5 Predictions for The Royal Rumble Match

The unpredictability, surprise entrants and relentless excitement make the Royal Rumble match the coolest hour plus of WWE programming year in and year out and this, its 30th iteration, will be no exception. Already full of legendary names and a barrage of star power from RAW and Smackdown, the Royal Rumble match will kick off the road to WrestleMania in thrilling fashion once again. With all of that said I’m going out on a limb here with five predictions for the Royal Rumble Match.

5) The 10th entry will be a Perfect 10

Since NXT TakeOver Toronto fans at a variety of different wrestling promotions have relentlessly chanted “10” at every referee’s count out. The odds of the San Antonio crowd chanting “10” in place of the traditional countdown are pretty high at this point. What better way to put a stop to that than to have Tye Dillinger enter the Rumble Match as the 10th entry? The reaction would be tremendous and the fans would unload their arsenal of “10” chants. Dillinger and his gimmick are over so why not capitalize on an opportunity to create a memorable Rumble moment early on in the match and generate some buzz for the NXT standout?

4) The Undertaker will eliminate both Brock Lesnar and Goldberg before being eliminated himself by Braun Strowman

Now follow my logic here. You have three part-timers, two of which are 50 and older. Brock and Goldberg are expected to have some sort of face off during the match. To the casual fan all three supposedly have a chance to win. So is it more likely that any of the three start the match as one of the first ten entrants or that they all appear as a portion of the last ten entrants? The 50 year olds aren’t going to be in the ring anywhere near an hour and the longer the casual fan has to wait the more excited they will be when their guy finally appears, so I anticipate that WWE saves them for the end portion of the match relying on current top level star power like Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Braun Strowman etc. to carry most of the match and keep the crowd invested before Goldberg, Lesnar and the Undertaker all appear. I see Taker as the last one of the three to appear in the match and a scenario where he would be poised to make his impact by eliminating a Sheamus, a Wyatt member and both Lesnar and Goldberg as they battle up against the ropes. The crowd would be shocked and let’s face it neither Goldberg or Lesnar is winning the Rumble. Neither is the Undertaker, and while he glares at both men from the ring, the specter of his imminent victory will be snuffed out by Braun Strowman. It might not be immediate but eliminating the Undertaker makes sense. The cameras cut to Strowman during Taker’s appearance on RAW for a reason. This is the reason; he’s going to eliminate him. Eliminating a legend like Taker who also eliminated Goldberg and Lesnar is a good rub for a young up and coming heel big-man like Strowman.

3) Kurt Angle will enter around the midway point of the match

That video package WWE aired for Kurt Angle’s induction into the Hall of Fame on RAW was not a career retrospective full of highlights and his list of accolades. It was not a thank you video that ended with the announcer saying “…we are proud to welcome Kurt Angle into the WWE Hall of Fame”. It was a hype video plain and simple. It made the statement that this is Kurt Angle and he’s coming back to wrestle so we should all get excited. That being the case he should be in the Royal Rumble match. I’m not saying he should eliminate anyone with a real chance to come out the victor. I can however see around the midway point a moment where perhaps Jinder and Rusev are beating up on some baby-faces, be it Enzo and Cass, New Day or a Sami Zayn, and with the crowd booing, his music hits and the place goes wild. Suplexes, ankle locks and an Olympic slam or two…maybe three; just a cool few moments for him to come out and get everyone that is watching, be it there or at home on the network excited and remind them why they are fans of WWE. You give the heat of a Kurt Angle elimination to a Baron Corbin or Miz and it would serve to further their own story in the match as well. Oh its true…it’s damn true.

2) Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt will be 3 of the Final 4 participants

With the tease of Jericho and KO facing off at WrestleMania I expect Chris Jericho to make it to the end portion of the match. Some of the crowd will cheer for him, others will boo him but I expect the veteran to have a presence in the final four and come up short.

