AJ Styles on Best PPV This Year, Club vs. Shield Rivalry and Current Rivalries

Former WWE United States Champion AJ Styles was interviewed by Planeta Wrestling where he spoke about his favorite pay-per-view this year and various rivalries.

On which PPV was the best this year:

“I believe that it was the best big show that we’ve put on this yea. I think from top to bottom there were great matches, and they were all a little bit different from start to finish. It started with Hell In A Cell, it ended with Hell In A Cell, surprises happened, I thought that it was a really great show. It was the best of the year.”

On what is next for him:

“I didn’t think about it when I said it, but it certainly could be (at Survivor Series). Shane and I have got a lot of respect for each other especially after WrestleMania, and the guy’s a stud, so you’ve got to respect that about him. I’ve never really liked Kevin Owens and now that Sami Zayn has joined his crew, it doesn’t make me like Sami Zayn anymore. So you never know, it may happen.”

On a possible Shield vs. Club rivalry:

“Absolutely. I think that if Gallows and Anderson and I got together, we would dominate just like we’ve done before. There’s no doubt about it.”

With H/T to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

If you would like to hear the audio version of what Styles had to say, we highly suggest listening to the video we’ve featured below.

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