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News For Tonight’s WWE RAW – Intercontinental Title Match, Roman Reigns, Sheamus & Cesaro, More

Tonight’s WWE RAW will take place from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ with WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose defending against The Miz.

No other matches have been announced for tonight but we should see the return of RAW General Manager Kurt Angle, who was off for last week’s taped show from London.

WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight:

* Dean Ambrose to defend the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz

* What’s next for Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman?

* “The Bar” is officially raised

* Alexa Bliss’ “new best friend” stands tall

* It’s over when Samoa Joe says it’s over

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John Morrison On WWE Departure, Not Having Creative Freedom In WWE, If WWE Helped Him In Hollywood

Source: The Art Of Wrestling

Recently on The Art Of Wrestling, ‘The Podcast King Of Chicago’ Colt Cabana spoke with Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo, formerly known as WWE’s John Morrison. Among other things, Morrison talked about his WWE departure, why he left WWE, and why he used to “phone it in” during his first year on the indies.

According to Morrison, he was not released from WWE, but rather, he did not resign with the company because he wanted to make a movie and he did not want to work 250 days a year.

“I wouldn’t say I quit or was released. At the end of 2011, I just didn’t resign. I let my contract run out. They offered me a couple of things. They didn’t offer me what I wanted.” Morrison continued, “I wanted to make a movie and I didn’t want to work 250 days a year.”

Moreover, Morrison explained that he was tired of not having “creative autonomy” and time for other projects.

“That’s one of the reasons I left. I was tired of just kind of being on that express train, whatever you want to call it, so to speak. It just sort of shoots forward and you have no creative autonomy, no control over your time, and there’s not much time for side projects or family and friends.”

During the podcast, Morrison admitted that he does not “phone it in” on the indies anymore. While Morrison stated that he never tried to put on bad matches in his first year on the indies, he was distracted by trying to get his Hollywood career going.

“Over the last couple of years, I went from doing independents to make money from looking at it differently. I look at it now as every show I have, I’m building my brand. I don’t phone it in anymore.” Morrison continued, “you’ve got all this stuff in your head and it’s not like you’re purposely trying to have a bad match, but I’ve got pages of sides in my little computer bag and I’m at shows and I’m emailing my agent, following up with casting directors, so it’s not like my head was necessarily in the game for the first year of independent wrestling.”

Also during the interview, Morrison shared that when he left WWE, he thought he was going to take a year off and do a couple of movies.

“When you leave WWE, like, when I left I was thinking, ‘maybe I’ll take, like, a year off, and in that year, I’ll probably do a Marvel movie, maybe a couple of movies. I don’t know.’ And, obviously, completely unrealistic.”

This “unrealistic” thought process was also on display when Morrison believed his WWE run would open doors for him in Hollywood.

“I was thinking with the TV exposure I had with WWE, and it’s kind of hard to explain to people sometimes how many countless hours you are on television when you’ve been on the road with WWE. I was thinking that was going to open doors, get me auditions, and get me into a lot of high profile roles. The thing that I didn’t take into consideration is that acting, like wrestling, is a skill. And, as many people are fans of wrestling that are going to be excited to meet you, talk about what The Undertaker and John Cena were like, there [are] a lot of people out there who are movie producers and casting directors who are not impressed with wrestling on your resume.”

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Brock Lesnar Announced for Upcoming WWE RAW Dates

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has been announced for the following RAW dates:

* June 12th in Lafayette, LA

* June 26th in Los Angeles

* July 3rd in Phoenix

* July 10th in Houston

As noted, Lesnar is scheduled to make his first title defense at the July 9th WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view in Dallas. No word yet on who his opponent will be.

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In Your House #1: That’s How You Celebrate Mother’s Day

In Your House #1
Date: May 14, 1995
Location: Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse, New York
Attendance: 7,000
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Doc Hendrix

The series starts with a Diesel vs. Sid World Title match, but the main story tonight is the WWF giving away an actual house down in Florida to play up the In Your House name. This was a major idea that was heavily promoted on WWF television leading up to the show. It was a nice marketing idea as it gave some adults a reason to care about the show and possibly buy it for their kids. Let’s get to it.