Every final four needs a credible good guy. I don’t see Ambrose going this far in the match for a second year, nor do I see Seth Rollins making it to the final four. Enter Sami Zayn. He’s been getting more and more television time and high profile matches and with Owens retaining the title against Reigns as I expect he will, the potential of Zayn vs. Kevin Owens at WrestleMania for a title will interest the hardcore fans that attend the Rumble year in and year out and translate over the television as excitement for a potential win.

I really wanted to put The Miz here but the more I think about it the more I see him being eliminated before the match comes down to the final four competitors. He has been on an incredible role since the beginning of 2016 but the guy I have in this spot is Bray Wyatt. I think all three Wyatt Family members will be in the ring late in the match and that Bray will outlast the rest. I don’t see this being the moment where Orton turns on him. I actually think it is more likely Orton takes a proverbial bullet for him to further the psychological long game and make for a bigger pay off when he does finally drop Bray with an RKO. It looks very likely that Orton and Bray will tangle at WrestleMania but looks can be deceiving and while I don’t’ think Bray will win the match he does have a shot. All three of these men will have portions of the crowd in their corner making for an exciting final four.

1) Samoa Joe will debut, have the most eliminations this year and go on to win the Royal Rumble

The Samoan Submission Machine is going to unleash a tidal wave of violence on the Royal Rumble match, garnering the most eliminations THIS year and winning the match. In NXT during his tenure main-eventing TakeOver after TakeOver, Samoa Joe was billed as a relentless monster who reveled in the carnage he inflicted upon his opponents. That reputation is perfect to carry into a star studded Rumble as the two time NXT champ makes his debut.

The Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, John Cena, Batista, Roman Reigns and Triple H…those are the last ten winners of the Royal Rumble. While winning the Rumble is a nice career accolade for Del Rio and Sheamus to have, it did nothing to make them into household names or push them to the stratosphere in terms of star power and neither man main-evented WrestleMania those years. Roman Reigns’ win carried with it fan disappointment over Daniel Bryan’s early elimination and Reigns still hasn’t clicked with the majority of fans yet. Every other man I just listed was already an established star with multiple world title victories at the time of their win. This is the year the Rumble needs to propel a talent that is ready for the spotlight to the next level like it did for Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Batista with their first wins back in the day. Samoa Joe is that star and he is ready right now to make an impact and bring some legitimacy back to the Royal Rumble.

In two months he can build and carry a WrestleMania main-event title program on the microphone and with his in-ring work. He has a proven track record at big time events in other companies and in NXT and while those events are not near the scope of WrestleMania it is a fact that Samoa Joe does not fold under the pressure of a huge show, he raises his game to the next level. The surprise entry and win of Samoa Joe is a story in and of itself. Which brand is he with? What champion will he challenge? Samoa Joe could have carte-blanche to appear on both Raw and SmackDown for a solid month as the shows wait and possibly bid on his services, heightening the drama for the February network specials on the road to WrestleMania before he ultimately chooses which champion to challenge. February is the Elimination Chamber for SmackDown and the WWE title will be on the line. The shadow of Samoa Joe looming over the victor would be a great story-telling tool to utilize for the blue brand.

If an AJ Styles baby-face turn is in the cards Samoa Joe would be the perfect man to facilitate that. AJ Styles is already a top performer and has made a great champion thus far so Samoa Joe’s first big match being with someone he is already familiar with would be an asset that could help get him over to fans less familiar with him. They haven’t faced off in years with each man reaching new heights in career success and in-ring prowess since their last encounter. While he could challenge for either championship and formulate a great program for WrestleMania Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles for the WWE Title at WrestleMania is more than fantasy booking, its what’s best for business.

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Ryback Talks Vince McMahon, WWE Creative Standpoint, Future Of His Brand, More

– Ring Rust Radio had former WWE star Ryback this week for an exclusive interview, check out the highlights below:

Since your departure from WWE, you have really grown the Ryback brand. Not only did you start a podcast and write a book, but you are also still wrestling on the independent scene and started your own nutrition line. Now that you’ve accomplished so much, what are your long-term goals in and out of the wrestling ring?

