Brie Bella Explains Why She Supports Daniel Bryan Potentially Wrestling Again

Brie Bella was on the Busted Open Radio show where she discussed her thoughts on her husband Daniel Bryan potentially wrestling again.

Bryan himself has had an extensive history with concussions, which ultimately led him to a forced retirement. Since than, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been adamant that he wants to return to competition, even if it isn’t with WWE.

Last night on ‘Raw,’ Bryan got the closest he has been yet to wrestling when he was in kayfabe attacked by Kane in a dark room. This was WWE’s way of saying Bryan isn’t taking bumps.

Bella had the following to say on him wanting to wrestle again:

“This is my thing, I told Bryan, ‘Obviously your health is everything to me… As long as doctors clear you, I’m OK,’ because I’m not the type of wife to ever hold back my husband from his dreams at all. And why I fell in love with Bryan, is his passion.”

On what he has done since being told he can’t wrestle anymore:

“The moment they told him he could no longer wrestle in the ring, I’m not kidding you, that next day he has done everything to figure out how he can get back into that ring. He’s flown all over the United States to do all these different oxygen chambers, all these different things. You can’t beat that passion, and that’s what I tell him. That right there, that’s passion that people will never be taught. I told him, ‘Whatever you want to do Bryan, I 100 percent support you.’”

The kayfabe bump Bryan took from Kane last night on ‘Raw’ is shown below, in case you aren’t aware of what we are referencing or missed the show.

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