The opening video talks about the clash of the giants as well as several other matches on the card.

It’s Mother’s Day, meaning the announcers are going to talk about moms a lot tonight.

The set is exactly what you would expect: a big house with the wrestlers walking through the garage to get to the ring.

Bret Hart vs. Hakushi

Hakushi has his manager Shinja with him. Bret is in the back and says he’s going to prove how great he is and that he’s dedicated this match to his mother. How nice of him. Hakushi is a very unique looking wrestler as he has Japanese characters all over himself, giving him a nickname of the walking Japanese menu. Bret grabs a headlock to start but Hakushi easily escapes to a standoff. Now Bret tries the arm, only to be pulled to the mat by the hair.

The fans chant USA as Hakushi takes Bret down with a flying headbutt for two. Off to an armbar as this is still firmly in first gear. The stupid USA chant begins again, or maybe they’re all fans of the referee? Now it’s Bret on the arm before easily armdragging Hakushi down again, this time to the floor for a breather. Back in and Bret pounds away as things start to pick up again. Hakushi comes back with a kick to the face and what we would call a Vader Bomb for two.

Jerry Lawler is watching gleefully in the back as he still gets to face Bret later in the night. Hakushi stomps Bret down in the corner and hits what we would call a Bronco Buster before stopping to pose. Back up and Hakushi blocks an O’Connor Roll, sending Bret to the floor so he can be stomped even more by Shinja. Another Shinja distraction allows Hakushi to choke even more as the crowd is getting into this. Bret’s comeback is easily stopped by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, setting up a swan dive headbutt from Hakushi for two. Hakushi’s springboard splash misses completely and Bret is back on his feet.

Bret comes back with the Five Moves of Doom (Russian legsweep, backbreaker, middle rope elbow, atomic drop, Sharpshooter, pick an order for the first four) but he has to stop and deal with Shinja again. Bret pounds away on Hakushi but gets tripped by Shinja AGAIN, finally causing him to dive through the ropes and pound the man in the white suit.

Back in and Hart reverses a suplex into one of his own, sending both guys out to the floor in a nice crash. Shinja’s distraction allows Hakushi to get back up and hit a top rope Asai Moonsault to take both guys down again. Hart’s ankle might have been twisted in the process. Bret is pulled back in but has his rollup countered into an attempted German suplex, only to counter that into a victory roll to finally beat Hakushi.

Rating: B. Really solid match here and a great way to open up the show as well as the series. Hakushi wasn’t really much of note after this but that’s what Bret was best at: getting the most out of anyone he worked with. Really fun match here which had the time to get going and build into what it needed to be.

Bret twists his knee getting to the floor.

[This post contains video, click to play]

A way too excited woman looks at the entries in the sweepstakes for the house. We even get a video of the truck bringing the entries here earlier today. Seriously.

Jeff Jarrett/Roadie vs. Razor Ramon

Handicap match here after Roadie (more famous as the Road Dogg) helped Jarrett take Razor’s Intercontinental Title at the Royal Rumble. Razor’s normal partner the 1-2-3 Kid is out with an injury and calls in to say he’s watching the match. In the back, Razor also dedicates this match to his mom. Vince yells about Roadie and Jarrett both being in the ring to start, prompting Hayes to say that Vince doesn’t make the rules around here in a funny line.

Jarrett starts for the team and is promptly punched down and then slapped in the face. Roadie is lurking around the floor before getting back up on the apron. Back in and Jeff misses a dropkick before being clotheslined hard out to the floor. Roadie gets in a cheap shot to take Razor down from behind, allowing Jarrett to connect with an enziguri to take over. Not that it matters though as Ramon catches Jeff’s cross body in the fallaway slam for two.