“So right now, my number one goal is growing my Feed Me More nutrition brand and my Conversation with the Big Guy podcast. Every week we are growing by the thousands on the podcast and every week we are getting into more and more stores and locations with Feed Me More nutrition. Obviously, my goal is to become the number one supplement brand in that industry and that’s going to take a lot of hustle and hard work. I created an all-natural product that I truly believe in. I use my own products and created them over the past 12 years. I firmly believe that a lot of my success is what I invested in my body and doing it the correct way. Now I’m taking that knowledge in the supplement industry—which is a $50 to $70 billion a year industry—which is corrupt and has a lot of negativity in it. I really want to bring a positive mind set into it. I want to be a positive example to kids so they can look up to a guy with a physique like mine and know you can achieve this without steroids. You can do it with proper supplementation, diet and positive mind set. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and have learned from my mistakes. My goal is to build the Feed Me More brand and make it bigger than it’s ever been.

“That’s not an easy task while walking away from WWE, but I didn’t like the way they were portraying my brand and limiting me from doing the things that I knew I could do outside of the ring. I didn’t agree with any of the creative aspects. I talked about that before on my podcast. I gave you my opinion on all of that and why that was all correct the way it worked out the way it did. To be told you can’t do magazine covers, or movies, to start your own supplement line, and to be restricted on what you can do outside was very discouraging for me. I don’t like being told I can’t do something when I know I can. It’s only enhancing not only my brand, but the company’s brand as well. That’s when I knew I had to walk away and build my brand on my own now. What you are seeing is me being very diverse and putting my hands in a lot of different jars. Now I have to really focus in on three or four things, and build them up as big as I can build them before I start branching out to other things again.

One thing that fans often observe as it relates to WWE is that the company at times cares more about getting over the guys that they want to be over rather than backing someone who gets over organically. For instance, you’ve talked about being a top merchandise seller only to be turned heel and forced to drop the “Feed Me More” catchphrase. Why do you think WWE is seemingly so dead set against wrestlers becoming organically popular?

“So, life isn’t fair. I’ve said Vince created that world and it’s his right to do what he wants to do at the end of the day. That made it very easy for me to leave and go ahead create my own world, start from the bottom and work my way back up again. I don’t agree with the way that he did things and I tried many times to communicate and express myself to him. When you are being told lies over and over again, eventually you just kind of check out. It’s a very discouraging and unsettling feeling. I remember being at this last WrestleMania and the contact stuff was already at a very negative point. He left gorilla position, he couldn’t even stand there and watch my match, then he walked by with this look of disgust on his face and I remember thinking, “This company f–king sucks. This job sucks, and this is the worst day of my life.” This was all on WrestleMania and I thought it really shouldn’t be this way.

“I think we sometimes have a vision as a kid how we think things are going to be. Telling the truth, from my own experience, I am telling you 100 percent of the truth of everything that went on there and that I encountered there. To be lied to time and time again, then to go out there killing yourself to give that brand everything you got and to be your best, and all you want is to be treated fairly and with respect, all the while you are a staple for that company that they have relied on, it isn’t a good feeling and it’s very motivating to me. Vince did motivate me in finding ways to work harder and to succeed more and to be the best version of myself. I don’t hate him or Triple H, but it gave me that extra kick in the ass to want to succeed even more now. To show him I don’t need him to be successful and I want to set a precedent for these other guys where WWE tries to own and control your brand and you can’t make a living outside of them. No, that’s not right. I created my brand, I’m responsible for my brand and I can take my brand and do whatever I want to do with it. I don’t need you to be successful in life. That is exactly what I am doing. I’m going to blaze my own trail and show these other guys that you don’t need them even though that’s what they want you to think.”

