had on older fans. The people that grew up hearing my introductions for those guys that they were watching, things like that are pretty cool.”

In your book, you speak about your experiences with Triple H, someone who was once hated by hardcore fans and is now heralded as a genius. What are your thoughts on Triple H and the perception that he is saving WWE with NXT?

“I mean, he takes care of his NXT guys. I think there are a lot of guys that aren’t NXT guys that aren’t treated very well and can’t reach the heights that they can with their potential. There always seem to be someone or something working against them while his guys always seem to look good and the guys he isn’t into tend to not look so good. In my dealings with him, when I talked about the live event producer position, here was someone who was at every single show, watching every live event, every TV show, every PPV from ringside and all of them from beginning to end. I saw how it was broken and I wanted to help fix it and just to help this company. Someone like Triple H kept blowing me off and saying that I didn’t have enough experience and then bringing in guys that knew nothing about the business and they didn’t come from a wrestling world and didn’t know how to put together a wrestling show or the psychology behind it. It’s a psychological roller coaster that you take the fans on during a show. For him to tell me I didn’t have enough experience and then he brings in guys with no experience just didn’t make any sense. He was the top heel and when we were in Australia, he was the top authority figure, but he would start a live show welcoming everybody and he was out there as a baby face. People would boo when he came on because he is a heel on TV, but at the same time he wants to be a baby face and accepted by everyone. Things just didn’t make sense and that should paint the picture for you.”

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WWE Reportedly Asks ‘World Of Sport’ Wrestler To Be In Women’s Tournament

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Viper was asked to be in the 32-Women “Mae Young Classic” women’s tournament. It’s interesting because Viper was at the last World of Sport tapings that aired on ITV last December, so if she had a standard ITV contract, she wouldn’t be allowed to do the tournament. Meltzer noted that it’s not known if the WOS project is dead, if Viper has a different kind of contract or if WWE is proceeding with the idea that the wrestlers can’t be held to their ITV contracts since there has been no movement on the project.

As noted, World of Sport announced a partnership with Anthem last March to bring WOS Wrestling back to ITV, which is the #2 network in the UK, with an initial commission for a 10-part series. They were scheduled to tape television this month, but the tapings were cancelled.

Meltzer added that people close to the World of Sport situation have said that the ITV deal is still alive. They are reportedly looking at several options to work with, with one being working with Impact, however nothing will be happening anytime soon.

The “Mae Young Classic” tournament will tape on Thursday, July 13th and Friday, July 14th at Full Sail University. Tickets went on sale this past Friday.

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