Roadie comes in for his first match and scores with a quick clothesline and a snapmare to put him down. Back to Jarrett who gets a quick two off a sunset flip before Razor gets the same off a small package. Not exactly thrilling stuff so far but they’re not boring the people to death. After more basic stuff from Roadie it’s back to Jeff, only to have him jump right into a punch to the ribs. Razor is backdropped out to the floor and there goes his bad knee again. Roadie adds a middle rope clothesline and Ramon is in big trouble.

Back in and Ramon is dazed but still manages to roll through a top rope cross body from Jeff into a two count, only to be taken right back down with a neckbreaker. Jeff’s running hip attack only hits ropes but Razor collides with him, putting both guys down again. Ramon has the word Kid written on his boots. Back up again and Razor hits a belly to back suplex, putting both guys down one more time.

Jeff is able to make the tag before Razor can get up and it’s Roadie hitting a middle rope knee drop for two. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Razor fights up and jawbreaks his way to freedom, putting both guys down for the third time in five minutes. Razor suplexes both guys down but Jeff goes to the bad knee to slow him up. The Figure Four is kicked away though, sending Jeff into Roadie and a quick Razor’s Edge takes Jeff out for the pin.

Rating: C. Not bad here but it could have been the same match in about half the time. On top of that the knee injury really didn’t play much of a role in the match after the announcers talked so much about how bad Razor’s knee was. This feud wouldn’t last much longer but it worked pretty well for both Jarrett and Ramon.

Post match the heels go after the knee but Portuguese wrestler Aldo Montoya tries to make the save. That goes nowhere so here’s yet to be named Savio Vega from the crowd for the real save, only to have him be taken away by police.

Jerry Lawler wants to face Bret right now but president Jack Tunney says no.

Video on Sid dominating his way to the title match tonight.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Mabel vs. Adam Bomb

Bomb is about 6’4 and over 300lb but Mabel towers over him at 6’10 and 508lb. Mabel has recently turned heel so he jumps Bomb before the bell rings. A splash in the corner has Bomb in trouble but he comes back with right hands to send Mabel to the floor. Adam dives out onto Mabel and pounds away before sending him back inside for a pair of top rope clotheslines, getting two each. Not that it matters much though as Mabel catches Adam’s cross body and falls down on him (think Mark Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam) for the pin in less than two minutes. Mabel was his usual fat and worthless self here.

Razor introduces the man that saved him as Caribbean wrestling legend Savio Vega.

Tag Titles: Smoking Gunns vs. Yokozuna/Owen Hart

Yokozuna was Owen’s mystery partner at Wrestlemania where they took the belts from the Gunns. Lawler is out here again but still can’t get his match with Bret at the moment. The champions are managed by Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette. Billy tries to grab a headlock on the 600lb+ Yokozuna and it works as well as you would expect it to. A pair of dropkicks work a bit better but Yoko headbutts Bart down before bringing in Owen.

The Gunns can handle a guy Owen’s size and take him down with a nice dropkick/suplex combination, only to go after Yoko again for some reason. Hart comes back with an enziguri to take Billy down before it’s back to Yoko for a big clothesline. We hit the nerve hold on Billy before it’s back to Owen who gets two off a neckbreaker.

A great looking enziguri puts Billy on the outside but he avoids a charge, sending Yoko into the post. Owen misses a charge of his own and there’s the somewhat hot tag off to Bart. A suplex puts Hart down and the Gunns hit a belly to back/neckbreaker combo for another two before Bart misses a dive and lands on the floor. Yoko drops a leg to crush him ever further before throwing him back in to Owen for the retaining pin.

Rating: D+. The match wasn’t anything great but with less than six minutes there’s only so much they could have done. The problem with Yokozuna is there’s only so much anyone can do against him and it makes it hard to work around him. Not a horrible match due to Owen but it still wasn’t anything of note.

Diesel is sad because his mom died right after Christmas so he wishes all the other Mother’s a good day. He’s sore from an attack by Henry Godwinn but says he’s 100%. Diesel is also glad that Shawn Michaels will be watching at ringside.

