Breaking News: Paige Is Backstage at ‘Raw’ Tonight

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Charly Caruso and the team on WWE’s Snapchat have quietly revealed that Paige is backstage at ‘Raw’ tonight and hinted that tonight will be huge.

In a post to their Snapchat account, Charly Caruso was seen talking about being backstage at ‘Raw’ tonight. As she is explaining how tonight will go down, you are able to see Paige crawling from behind a box backstage. She walks behind Caruso, as Caruso asks others off screen what they are looking at.

It is unknown if this signifies a return for Paige, given the entire dispute with WWE on drug violations and being medically clear. We recently posted that she was training for an in-ring return. She could be there tonight for a number of reasons, so we can’t jump to conclusions.

Despite this, we felt it necessary to update you on her even having the slightest potential of making a return to the ring tonight. Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for the latest in professional wrestling news.

Editor’s Note:
YES! I am so glad she is back! Hopefully she does return tonight!

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