It was easy to see that turning you heel when you did made little sense at the time. However, a lot of wrestlers say that being a heel is easier and more fun than playing the babyface. Do you agree and is there anything specific that you would’ve re-done if given the opportunity with either role as a heel or face?

“I always took my pride in doing my job and what was asked of me. I’ve spoke about that before so we don’t need to break that all down again. Being a heel is a lot of fun and I don’t mind being a heel at all. Being a heel, though, absolutely sucks when you’re not allowed to get heat or have a lot of TV time to tell the story with a microphone. In that regard, being a heel sucks. When used correctly and allowed to get heat, wins and losses don’t even matter, but when I say used correctly to get heat or get your heat back after moments of defeat, it can be a lot of fun. It’s different than being a good guy as there are two completely different mindsets. I always enjoyed playing the heel role outside of that last go around. I was very adamant about not wanting to turn heel with Kalisto. I was lied to and told over and over that I was going to be a tweener. They had me going out there and mounting guys and it started getting a really good reaction then they told me to stop doing that. They had me stop doing the “feed me more” chant again and it was like the first time all over again. I had enough and it was just time to go.”

As one of the top free agents in the wrestling industry right now, have you received offers from other wrestling promotions and how have you enjoyed being sought out by top companies?

“It’s one of those things where I don’t care about being on TV. I have my brand, I have my name and I haven’t been off TV that long. I am already very profitable in my business where I don’t need to go on TV just to be on TV. I don’t feel the need to be seen. I get to go out every week and work for myself, make a great living, wrestle, meet the fans and get to spend time with the fans. I get to be home every day, minus the shows I do once or twice a week. It’s such a great feeling after being on the road five days a week. I don’t want to go live in another country for three or four months at a time. I set myself up to be able to have success from home and to be able to just go do wrestling because I love wrestling and now I don’t have to worry about anything. When you sign a contract, it doesn’t matter what company it’s for—unless you get it written in the contract—you are giving up freedom of your character and who you are.

“In this day and age, so many people believe the movie is real that I want to have some sort of control of the image I am portraying at different times. Owning the brand and trying to send out a positive message, it’s detrimental when you have to go out there and do certain things like be a bully. People perceive that as real and it impacts your brand. We are kind of moving forward in this day and age where guys have to start looking out for themselves more because not enough of them do and not enough of them stand up for themselves anymore. I am enjoying this and I don’t care to sign with anybody. The ultimate freedom to me is being able to work for yourself. It should be every human being’s goal to not have to answer to another human being on what you have to do for a job. I don’t have to do that right now so why would I ever want to again? I don’t care about being on TV and once you take that out of the equation it’s a very easy decision.

Something that a lot of former WWE wrestlers talk about after they leave the company is the idea that it can be creatively stifling, especially when it comes to promos. What are your feelings regarding the promo process in WWE, the scripted nature and how all of that might have impacted the message you wanted to convey and the character you wanted to portray?

“Vince McMahon doesn’t care if he makes $300 million a year or $100 million a year; he is making money off the people. So, he really doesn’t care. He would rather do what he wants to do and at the end of the day that’s the game for him. So, like I said, he created that world, nobody in his mind has the right to tell him how to run his business. I respected that enough to where I said fine, I am leaving. That sums that up in so few of words. I understand it from the WWE standpoint that they are a PG company and they have sponsors that they make a lot of money from. We all love the days where guys could go out there and organically say what they wanted to say and instead just be given bullet points. Throughout the course of wrestling, it has evolved into having all these writers and then having Vince, Hunter and Stephanie approve everything. Then you have to recite your lines line by line essentially or pretty close to it without straying from the topic.

