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Ring of Honor Best in the World 2017 Results

Best in the World 2017
Date: June 23, 2017
Location: Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, Massachusetts
Attendance: 2,500
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, BJ Whitmer

I do the TV shows so it would make sense for me to do the pay per views too. This isn’t the biggest show the company does but anytime they get on pay per view it feels like a big deal for them. The main event sees Christopher Daniels defending the ROH World Title against Cody, who is about as big of a favorite while still being a challenger that you can be. Let’s get to it.

The opening video is everyone saying they’re the best (the Young Bucks say SUPERKICK) until Cody says he’s the worst nightmare. Now he wants to be the best in the world and end a title reign that started fifteen years too late. The idea is that he’s not under contract and therefore an outsider who should scare ROH fans.

The announcers preview the card.

Kingdom vs. Ultimo Guerrero/El Terrible

Matt Taven is on a throne, Vinny Marseglia is dressed like Jason Vorhees and the injured TK O’Ryan is a viking. Ultimo Guerrero and Terrible are from CMLL and this is under lucha rules, meaning going to the floor counts as a tag. Terrible and Marseglia start things off with some stalling.

Vinny looks insane as usual but can’t get anywhere with a front facelock. A loud shot to the face drops Marseglia and it’s time for the strikes in the corner. Taven comes in and dropkicks Terrible to the floor, meaning it’s off to Guerrero, who apparently has a history with Matt. Vinny saves O’Ryan from Guerrero so Ultimo takes Vinny inside for a headstand into a slinghsot Bronco Buster. A second version is broken up with a superkick but it’s Terrible taking the Kingdom out with a suicide dive.

Guerrero comes off the top with a dive of his own but the Kingdom pops up for two more dives. Ultimo fights them off back inside though and hits his reverse superplex, only to take a Swanton from Marseglia. The Kingdom loads up the Supernova but Guerrero grabs a rollup out of nowhere for the pin at 11:09.

Result: Ultimo Guerrero/El Terrible b. Kingdom – Rollup to Marseglia (11:09)

We recap Frankie Kazarian vs. Adam Page. After Kazarian infiltrated Bullet Club to help Daniels in the World Title, Adam beat him at War of the Worlds. Then Page kept things personal by attacking him with a strap as part of the Daniels vs. Cody feud. Therefore, it’s time for a strap match.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Frankie Kazarian vs. Adam Page

This is the pin/submission version as both guys have their own straps but they aren’t connected. Feeling out process to start until Kazarian trips Page up and grabs a rollup for two. A hard shot to the back sends Page to the floor and a hurricanrana makes things worse. Page will have none of that and starts whipping Kazarian into the barricade a few times. He takes too long peeling back the floor mats though and gets suplexed onto the ramp steps for a very painful crash.

Back up and Page gets tied to the ropes but comes right back with the front flip clothesline. Page is smart enough to take Kazarian’s strap away so they trade hard forearms/clotheslines with Page getting the better of it. With Kazarian down, Paige pulls out a rope and ties him to the ropes to really turn up the violence. Since he’s just that crazy, Page pulls out a belt with nails and tacks in it.

To avoid a bad case of death, Kazarian gets out and catches Page in a cutter, followed by a Backstabber. An Unprettier gives Kazarian two but he walks into the Rite of Passage for two. The nail belt is whipped over Kazarian’s back but Page stops to spit on him, earning himself a nail belt to the back. Kazarian chokes him over the ropes for the tap out at 11:58.

Result: Kazarian b. Adam Page – Kazarian choked Page with a belt (11:58)

Quick recap of Rebellion vs. Search and Destroy. They’re both stables and they don’t like each other so the losing team has to disband.

Search and Destroy vs. Rebellion

That would be the Motor City Machine Guns/Jonathan Gresham/Jay White vs. Caprice Coleman/Shane Taylor/Kenny King/Rhett Titus. It’s a big brawl to start until it’s Coleman in the ring against the entire four man team. Titus finally kicks Gresham into the Rebellion corner to take over. That lasts all of a few seconds before everything breaks down again with Search and Destroy hitting a series of dives.

Back in and the huge Taylor crushes Gresham with a splash and Coleman makes things worse by rolling some northern lights suplexes. Titus hits Coleman by mistake though and a headscissors allows the hot tag to White to pick the pace up again. Jay hits a bunch of running elbows in the corner and everything breaks down. The Guns come in for the fast paced precision offense but White gets tossed into the corner.