Here’s Jerry Lawler in the ring with his…..mother, who looks to be about 24 years old. She wants to see Lawler, who is in his mid 40s here, beat Bret and then challenge Bret’s mom to a fight. We cut to the back to see Bret almost dancing because, in classic Hart fashion, he faked the injury.

Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart

Jerry didn’t see the interview so Bret limps to the ring again, only to climb in with ease. Lawler tries to run but gets caught in the corner where Bret pounds away. Bret takes him down with a slam and some legdrops followed by a BIG backdrop. All Hart so far but Lawler comes back with a quick piledriver (his finisher) but Bret is up in just a few seconds. He pounds way on Jerry in the corner again before piledriving Lawler down for one.

Jerry comes back with a slam of his own while going up top, only to jump into Bret’s fist to the ribs. Bret pounds away but here’s Shinja to distract Hart for about the 12th time tonight. The referee is knocked into the ropes and gets his ankle tied up in the ropes as Bret hits the Russian legsweep. Hakushi comes in and takes out Bret with a kick to the head and two top rope headbutts, giving Lawler the easy pin.

Rating: D+. Again this didn’t have the time to go anywhere as the last two matches haven’t even combined to go 11 minutes. Lawler vs. Hart was a feud that went on for over two years and would culminate soon enough. This wasn’t the best entry in the series though but it furthered both itself and Hakushi vs. Bret so no complaints there.

Post match Bret gets up but Lawler escapes with his “mom”.

Sid very slowly says he’ll win the title and that he rules the world.

We look at the sweepstakes house in Orlando. Interviewer Todd Petingill finds some rakes in the garage so he and the annoying interview can mix up the entries before drawing out the winner whom they call with the results. Thankfully this only takes about five minutes.

The announcers talk about the main event for a bit.

WWF World Title: Sycho Sid vs. Diesel

Diesel is defending of course and Sid has Ted DiBiase as his manager. The idea here is they both use powerbombs as their finishers, which should tell you a lot about this match. Diesel fires off forearms to start and hits some running clotheslines in the corner to stagger Sid. An elbow to the jaw puts Sid on the floor and it’s time for a breather. Back in and three straight clotheslines get two on Sid as this is all Diesel so far. Sid pulls Diesel to the outside and knocks him down to take over for the first time.

Diesel is sent into the apron and post as the match slows way down with the challenger in control. A running boot to the side of the head has Diesel in even more trouble before they head back inside for clubbing forearms to Diesel’s back. Sid stops to pose, meaning he didn’t pay attention to the opening match. More shots to the back have Diesel in even more trouble and we hit a camel clutch. After about a minute and a half in the hold Diesel fights out, only to have Sid cannonball down onto his back for two.

Back to the camel clutch with Sid leaning forward, as in the exact opposite of what he’s supposed to be doing. At least pull your arms back man. Diesel starts breaking it, presumably out of boredom, and avoids a second cannonball attempt. Not that it matters though as Sid chokeslams him down and hits a quick powerbomb but poses instead of covering. DiBiase freaks out until Diesel is up at about two and one tenth. Diesel avoids a charge into the corner and drops Sid face first onto the buckle. There are the big boot and the Jackknife powerbomb but DiBiase’s other man Tatanka comes in for the DQ.

Rating: D. There’s a reason you rarely see matches with the same style going for a long time: they’re not very good. The styles clash is too much to overcome and when it’s such a basic style like these two have, it doesn’t work well at all. Two similar styles can work, but you better be awesome at that style. Sid isn’t particularly good at anything in the ring and this was a prime example.

Sid, Tatanka and DiBiase triple team Diesel until Bam Bam Bigelow, a man DiBiase fired a month earlier, makes the save. Wasn’t Shawn supposed to be watching live?