“I can tell you from experience the process absolutely sucks from a wrestling standpoint and from a creative standpoint. It’s just really difficult and it comes across when you are watching at home and you can tell when someone is just reading off a piece paper. I understand it from a corporate standpoint of why they are doing, but I think they do it too much. I think there is a way to scale back on it and still keep your sponsors happy and give your guys the creative freedom to incorporate some of their character and who they are into the lines. That’s how you find out what really gets over is letting guys be themselves and I always said my best promos were the ones I got to do on my own. Vince would essentially get mad over that more than anything. In his words, I didn’t make sense or that I was out of touch and in my mind that always just baffled me because it was the complete opposite. He owns the company, he is allowed to think what he wants and say what he wants to say. I respected him enough to go ahead and leave and just not play his game anymore.”

What has been the most rewarding experience for you so far during your career as a professional athlete?

“Walking away from WWE. By far it was the greatest day of my career. The fact I had the courage and by no means it wasn’t an easy decision because it was going on in my head for over two years. It was such a proud moment for me to know that walking away and walking away from the amount of money I left to be free. I equate it to the Shawshank Redemption, that I was finally released. I did it on my own terms and conditions. To be able now to have the relationship with different fans, to communicate with them, to be able to still wrestle, have everything and to do it my way, it feels really good. Mark my words; I am going to be ultra-successful, do things that nobody thought I could do because I know what my game plan is and I know what I am doing. There is no longer anybody telling me no and there isn’t another human being that works as hard as me from morning to night. At the end of the day, in the next ten years, I cannot wait to see where Ryback is. Walking out of the WWE was the best decision I ever made.”

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WWE Stops UK Talent From Working FloSlam Broadcasts

– Due to contractual obligations that some wrestlers have now made with the WWE, the upcoming FloSlam forced to change their upcoming card:

IPW:UK released this statement via Facebook:

“Unfortunately in the early hours of this morning we learnt that due to contractual obligations with the WWE, certain wrestlers will be unable to appear on our FloSlam live broadcast this Sunday, namely in this instance, Pete Dunne and Joseph Conners.

We have acted quickly to rectify the situation. Pete Dunne remains on the bill and will take on Tom Dawkins in a bonus match for the live audience only.

Matt Riddle will now face off against a man who is making waves all around the country – the arrogant but talented “All Day Star” Ryan Smile!

Havoc’s Army will now be re-enforced with the muscle man Adam “Flex” Maxted in the main event, with Joseph Conners stepping aside for the event.”

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Chris Jericho Comments On Vince McMahon’s Reaction To The List

– As noted, WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho recently joined Busted Open Radio to accept his 2016 Comeback Of The Year Award, check out the highlight below:

On Vince McMahon’s reaction to the list:

“When Vince came back I kind of told him, ‘here’s this list that I got and I had it made so I can use it as a foreign object.’ He thought it was great. The first idea was for me to take it to the ring and use it for finishes, but he didn’t want that, he just wanted it to be this entity. Next thing you know The List Of Jericho is more over than 80 percent of the roster. Now everyone wants to be on the list and the only way to get heat off of it is if I tease putting people on the list, and then don’t put them on the list. That actually gets heat now.

“You just never know what’s going to work and what’s not going to work, and doing this as long as I’ve been doing it you have to recognize when something is gonna catch. Like I said it is like catching lightning in a bottle and when that happens you just want to stick with it — my original plan was to be in the WWE for four months, January to Wrestlemania, then some things got moved around on Fozzy’s schedule and some other things that I had going on, then I just decided ‘Why don’t we take 2016 completely off and with Fozzy?’”

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Triple H On Winning Last Year’s Royal Rumble, Wanting To Step Away From Action, More

– WWE Superstar Triple H recently participated in a interview with Crave and spoke about a wide variety of wrestling topics, check out the highlights below:

On how his kids see Vince McMahon:

“It’s funny, when they see him on Raw or SmackDown, he’s a different character. He’s the evil maniacal boss. When he does these things, he has crazy dialogue and he’s the owner but it’s a different light. He’s the ‘legendary Mr. McMahon’ and he kind of is how they see him in a way. Their pop is this larger than life guy that they see as part grandpa and part James Bond or something. He’s got his own airplane and he always has a souped-up car. I have to tell him all the time, if the girls say ‘I’d really like to have an elephant,’ I tell him ‘Do not buy them an elephant.’ That’s how he is with them. Their vision of their pop is a little bit more like what you see in the cartoons.”