Coleman’s Sky Splitter and Titus’ frog splash combine for two with the Guns making the save. Gresham is fine enough for a botched Lionsault press and a suicide dive, followed by a shooting star headbutt (to the thigh) as part of Skull and Bones. Search and Destroy has had it with the match and grab a quadruple submission with Gresham making Titus tap to the Octopus Hold at 12:27.

Result: Search and Destroy b. Rebellion – Octopus Hold to Titus (12:27)

Post match Punishment Martinez comes in to lay White out.

We recap Silas Young vs. Jay Lethal. Young doesn’t like Jay getting all the attention and media appearances and endorsement deals so he took out Lethal’s knee. Silas beat him in a recent match too and says he has Lethal’s number.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Jay Lethal vs. Silas Young

Young has Beer City Bruiser with him….and Lethal comes through the crowd to knock Bruiser silly with a chair. The slugout is on as the bell rings in a hurry as Bruiser is taken to the back. Lethal rains down right hands in the corner but it’s back to the floor for another slugout.

A suplex off the barricade drops Young again but Jay misses a slingshot dropkick back inside. That means a slingshot double stomp and we hit an abdominal stretch. That goes nowhere so Lethal chops away and gets two off a basement dropkick. Silas catches him on top though and clotheslines him out to the floor to take over for all of five seconds before eating a suicide dive.Lethal hits another suicide dive but the third attempt hits a quickly raised chair.

Back in and neither finisher can hit so Lethal settles for a superkick and the top rope elbow. Young gets in a Saito suplex and a knee to the face, followed by his bouncing moonsault out of the corner. With that not working, Silas grabs his keg but, as you might expect, the referee says not so fast. Instead Silas tries Misery but gets rolled up for the pin at 16:23.

Result: Jay Lethal b. Silas Young – Rollup (16:23)

Post match Young clotheslines Lethal down. The Bruiser comes back out and sets up the keg so Young can hit Misery, sending Jay’s ribs into the steel. With Lethal’s ribs on the keg, Bruiser adds some splashes. Bruiser still isn’t done and splashes Lethal through a table on the floor. The announcers hype this up as a way to take away Lethal’s chance at the New Japan United States Title.

We recap the Six Man Tag Team Title match. Dalton Castle’s Boys accidentally caused Jay Briscoe to get misted in the face, which cost him a match. Jay wants revenge while Castle and the Boys want the titles.

Six Man Tag Team Titles: Dalton Castle/The Boys vs. Bully Ray/Briscoe Brothers

Bully and the Briscoes are defending. Before the bell, Bully and Dalton have the exact staredown you would expect them to have. Dalton and Jay get things going but the latter stops to chase after the Boys. Mark finally calms things down and comes in as Castle takes him down with some nice looking amateur style. Mark gets him into a headlock and it’s Red Neck Kung Fu time.

The Boys protect Dalton in the corner and he throws one of them at Mark for a good visual. Castle wants Bully, who rushes him into the corner where Dalton hits the least sold chops I’ve ever seen. Bully does the snap jabs but misses the Bionic Elbow, earning himself a Peacock pose. Ian: “BULLY RAY JUST GOT SERVED!” Bully…..starts dancing for some reason and strikes his own Peacock pose, freaking the fans out as you might expect.

Castle has to be fanned up so Bully chops him down with a single shot. It’s time for Boy #1 and Boy #2 to be dragged in and that means it’s off to Jay for some fun. #2 kicks him low and hammers away to as much avail as you would expect before it’s back to Castle who might be able to survive. Dalton’s running knee in the corner sets up a front facelock to keep Jay in trouble. A top rope superplex is countered into a super gordbuster though and it’s off to Mark for the fast paced strikes in the corner.

The Boys get beaten up as well as the champs are in control. Everything breaks down and Boy #1 takes What’s Up. Jay takes out the Boys with a suicide dive and just unloads on #2 as you can tell he’s losing focus. Boy #1 runs away from a thrown chair so Bully goes out to calm Jay down, leaving Mark to get cradled for the pin and the titles at 13:03.

Result: Dalton Castle/The Boys b. Bully Ray/Briscoe Brothers – Rollup to Mark (13:03)

The former champs are livid as Ian wants to know what the celebration is going to be like in the hotel room.