Overall Rating: D+. The opening match was solid stuff but after that everything flew by until the horrible main event. This was a bad time for the company as Diesel wasn’t very interesting on top of the card but he could have good matches with the right opponents. Sid was so far from the right opponent that he was left, making for a bad match. Not much to see here but things would get a lot better. Also, the show only ran for 96 minutes, which just isn’t enough to go anywhere.



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WWE Backlash 2017: Full Predictions for Each Champion at SmackDown Event

Although two of SmackDown’s championships were defended at Raw’s Payback event several weeks ago, Backlash 2017 is the blue brand’s first actual pay-per-view following WrestleMania 33.

Coming off the Superstar Shake-Up, several new names are in the title hunt, and there is considerable potential to give the roster a slight overhaul.

Who would have thought a few months back that Jinder Mahal would be challenging for the WWE Championship or that Tyler Breeze and Fandango could win their first titles out of virtually nowhere?

SmackDown is in an interesting flux with Charlotte Flair transitioning to a babyface role and a Canadian calling himself The Face of America while he holds the United States Championship.

While the SmackDown Women’s Championship is not on the line at Backlash, there are plenty of major implications this event holds for the future of all the titles and the SmackDown roster in general.

With Backlash rapidly approaching, let’s take some time to assess where our champions are and who may be walking out with the titles on Sunday, May 21.


WWE United States Champion

     Kevin Owens

1 of 4

Logic dictates you don’t start a gimmick revolving around being a champion just to have the champion drop the title.

Technically, WWE did just do that when Kevin Owens surprisingly lost the United States Championship to Chris Jericho at Payback, but the status quo was re-established just 48 hours later with Owens winning it right back.

The Face of America should be holding that belt for quite some time now that it is back in his possession, meaning he should retain in his match against AJ Styles at Backlash.

Styles is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars on SmackDown and will be prominently featured as a main event talent going forward, but that doesn’t mean he needs to hold a championship in order to maintain that role.

Even if that were the case, there’s nothing saying he would have to hold this championship to do the job.

Coming up soon after Backlash is Money in the Bank, which leaves Styles open to retrieving that briefcase and challenging for the WWE Championship in the coming months.

Owens, meanwhile, will be in charge of directing the secondary main events as the United States champion against any and all challengers WWE can set up to face him.

Whether it is through nefarious means or a legitimate victory, Owens will retain the title.


SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos

2 of 4

You’re not alone if you feel like this is coming off more like a filler feud than a legitimate one, as The Usos aren’t really doing too much at all.

Breezango’s track record of never being taken seriously was flipped somewhat upside down with their random No. 1 contendership, although the lack of appearances from Jimmy and Jey Uso really hurts the credibility of this program.

There’s certainly room to have fun and do backstage skits like Fashion Files, but when they revolve more around other teams like The Ascension, it doesn’t have the same effect.

Without The Usos getting their hands dirty, this just comes off as though WWE is stalling until The New Day is able to come back.

Of course, any limelight is good for Fandango and Tyler Breeze’s careers, as this is their first real title shot possibly ever.

Simply by being in the title hunt, The Fashion Police are getting somewhat of a highlight. To counteract that, The Usos will be given their own highlights by being the victorious team and retaining their titles.

This is certainly not the end for The Usos as SmackDown tag team champions.


SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi

3 of 4

Not only is the SmackDown Women’s Championship not being defended at Backlash, but on top of this, the current champion isn’t even the focal point of the match.

Naomi is just one of the two teammates who are alongside Charlotte Flair in her feud against The Welcoming Committee, and it’s unlikely WWE is going to give her the spotlight in the match.

This entirely revolves around Charlotte, so she is the woman all eyes will be focused on.

Meanwhile, Naomi will be as much of a workhorse in the match as she’s expected to be and gaining little to no glory in the process.

Even if her team is successful in winning, it won’t be a great victory that adds to Naomi’s title reign. Rather, it will simply be a step in avenging Charlotte’s current feud, which Naomi shouldn’t care about.