On winning last year’s Royal Rumble:

“It was a completely different experience. Last year was kind of out of the blue and given the circumstances of where we were talent wise, we had a lot of injuries and a lot of people moved positions, which changed a lot of things about the show. Any time you’re put in that position, you put a lot of pressure on yourself. The pressure is less for me from a physical standpoint because I’m still in decent shape and I’m in this business every day so my mind is still fresh. The pressure for me was trying to do my job and that job at the same time. With the things I operate on like live events, talent and creative, there’s so much to do on a day-to-day basis that it’s hard to get it done regularly.”

On being a performer and an executive:

“The common belief is that for myself and other guys are that we can’t step away from it or can’t let it go but I’d love to [laughs]. As much as I enjoyed last year, when the company asks if you want to go out and compete in front of 100,000 people, it’s hard to say no because it’s a piece of who you are. But at the same time, the workload it creates for you is so massive that it’s hard for you to enjoy it. Even the WrestleMania experience, I spent my time going from a business partner to trying to produce NXT Takeover to trying to oversee the television and if talent have an issue, my match is up in two or three matches and there’s a talent issue I have to deal with, I’m not out of the pocket. It becomes an intense workplace.”

On learning to surf:

“We have a lot of guys in WWE that do surf. Shane [McMahon], my brother in-law is an avid surfer and his boys are really big into surfing. They go all the time and a lot of our talent does as well. Shinsuke Nakamura is a huge surfer. If I want to make him happy all I have to do is let him go surf for a day.I tried it once in my life and it’s extremely difficult. My wife and I were in Mexico and got up at the crack of dawn to try and go surfing and we had an instructor. It takes a lot of work so I have respect for anyone who does it. I stayed with it all day until I could get up on the board and take one wave before I ate it, just enough to say I did it.”

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Jim Ross Reveals His Idea For Lesnar vs Goldberg Match At WrestleMania

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRsBarBQ.com discussing a wide variety of topics, check out the highlights below:

On the Randy Orton/Wyatt Family angle:

“Enjoying the ongoing storyline between Orton and the Wyatt clan which will likely lead to a RKO vs Bray Wrestlemania bout which will be good. I also think that there is more traction in Luke Harper than we are currently seeing.”

The expected Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg match at WrestleMania:

“I’d be surprised if Lesnar vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania isn’t for a major title to add to the personal issue of their rivalry. Lesnar is still the most fascinating talent on the WWE roster and with Heyman added into the mix it make Brock even more valuable.”

His RINGSIDE show in San Antonio during Royal Rumble weekend:

“Tickets for our next RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show in San Antonio during Royal Rumble weekend are still available but the VIP’s are beginning to get scare. The VIP tickets to any RINGSIDE show includes a personal meet and greet, photo op, personalized signing of your swag, and early entry into the venue to insure that you get the best seats in the house. Tickets for the Sunday afternoon January 29 show are available at rivercitycomedyclub.com. VIP’s get there at noon and the doors open at 2 pm for all general admission ticket holders. “

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Chris Jericho Talks 2016 Being One Of The Best Year’s Of His Career

– Newly crowned WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho recently joined Busted Open Radio to accept his 2016 Comeback Of The Year Award, check out the highlights below:

2016 being one of the best years of his career:

“I have to say last year, 2016, was one of the best of my career. I still can’t put it over the [Shawn] Michaels – Jericho feud and the [Rey] Mysterio – Jericho feud and the Big Show – Jericho team which was 2008-2010, but it was pretty close. Maybe in retrospect I’ll look back on it in a few years and think maybe it was the best, but it’s one of those things, it was like a very nice surprise because I’ve come back quite a few times and somethings you don’t hit as much. But it seems this year I had a late career resurgence to where if I was in a Rock n’ Roll band, I had like three or four top ten hits this year that will go on the greatest hits of Jericho. I’d like to be able to sit back and say I planned this, I’m very smart, I’m a genius and I knew this was gonna happen, but you never know what’s gonna happen and I think I kinda caught lightning in a bottle with this character and all the different aspects of it. It worked and it’s been a lot of fun for sure.”