We recap Marty Scurll vs. Kushida in a rematch for the TV Title that Kushida recently took from Scurll. Marty is even angrier than usual and has promised to break a lot of fingers.

[This post contains video, click to play]

TV Title: Marty Scurll vs. Kushida

Kushida is defending. They trade some wristlock counters to start until Marty does his wings flapping thing. Scurll gets armdragged down and dropkicked in the face but it’s too early for a cross armbreaker. It’s also too early for the chickenwing so Kushida ties him in the ropes for a rolling kick to the head. A pumphandle neckbreaker gives Marty two and it’s time to hit those wings again.

Marty stays on the arm until Kushida sends him head first into the buckle. Another double heel kick staggers Marty and he gets pulled off the ropes into the Hoverboard Lock. The hold doesn’t last long so Marty knees him in the head and gets two off a piledriver. It’s back to the arm (the other arm this time) before a backslide is good for two on Kushida.

The chickenwing is countered into a rollup which is countered into another chickenwing which is countered into the Hoverboard Lock which is countered AGAIN, only to have Kushida kick him in the head to get a breather. Marty flips him off for reasons of general villainy so Kushida stomps him in the face. Somehow that doesn’t know Marty cold so he puts on a wicked looking arm hold with both of Kushida’s arms being bent behind his back at the same time.

The foot gets to the rope though and Marty looks even more annoyed. It’s time to go after the fingers but Kushida is smart enough to grab Marty’s fingers and snap them instead. A super Back to the Future (small package driver) followed by a regular version retains the title at 15:02.

Result: Kushida b. Marty Scurll – Back to the Future (15:02)

We look back at the Women of Honor dark match.

Tag Team Titles: War Machine vs. Young Bucks

War Machine is challenging. Actually hang on a second here because cue the Best Friends to say they beat the Young Bucks back in Philadelphia so they should be added to this match.

Tag Team Titles: War Machine vs. Young Bucks vs. Best Friends

The Bucks are defending and this is under tornado rules. It’s a brawl to start with the Best Friends cleaning house on the Bucks. Naturally we get a hug but War Machine is right there to crush both Berreta and Taylor. Double shotgun knees and a double bronco buster bring the Bucks back in for some kicks and the Rise of the Terminator pose.

The Bucks’ dives are caught but the Best Friends are there to hit their own dives. We get the first superkick to slow Berreta down but it’s War Machine coming back in to take over. Nick hits a moonsault to the floor to take out a bunch of people, only to have Chuck dive from the stage to take out even more of them. Hanson goes to the top to dive onto all five of them but the Bucks come back with superkicks.

Everyone gets back up, there are eight superkicks, and everyone is down again. War Machine is up first and starts cleaning house with a German suplex/clothesline combination to take Berreta out, followed by a pop up powerslam for two. Fallout gets the same with Chuck making the save.

The Bucks are back in with superkicks and a flip dive but the Meltzer Driver is broken up and Chuck hits the Awful Waffle (spinning piledriver) for two on Matt. Rowe gets kneed in the face and both Friends roll him up at the same time for two. Superkicks continue to abound and a double Indytaker, followed by MORE superkicks retain the titles at 12:27.

Result: Young Bucks b. War Machine and Best Friends – Superkicks to War Machine (12:27)

We recap the World Title match. Cody was supposed to win the title at War of the Worlds but got screwed over when a third man was added and cost him the fall. Now it’s his chance to win the title as a free agent. Daniels says the title means the world to him but for Cody it’s just another thing to add to his suitcase while he’s traveling from company to company.

ROH World Title: Christopher Daniels vs. Cody

Cody is challenging and of course we get Big Match Intros. Cody works a headlock to start but a run of the ropes goes to Daniels, who puts his boot on Cody’s back as Cody drops down. Speaking of dropping down, Cody heads to the floor with a bloody lip. Back in and Angel’s Wings don’t work as Cody bails right back to the floor. This time he even goes into the crowd for a longer breather. Back in (again) and Daniels slugs away, sending Cody and his bloody lip outside for the third time.

Daniels finally follows him out with a baseball slide but Cody beats him up against the barricade to take over for a very short while. They head inside again with Daniels going up top, allowing Cody to armdrag him right back down. Cody grabs a short armscissors but stops to go outside and yell at former ROH owner Carey Silkin. Back in and Daniels drives him into the corner for a ref bump, allowing Cody to kick him low.