Somewhere down the line, Charlotte and Naomi will clash for the title once more, and this momentary detour isn’t going to change that no matter which team walks out the winners.


WWE Champion Randy Orton

4 of 4

A few months back, nobody would have guessed Jinder Mahal would not only be fighting for the WWE Championship at a pay-per-view, but that he would look as legitimate in challenging for the title as he does right now.

That is a testament to how somebody’s career can receive a major improvement just by having WWE show the littlest faith in them rather than having them struggle until they’re released.

Sadly, all those steps forward still aren’t going to be enough for Mahal when it comes to Backlash, as Randy Orton is surely going to retain his title.

The WWE Championship is simply above Mahal right now, and too much time and effort was built into Orton’s Royal Rumble win and WrestleMania victory to throw it all out for a random experiment.

Plus, we already know Rusev is being set up for a title match at Money in the Bank, so it makes more sense for him to face Orton than Mahal.

Granted, nothing rules out the idea of having a Triple Threat that includes Mahal, as he has had issues with Rusev in the past once they split from being teammates, but the likelihood of this happening is slim.

There is already going to be a multi-man match on the card with the Money in the Bank gimmick itself, so it seems a smarter bet to say Mahal will be in that match, while Rusev and Orton will face each other for the WWE Championship.

Based off those projections, the logical conclusion is that The Viper will live to fight another day as champion.

Who do you think will walk away with gold at Backlash?

Tell us your predictions in the comments below!

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Is WWE Trying to Make People Forget About Tyson Kidd?

At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that Tyson Kidd’s WWE career is over. But, why is it that WWE hasn’t acknowledged him, or even shown him on their reality show, Total Divas? The answer is simple, they’re trying to make people forget about the former Tag Team Champion.

On Saturday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about both Droz — a wrestler who was paralyzed during a WWE house show in the late 90s — and Tyson Kidd, and whether or not they are still getting paid by WWE. You can check out Meltzer’s response below.

“Droz? No. I don’t think Droz is still under contract [with WWE]. Droz sued the company years ago, so I don’t know… He probably got a settlement.”

“Tyson Kidd, I think he’ll probably have something for a long time. I’m not exactly sure. The Tyson Kidd thing is a really weird situation. Part of it is because Natalya still works there, and it’s just weird because I believe that there probably would’ve been legal action except you don’t wanna sue the company that’s got your wife hired. But it’s interesting because obviously on Total Divas, Tyson Kidd — TJ Wilson — doesn’t exist even though Natalya is all over the show. When they go and film Natalya at home, they’re not allowed to film him at all. It was a company directive that they don’t want to remind people of this guy.”

[This post contains video, click to play]

How would you handle the Tyson Kidd situation if you were Vince McMahon? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook!

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Here’s When The New Day Will Debut on SmackDown

WWE has been hyping up the impending SmackDown debut of The New Day ever since the superstar shake-up last month, but, as of this writing, we haven’t gotten an official date for their blue brand debut.

According to Cageside Seats, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E will make their return to WWE television early next month. So, it looks like we’re not all that far away from seeing the popular trio again.

One of the team’s three members — Kofi Kingston — is currently out of action due to an injury, and because of that, WWE has decided to keep the entire team off of television.

On Saturday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer attempted to shed some light on why WWE has kept the team off of television, instead of just having Big E and Xavier Woods be a two man group while Kofi Kingston is recovering.

“I have no idea why they kept them off TV because Kofi was injured. I think part of the problem is that Kofi — in storyline — was injured by The Revival and they’re not going after them because they’re on different brands. I don’t know why they didn’t do Xavier and Big E on television already while they’re waiting for Kofi to recover.”

[This post contains video, click to play]

Are you excited for The New Day’s return? Who do you think their first feud will be with on the blue brand? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook!

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Wrestling Rumors Exclusive: Interview With Justin Roberts! Part 1: Inspiration

In a Wrestling Rumors exclusive, our own Derek Stoughton had the opportunity to interview former WWE ring announcer, Justin Roberts! Each day this week, we’ll be bringing you part of the interview, as they discuss his new autobiography, “Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass through My WWE Journey!”

