Breezango on How They Formed, Their Future and More

Case closed. Over the last few months, Breezango’s “Fashion Files” have become a major highlight of “Smackdown Live”. They’ve gone from a goofy idea to one of the best things the show offers and have made both members of the team far bigger stars than they would have been otherwise.

In a new interview with, Tyler Breeze and Fandango talked about their newfound success, their future goals as a team and what brought them together in the first place. While not specifically said, they also give a hint about when their current storyline could be wrapping up. Here are some highlights.

On a Potential Future Title Shot

Breeze: I would hope so, man. You know, we’re busy with the [Fashion] Files and everything. Solving cases throughout the WWE. Eventually, The New Day and the Usos got to wrap it up and they need new people to face. We already had a couple run-ins with the Usos and I think people want to see more.

On When the Storyline Might End

Fandango: I think post Hell in a Cell, when they kind of finish their business, and we wrap up our case here that we’ve been working on, maybe we’ll set our sights on those tag team titles.

Here’s how Breezango can do outside of their office:

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And on How the Team Was Formed

Breeze: Yeah, it had been brought up a couple times and it was one of those things where he was doing nothing; I was doing nothing; we were just tossed together to see what happens. I don’t even know if they were banking on us clicking the way we did. Especially stumbling upon something like Fashion Files that took off and people really enjoy it. It was, kind of, a lot of luck and one of those things you try real hard at.

Fandango: We were hearing rumblings of “maybe we will throw you with this cat,” and I said, “cool.” And the rest is history.

You can read the full interview here.

Opinion: The team has done far better than I ever would have believed them capable of and it’s always interesting to see what happens when you throw people together. They have outstanding chemistry together and the “Fashion Files” have been some of the most entertaining things WWE has produced in a long time. Hopefully we see more of them for a good while to come.

Who do you think has been attacking Breezango? Will they win the Tag Team Titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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