Daniels gets in a small package for no count and here’s Scurll to throw Cody a chair. Of course the referee wakes up as Daniels picks up the chair, meaning it’s an Eddie Guerrero moment as he throws it to Cody and drops down. Cody grabs a cutter on the chair for no cover, but he does get a CODY chant. Kazarian comes out to get rid of Scurll and it’s table time.

The champ is right back with a Flatliner on the apron and an STO for two more. Angel’s Wings through the table is broken up and Cody busts out a Rainmaker. The Beautiful Disaster staggers Daniels but he’s still able to suplex Cody through the table in a big crash.

They both barely beat the count and Daniels grabs the Koji Clutch, sending Cody over to the ropes. Cody spits water in Daniels’ face and gets two off Cross Rhodes. Angel’s Wings are countered again and Cody rolls him into another Cross Rhodes for the pin and the title at 19:18 to a huge face pop.

Result: Cody b. Christopher Daniels – Cross Rhodes (19:18)

Bullet Club comes out to celebrate to end the show as the announcers try to treat this as horrible while the fans can’t cheer Cody hard enough.


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Video: Six Man Tag Team Dark Match From “Smackdown Live” Taping

[This post contains video, click to play]

Ending the night with a six pack. Tonight’s episode of “Smackdown Live” featured the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match to take place on regular television. While that was quite the way to end the TV show, there was another big match to end the night after “205 Live” wrapped up.

According to, the show’s dark match featured a six man tag with Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles and Randy Orton defeating Jinder Mahal, Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens. None of these six wrestled on tonight’s “Smackdown Live” but five of the six (Ziggler being the odd man out) did appear.

Opinion: It’s a smart idea to have these big stars actually get in the ring for the sake of the fans. You can only get so far with having lower level names dominate the show and then put one big match on to try and balance it out. This would feel like a big deal, which isn’t often the case in dark matches.

Do you mind not having these names wrestle and only having them appear? Where would you have put some of them on the card? Let us know in the comments below.

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205 Live Results – June 27, 2017

205 Live
Date: June 27, 2017
Location: Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, California
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Corey Graves

We’re in an interesting place here as we have the upcoming Cruiserweight Title match with Neville defending his title against Akira Tozawa at Great Balls of Fire, but a lot of the build isn’t even taking place on the cruiserweight show. The title being spread across two different shows makes things a bit odd but more importantly, it means you don’t really have to watch this show when you can get most of the story on Raw. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at the setup for the title match, including Tozawa signing with Titus Worldwide in exchange for the title shot.

Opening sequence.

The announcers preview the show as the ladders are cleared out.

Jack Gallagher should have expected Tony Nese to fake an injury like a true rogue would have. He won’t make the same mistake against a villain like Brian Kendrick.

Brian Kendrick vs. Jack Gallagher

With the announcers making Anchorman references, here’s Kendrick dressed up like Gallagher for some reason. Kendrick calls Gallagher a laughingstock, just like the huge embarrassment that England doesn’t realize it is. He sees Gallagher as a pint sized William Regal imitation and Jack really doesn’t seem pleased. Kendrick, wrestling in the suit, grabs a headlock to start and twists his fake mustache at Gallagher.

Jack comes back with his corner headstand but Kendrick is smart enough to just stand in the middle of the ring and tell Jack to “come on stupid”. He’s got his insults cranked up to eleven tonight. Kendrick sends him hard into the corner to bang up Gallagher’s ribs as this has been one sided so far. Jack gets in a dropkick but Kendrick hits him with the umbrella for the DQ at 3:04.

Result: Jack Gallagher b. Brian Kendrick via DQ when Kendrick used an umbrella (3:04)

[This post contains video, click to play]

Kendrick breaks the umbrella over Gallagher.

Drew Gulak thinks his loss last week shows off the reason for his No Fly Zone. The fans are smart enough to know he’s not going to lose to some high flying move because Mustafa Ali beat him with a wrestling move when the high flying failed. Ali comes up and accuses Gulak of not being able to fly.  Gulak seems a bit shaken.

Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

They hit the mat to start with Ali getting a bit of an advantage until Gulak pops him in the jaw. Gulak gets in a kick to the chest and stomps on Ali’s chest to keep him in trouble. We hit the neck crank and then the chinlock to keep Ali down. Back up and Ali’s comeback is quickly cut off with a suplex into the corner, earning Drew a verbal lashing from the referee.