In part 1, Derek asks Justin about the inspiration for the book and why now is the time that he chose to tell his story. You can find the audio for the full interview below.


[This post contains video, click to play]

Be sure to check out to find information about picking up your copy of the book! You can also follow Justin on Social Media:

Twitter: @JustinRoberts
Instagram: @JustinRoberts


Derek: First off, let me congratulate you on the success of your autobiography, Best Seat In The House: Your Backstage Pass Through My WWE Journey.” What inspired you to write the book, and why is now the time that you’ve chosen to share your story with the world?

Justin: I always thought that I just had a cool story.  Being a huge wrestling fan, getting into it and everything that I’ve been able to do in the industry.  Being in it for 21 years; I started when I was 16; I’m 37.  I was around for a while, and I just thought that everything that happened made for a cool story.  And I had pitched it to WWE Magazine while I was there, while they had a magazine.  And I said, “Hey guys, here’s these pictures that I have; I was a little kid with these guys, and I work with them now, and I think that it’s a cool story that all of these other publications have been interested in.  And I think WWE’s fanbase would be the most interested, because these are wrestling fans, and might appreciate that story.  And it never came to fruition with the magazine.  They ended up doing a story, shortly after we talked, about what I did behind the scenes; not really my contribution, but just what I did behind the scenes.  I wasn’t really a behind the scenes guy, so it was a weird story.

So, I wanted to tell this story, and they weren’t going to tell it for me, so I thought I would just tell it myself.  So, I was at the gym, and funny memories, funny stories popped in my head, when I was with the company.  And I picked up my phone and I made a note, in case I ever write a book or do something, I’ll remember to talk about this.  And I kept pulling my phone out and adding to it.

And I had a long flight to Survivor Series in Boston from Phoenix, and I always slept on flights, and I wanted to stay awake, so I thought, “OK, what can I do for five and a half hours to stay awake?  Hey, I’ll just start typing a book!”  And so I just started typing away, and that’s how it started.  And then the next time I had downtime, I picked up where I left off.  And was going, not off the notes that I made in my phone, but just the stories from A to B that was just in my head.  And it evolved as time went on, especially when I wasn’t with the company anymore; that’s when I was able to go through and just not have to sugarcoat certain things that I had sugarcoated while I was typing it while I was there.  I could just be honest and have to worry about upsetting this person and that person.

So, that’s what I did; I started typing right when I was released.  Got back to it, and then sat on it for a while; sat on it for about a year – I just needed a break from it.  There are so many thoughts and so many stories, and I didn’t know where I was going with it.  And after I took about a year break, there was also some publisher stuff that I was dealing with at the time, but after a year break, that’s when I picked it back up and started going again.  And that’s where it really started coming together and I was liking it more and more.  And I wasn’t dreading having to read through it again to edit it.  It was more like, “OK, cool, that was good; time to go through it again and see where I’m at.”  And I’d go through it again, and again, just kept editing it, and the more times I went through it, the happier I was with the story.

And when it was done, that’s when we went with it.  I had the publisher situation sorted out; I always say that the publisher situation is a story in itself.  But, that was sorted and they needed the manuscript and they needed the final, and we ended up going to print while the editor was on vacation, but it wasn’t perfect yet.  It was done, but it wasn’t perfect.  And I wanted it to be perfect.  So, by the time we were done, the editor was already on vacation; it was late going to press.  So, when they printed, there were a number of mistakes.  Just little things; typos, not so much grammar, but typos.  Things like where I go “It was awesome!”  And the ’t’ was missing, and it said “I was awesome!”  I was like “it makes it sound like I’m saying ‘I was awesome’ and that wasn’t it, it was ‘It was awesome!’”  So, we went to print late, and the editor ended up going through it and when I did the voiceover, when I recorded for it, I found some mistakes.  There was one paragraph that appeared twice.  

