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Kenny Omega On WWE: “What They Can Offer In Flash, We Can Offer In Substance”

Kenny Omega was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated as a part of their “Extra Mustard” series. He discussed a number of topics, including his match with Pentagon at the recent All In pay-per-view, comparing WWE to NJPW and more. Below are some highlights from the interview: On Pentagon following their match at All In: “Pentagon not […]

Rumor: If Shawn Michaels Wrestles Again, When And Where Would He Do It?

The new grandest stage? Earlier this week on Monday Night Raw, Shawn Michaels made an appearance to hype up Undertaker vs. Triple H at Super Show-Down. The Undertaker interrupted and things got a bit heated, with Michaels bringing up that Undertaker was the reason that he was still retired instead of taking a big money […]

Major Update On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Contract Status

Got him. One of the bigger stories over the summer has been whether or not Daniel Bryan was going to re-sign with WWE. The idea that he might not stick around was a big question mark as Bryan’s return has been one of the biggest, most emotional moments of the year and hopefully there’s more […]

Rumor: WWE Highly Interested In Two Top Independent Stars

That would be a big deal. It seems that WWE is signing every big independent wrestling star they can find at the moment. That’s a lot of fun for the wrestling fans as they get to see who is next on the depth chart, but it can also mean some bad things for the independent […]

Cool Video Looking Inside The Wrestling School That Trained Batista

You have to start somewhere. You hear about a bunch of wrestling training schools over the years. Some of the modern ones are the Team 3D Wrestling Academy in Kissimmee, Florida and the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, dramatic pause, Alberta, Canada. Then there are the older ones though, like the Verne Gagne camp, Stu […]

Impact Wrestling Live Coverage And Results – September 6, 2018

Impact Wrestling Date: September 6, 2018 Location: Rebel Sports Complex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Commentators: Don Callis, Josh Matthews Things are getting interesting around here again as we now have a three headed monster on top of the promotion. Last week Moose joined forces with Austin Aries and Killer Kross as the trio beat down Eddie […]

Photo: SmackDown Live Has Horrible Attendance

Bad, in every sense of the word. Wrestling is a hard thing to predict. The quality of the show may or may not have much effect on how many people attend the show, which isn’t exactly common sense. SmackDown Live has been pretty entertaining in recent weeks, yet that didn’t seem to matter when it […]

Miz And Maryse On Their Special Time Together At An Adult Store

Movie, dinner, adult store. Wrestling couples have an interesting history as you never know how well the pairs are going to go. Some of them are highly successful and make for great results while others aren’t so good. Miz and Maryse would certainly be in the former and their success seems to back that up. […]