Ali grabs a tornado DDT for a breather and takes Gulak to the top. With the referee telling them they have a minute left, Gulak shoves him off the top and starts looking nervous. Gulak’s knees start shaking and he goes up, while doing the Jimmy Snuka I Love You sign. The splash misses and Ali rolls him up for the pin at 6:54.

Result: Mustafa Ali b. Drew Gulak – Rollup (6:54)

[This post contains video, click to play]

Noam Dar apologizes to Ariya Daivari for losing his bag and tells Ariya to take it out on Cedric Alexander tonight. Daivari doesn’t want the money back because $15,000 is nothing to him. That’s cool with Dar, who is broke thanks to Alicia Fox and her Facetiming. Speaking of which, Fox calls him again but Daivari hangs up on her. Dar still owes him so Daivari breaks his phone.

Ariya Daivari vs. Cedric Alexander

Feeling out process to start until Alexander is sent to the apron for the springboard clothesline. Daivari avoids a charge and kind of hiptosses him into the corner to take over though, setting up a dropkick from the apron. We hit the chinlock for a good while until Cedric fights up with a kick to the head. Cue Dar for a distraction though, allowing Daivari to hit the hammerlock lariat for the pin at 4:57.

Result: Ariya Daivari b. Cedric Alexander – Hammerlock lariat (4:57)

Post match Dar beats on Alexander and tells Fox (at home) that the Cedric Alexander chapter is over. Dar: “Yo Alicia! WE DID IT!”

Here’s Neville to wrap up the show. He’s been hearing about a new challenger and unfortunately, that someone has been misguided and mislead. Of course he means Tozawa, giving us the AH AH AH from the crowd. Neville doesn’t care about the white noise that is Titus O’Neil but Tozawa is about to find out that he’s not on the Neville Level. Tozawa comes out and says AH a lot, which only seems to annoy Neville. The fight is on and Neville is kicked to the floor to end the show.

[This post contains video, click to play]

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WWE 205 Live Results 27th June 2017 – 6/27/17

The June 27, 2017 episode of WWE 205 Live is coming from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA.


Gentleman Jack Gallagher defeats Brian Kendrick  (disqualification after Kendrick attacks Gallagher with an umbrella.)

Mustafa Ali defeats Drew Gulak by pinfall (Gulak tries to do a splash from the top rope and fails.)

Ariya Daivari defeated Cedric Alexander by pinfall.


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WWE Championship Match Set For Battleground

As seen on tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live, Randy Orton made his way to the ring and made it known that he will not stop causing chaos until he gets his hands on Jinder Mahal. Orton demanded a rematch for the WWE Championship & SmackDown Livecommissioner, Shane McMahon, granted his rematch.

Shane McMahon did make clear; although Orton was going to receive his rematch at WWE Battleground on July 23rd, that the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal would choose the stipulation. The stipulation Mahal chose was; the Punjabi Prison match.

“The name #WWEBattleground is very fitting, because…it will be you and me locked in a #PunjabiPrison MATCH!” – @JinderMahal #SDLive

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) June 28, 2017

You have to escape not one, but TWO dangerous structures in a #PunjabiPrison match! #SDLive

— WWE (@WWE) June 28, 2017

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Match and Segment Set for Next Week’s “Smackdown Live”

Some from column Match, some from column Segment. This week’s “Smackdown Live” felt like it was more about setting things up for the future and that’s exactly what they did. In addition to crowning Carmella as the first Miss Money in the Bank, they also set up both a match and segment for next week’s show.

[This post contains video, click to play]

As announced on tonight’s show, next week will see an Independence Day battle royal with the winner receiving a United States Title shot against Kevin Owens at “Battleground 2017”. In addition to this, New Day will square off with the Usos in a rap off, which was set up earlier in the night as the two groups both rapped against each other to help set up their upcoming Tag Team Title match.

Opinion: This is one of the things I really like about “Smackdown Live” and “NXT”: they give you a reason to come back. They almost always set up something for the next show instead of just wrapping everything up and starting over all over again the next week. That’s the trend for “Monday Night Raw” and it’s not the most entertaining concept in the world.

Which of these are you more interested in? Who do you think gets the shot at Owens? Let us know in the comments below.