So, we fixed everything, and when we went to eBook it was good, and now the second print is out and those mistakes are fixed.  So, there were some mistakes the first round, but at the same time, it was great, because the feedback I was getting was all about the story.  It wasn’t like “oh, there’s a couple of typos,” it was “hey, this is a story.”  Once everything was done, even though it was late, we went to print, and that was the time to put the book out.

It was still a couple of years after I was out of the company, so time had gone by.  But, at least it wasn’t a decade later.  Stuff was still relevant; you know how things are.  It wasn’t outdated.

Derek: You said the book came out a couple of years after you had left the company.  Do you feel that you were still able to connect with the fans?  And people were remembering your work?

Justin: The old saying used to be, “Once you’re off TV for 2-3 months, they forget about you.”    But, with the Internet and with the Network, your stuff still lives on.  Especially with the Network; sometimes it stays in that regard.  But, to be fair, there’s a lot of people who watch wrestling religiously that who know who I am.  I was the vocal point of the show; I wasn’t the guy they showed on TV.  You heard my voice every week, but I just wasn’t addressed usually.  So, sometimes people will say “OK, here’s a wrestling book; who is this guy?”  “Wait a minute, the guy who says JOHN CENA!  JEFF HARDY!  THE UNDERTAKER!”  When they realize that, they say “OK, he was around there for a long time.”  Other people probably look at it like, “Why would I care what the ring announcer has to say?  Who cares about a ring announcer?”

But, when you read the story about ‘this is a kid who was just a huge wrestling fan, and he got to be a part of everything and was there for everything’, you realize that even if people knew you, forgot about you, remembered you, never knew of you, the story’s still there.  It’s cool.  People definitely remember, have shared many different memories that they’ve had.  It’s been really cool getting feedback from people who have read the book.  And just their thoughts, and stories from maybe when we ran into each other, or how they relate.  A lot of people have reached out about stories that they can relate to, so it’s cool.

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WWE to Crown a New Top Contender for the Universal Title on Raw

So, who will be named the new number one contender for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Championship? It looks like we’re going to find out on tonight’s episode of Raw.

According to Cageside Seats, WWE will crown a new number one contender as early as tonight, and as late as next week. We don’t know who will be in line to become the top contender, but it’s pretty safe to assume that both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor will be involved in the match to determine Brock Lesnar’s next opponent.

“WWE will be crowning a top contender to the Universal championship as early as tonight’s episode of Raw, or next week at the latest.”

Lesnar’s original opponent was Braun Strowman, but unfortunately, the ex-Wyatt Family member suffered an injury which required surgery, and he’ll be out of action for an unknown period of time.

If you ask me, Seth Rollins is the favorite to become the number one contender, simply because, in my opinion, it’s too early to do Balor vs. Lesnar. Of course, WWE could change their plan for next year’s WrestleMania, and decide to go with Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar earlier than expected, but that doesn’t seem likely.

[This post contains video, click to play]

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Randy Orton Takes Another Shot at the Indy Scene, Low-Ki Responds

Earlier this week, Randy Orton, along with Rip Rogers, who had a hand in training Orton during his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling [OVW], began poking fun at the independent wrestling scene. But after a few drinks in Denmark, Orton took to Twitter to completely trash the entire indy scene.

You can check out his tweet below:

I really need to issue an apology….

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) May 14, 2017

Of course, Orton’s “apology” didn’t go unnoticed by the independent wrestling scene, as several of indy workers, most notably Low-Ki, responded to the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Unfortunately, you’re protected in the wwe. Come out to the real world and test your tantrum with adults

— LOW-KI ????? ?????? (@OneWorldWarrior) May 15, 2017

As of this writing, Orton hasn’t responded to Low-Ki’s tweet, or anyone else’s for that matter. But, I’m sure Orton doesn’t see things that same way as Low-Ki does.

Do you think Randy Orton has a point? What are your thoughts on the current independent wrestling scene? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook!


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