Returning in 2015 for only house shows:

“I think I was the first guy ever to just do house shows. Most guys just come back to do TV but I decided to do the opposite of that, and I had a really fun year. I think I did about 60 shows with the WWE [in 2015] and none of them were on TV. So when I finally did come back, I think it was January 2nd or 3rd of last year, I hadn’t been on in a year and a half or almost two years. It was a chance to kind of recalibrate and reboot the whole character. I knew from the moment that I came out what was going to happen, which was me eventually turning heel. It got pushed back a little bit because of the AJ Styles thing working so well, so Vince wanted us to be a tag team, and then work at Wrestlemania.

“The original plan was for me to work with [Dean] Ambrose at Wrestlemania, but I think I started planting those seeds as a babyface that were really pissing people off. I knew it and it was fun for me to see that ‘Jericho’s done, he’s stale, he’s so stale. Oh that scarf and the vest it looks ridiculous. Same old catch phrases and he’s trying to get a Rooty Tootie Booty chant going, it’s so annoying. It’s sad to see Jericho falling so low.’ And I was like oh you guys — I’m the master of puppets yet again. Manipulating an entire business into planting those seeds for when I finally turn heel. And when I turned heel it was like, ‘Well I’m glad he turned heel because he wasn’t doing too good a job as a baby face’ but I knew all that. That is one thing that I had planned.”

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Sean Waltman Says “F*ck You” To Man Who Took Rogue Photo Of Orton

Sean Waltman has a few words for Anthony Martin, the man who approached Randy Orton at a Jonesboro gym earlier this week, and ultimately ended up in a verbal altercation with The Viper, check out the highlights below:

“Anthony Martin, go fuck yourself! You know, I mean people have headphones on when they’re in the gym and other places for a reason–because they don’t want to fucking talk to anyone. I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but I know it’s coming off that way. But you know there’s these things called boundaries. They’re like an imaginary line and you fucking crossed it. Sorry! I know some people are thinking I’m the dick right now for saying it like that.”

“Apparently [Anthony Martin] wasn’t a dick. But apparently this guy must think that he pays Randy Orton’s bills directly. I’m sure he writes the fucking check and sends it to the power company and to the mortgage company.”

“Let me explain something to you as far as my take on that whole we pay your fucking bills shit…This is just my feelings on it. I am so grateful for every one of you out there. So grateful for your support and coming out. Even if you can’t afford a ticket or couldn’t throughout the years, but just invested your time into watching us. That even makes a difference. That moves the ratings up and puts more money in our pockets. Yes, so grateful. But on the flip side of that, we go out there and destroy our bodies, OK? It’s not just for the fans, although that’s a huge part of it. There’s the glory and you know and just all of the other things that come along with it. But, it’s a fair trade. Even Steven. Nobody owes anyone shit, OK? It’s all about gratitude, and I’m so grateful. But if somebody puts that in my face and tells me they pay my bills, fuck you.”

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Did WWE SmackDown’s Steel Cage Main Event Increase Viewership?

– According to ShowBuzz Daily, this week’s WWE SmackDown episode featuring Becky Lynch vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss in a steel cage main event, drew 2.652 million viewers.

This number is up 4.7% from last week’s 2.533 million viewers.

SmackDown was #10 for the night on cable in viewership, behind Curse of Oak Island, Fixer Upper, The Haves & Have Nots, The O’Reilly Factor, Tucker Carlson, Special Report, Hannity, The Five and The First 100 Days.

SmackDown was #1 in the 18-49 demographic.

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