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Two Title Matches Set for “Battleground 2017”

Two more for the card. While most of the attention is on the upcoming “Great Balls of Fire”, the “Smackdown Live” pay per view is a mere two weeks after the “Monday Night Raw” show. We’re coming up on “Battleground 2017” on July 23 and this week on “Smackdown Live”, two title matches were set up for the pay per view.

As announced tonight, Randy Orton will challenge Jinder Mahal for the Smackdown World Title and the Usos will defend the Smackdown Tag Team Titles against the New Day. Orton has faced Mahal twice already and the third match will feature the return of the Punjabi Prison match. The Usos lost to New Day via countout at “Money in the Bank 2017” and this is their rematch.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Opinion: These feel like the end of their storylines as we get ready for “Summerslam 2017”. The summer has seen its own set of storylines this year and that’s a good idea for the most part. It lets us get to big stuff at “Summerslam 2017”, which deserves its own major slate of matches.

Which of these matches are you more interested in? Who do you think wins both matches? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here’s The Winner Of The Second MITB Women’s Ladder Match

Carmella won the second women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match on tonight’s WWE SmackDown in San Diego. Other match participants were Charlotte Flair, Tamina Snuka, Natalyaand Becky Lynch.

As noted, tonight’s MITB rematch was made after the first-ever women’s MITB match at the June 18th pay-per-view ended in controversy due to James Ellsworth helping Carmella win.

Ms. Money In the Bank now has one year to cash in her contract for a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Title, currently held by Naomi. Tonight’s SmackDown also saw Naomi retain over Lana in just a few minutes.

History is made on #SDLive as @CarmellaWWE once again becomes the holder of the Women’s #MITB contract!

— WWE (@WWE) June 28, 2017

This night went from BAD…to WORSE…to FABULOUS for the #PrincessOfStatenIsland and Ms. #MITB @CarmellaWWE! #SDLive

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) June 28, 2017

SHE’S DONE IT AGAIN! @CarmellaWWE wipes out @BeckyLynchWWE with a #SteelChair to OFFICIALLY become Ms. #MITB! #SDLive

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) June 28, 2017


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Jim Ross On If He Thinks Daniel Bryan Will Wrestle Again

Source: JR’s BBQ

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at Here are some highlights:

If Daniel Bryan will wrestle again:

“Seems as if Daniel Bryan is having some fun trolling social media as he teases a return to the ring which I seriously doubt will or should ever happen. If his existing medical condition put DB in a higher risk category, then he needs to be the responsible husband and father and refrain from lacing up his boots again. Don’t get me wrong, if DB could safely resume his career I’d be all for it as he is one of the great talents in recent memory.”

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WWE SmackDown Results 27th June 2017 : Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match And More

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown opens with a video package to hype the main event. We’re live from San Diego, California as we see the Money In the Bank briefcase hanging above the ring. Tom Phillips welcomes us and he’s joined by Byron Saxton and JBL.

– We go right to the ring and out comes SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan to a big pop.

Fans chant “yes!” and Bryan’s name. Bryan talks about how he’s proud of the women’s division and then plugs tonight’s two matches – Lana vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi and the Money In the Bank Ladder Match. Bryan goes on about the main event but the music interrupts and out comes Carmella with James Ellsworth. Fans boo them. Carmella says this is more like the land of injustice, not the land of opportunity. She talks about being unjustly stripped of the briefcase last week and says she won the match fair & square.

Carmella goes on about how she was done wrong. Bryan asks fans if he should cancel the match and give Carmella the briefcase or if they should have the match tonight. A “yes!” chant starts up at the last option. Ellsworth tells everyone to shut up with the chants. They make him sick. Ellsworth says the fans are the villains here because they control this stupid puppet Bryan. Ellsworth says Bryan takes pleasure in humiliating his homegirl. An “Ellsworth sucks” chant starts up. Ellsworth says Bryan is just as pathetic as the fans. Ellsworth used to look up to Bryan as a man but now when he looks at him he doesn’t see a man, he only sees a gutless, spineless coward that has no grapefruits to cut it in the ring anymore so he made up some injury. Bryan says he probably should just fire Ellsworth but tonight it’s not about Ellsworth, it’s about the real Superstars of SmackDown. Bryan knows he said last week Ellsworth would be banned from ringside tonight but he takes that back. Ellsworth will be banned from the entire arena instead. Bryan calls for security to come out. Carmella says Ellsworth didn’t mean it. She begs Bryan to change his mind. Security comes out to a pop. Ellsworth tries to run but they grab him and drag him away as Carmella screams. Ellsworth breaks free and goes for the timekeeper’s area but they grab him again. He tries to go through the crowd again but security finally carries him away to the back.

Bryan sincerely wishes Carmella good luck in tonight’s main event. Bryan’s music hits and he leaves Carmella looking down.

– Still to come, Lana vs. Naomi and Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn. We see The Hype Bros backstage walking. We go to commercial.

The Hype Bros vs. The Usos

Back from the break and out comes The Hype Bros. They will become the new #1 contenders if they win this non-title match. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos are out next.

Zack Ryder starts off with Jimmy Uso and takes control early on. Ryder with a flapjack for a 2 count. Mojo tags in for a bit of double teaming. Jey Uso gets the tag and chops Mojo a few times but it just hypes him up. Mojo comes off the ropes with a shoulder and then clotheslines Uso over the top. Ryder tags in and Mojo launches him out of the ring onto Uso. Ryder brings Uso back into the ring but Uso nails an enziguri after a distraction from his brother, sending Ryder out to the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Jimmy goes to the top and nails a big splash for the pin and the awkward finish.

Winners: The Usos

– After the match, The Usos stand tall with the titles but music interrupts and out comes The New Day. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E hit the ring and face off with the champs. Woods says they’re proud of The Usos for actually winning a match without running away. Big E says they want the gold and at Battleground, they’re coming for The Usos. The Usos say they’ve already beat The New Day. They rhyme about The New Day and accept the challenge for Battleground. The New Day responds with shots of their own to end the segment.

– We see Tamina Snuka backstage warming up. Still to come tonight, Lana vs. Naomi with the title on the line. Breezango and The Fashion Files are up next. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a promo for John Cena’s return to SmackDown next week.

– Tom talks about The Ascension and Breezango, leading us to another edition of The Fashion Files. Tyler Breeze and Fandango are apparently interrogating Konnor and Viktor. They deny attacking Breezango and say they were only at Money In the Bank because they wanted a spot on the card. Breeze and Fandango go to their office and see it’s been destroyed again but this time The Ascension were still in the interrogation room. The mystery continues.

– We see Natalya backstage warming up for the main event.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Lana vs. Naomi

We go to the ring and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and out comes Lana. We get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton. Lana attacks from behind as Greg is introducing Naomi. The referee checks on Naomi and we get the bell.

Lana attacks and hits her sitdown finisher for a close 2 count. Lana yells out and shows frustration. Naomi drops Lana with a kick and drags her to the corner for the split-legged moonsault. Naomi hits it and covers for the quick win.

Winner: Naomi

– After the match, Naomi stands tall and raises the title as her music hits. She taunts Lana by dusting her own boots off. Lana looks on from the mat as Naomi celebrates and we go to replays. We come back to Lana throwing a fit as Naomi makes her exit.

– Dasha Fuentes is backstage with Becky Lynch for comments on tonight’s main event. Becky says thankfully Daniel Bryan did what was right with James Ellsworth and now she has a fair chance to be the first woman to legitimately win Money In the Bank. Becky walks off.

– We go to the ring and Hamilton introduces Aiden English, who is in the ring with a spotlight and a mic. He starts singing but fans boo. The music interrupts and out comes Randy Orton to a pop. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Randy Orton is sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring. No sign of English but Orton did hit him with the RKO during commercial. Orton says he’s not leaving until he gets what he wants. He says maybe he’s not making himself clear enough. He tore into WWE Champion Jinder Mahal last week and shows us a replay on the big screen.

Orton says that pales in comparison to what he will do to Jinder if he doesn’t get what he wants from Jinder – a rematch. Orton says if he doesn’t get what he wants he will go in the back and beat the hell out of Jinder. Orton’s going to beat him again in the parking lot as everyone is leaving the arena, again in the morning and then again next Tuesday, if he doesn’t get what he wants. Orton says it looks like he’s going to the back to beat some ass. Orton goes to leave the ring but the music hits and out comes SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon.

Shane hits the ring and fans chant his name. Shane says what’s up to San Diego and turns to address Orton. Shane says he and Orton go way back but they can’t have him holding up live TV and they can’t have him threatening the safety of the WWE Champion. Orton asks if Shane is going to fire him. Orton threatens to buy a ticket to every WWE show Jinder is at and attack him. Orton is fired up about Jinder threatening his family. Orton says Shane can make the wise decision to put him in a match with Jinder. Shane gets it – The Singh Brothers crossed the line at Money In the Bank but with all due respect, Orton has used some of those same tactics in the past. Shane says he has never seen this look in Orton’s eye and because he can relate, he knows what it feels like when someone puts their hands on a family member. Shane says Orton has his rematch. He has the opportunity to get the rematch at Battleground. Shane says Jinder will be choosing a stipulation for the match. Orton doesn’t give a damn what the stipulation is because the title is coming home where it belongs. The music hits and out comes Jinder with The Singh Brothers to interrupt.

Jinder says this is what’s wrong with WWE and SmackDown. He goes on and says Orton isn’t worthy of a title shot. Jinder speaks some in Punjab and takes a shot at WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton. The USA chants start up as Jinder talks about how he’s disrespected. This is the prejudice he speaks of. Jinder mentions The Great Khali and calls him his personal hero. Jinder will bring back a match made by Khali at Battleground – Punjabi Prison. We get a quick video look at the Punjabi Prison structure. Jinder’s music hits as he stares Orton down from the stage.

– Daniel Bryan is backstage talking to someone on the phone about Punjabi Prison. AJ Styleswalks in and asks about Kevin Owens’ Open Challenge. The WWE United States Champion walks in and asks if AJ is complaining about not being able to answer the challenge last week. Owens goes on and says AJ needs to accept the fact that he’s a loser. AJ says only if Owens accepts the fact that Owens is Ron Burgundy’s definition of San Diego. Owens gets upset and doesn’t understand the reference. Bryan announces an Independence Day Battle Royal for next week’s SmackDown. The winner will face Owens at Battleground. Owens hates the idea and walks off.

– We see Charlotte Flair backstage warming up. Still to come, Sami vs. Corbin.

– Tom leads us to the trailer for WWE 2K18 with Seth Rollins on the cover.

– Back from the break and Mike & Maria Kanellis are on the stage.

Maria introduces herself as the First Lady of SmackDown. Mike introduces himself as Maria’s husband. Maria starts talking but Sami Zayn’s music interrupts and out he comes for his entrance. He apologizes for crashing their segment but he heads to the ring as they look on.

Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin

Sami hits the ring to a pop. Out next comes Mr. Money In the Bank Baron Corbin with his briefcase.

The bell rings and they lock up. Corbin drops Sami first and puts him against the ropes. Sami counters and ends up tossing Corbin with scissors. Corbin takes back control but misses a clothesline in the corner. Sami turns it around and mounts Corbin with right hands in the corner. Corbin rolls to the floor for a breather. Sami runs the ropes but puts on the brakes as Corbin walks away. Sami launches himself over the top but Corbin catches him and drops him face-first into the top of the barrier. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Corbin covers for a 2 count after a big clothesline. Corbin continues beating Sami around until he nails a clothesline. Sami looks to make a comeback now. Corbin runs into the ring post and Sami goes to the top for a crossbody. Corbin kicks out at 2. Sami goes for a suplex but it’s blocked. We see Shinsuke Nakamura watching backstage. Corbin ends up nailing a big right hand, dazing Sami into the corner.

Corbin decks Sami in the corner and follows up with a big clothesline. Corbin charges again but Sami moves and rolls him up for a close 2 count. Corbin takes it back to the corner and takes Sami up top but Sami fights. Sami headbutts Corbin to the mat. Sami stands up and leaps but has to roll through as Corbin approaches. Corbin catches Sami with End of Days out of nowhere for the pin.

Winner: Baron Corbin

– After the match, Corbin stands tall as we go to replays. Corbin raises the briefcase as his music plays.

– Dasha is backstage with Shinsuke Nakamura for comments on Corbin’s win and a potential match between the two. Nakamura says Corbin is dangerous but Corbin is motivated by fear. Fear of what Nakamura can do. Perhaps Corbin is right to be afraid. Nakamura walks off as we hear fans chanting his name in the arena.

– Still to come, the women’s MITB Ladder Match. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and a Rap Off between The Usos and The New Day is announced for next week.

Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Becky Lynch

We go to the ring and out first comes Charlotte Flair for tonight’s main event. Natalya is out next followed by Tamina Snuka. Becky Lynch is out next. Carmella is out last and she’s alone as James Ellsworth has been banned from the building.

The bell rings and they go at it. Tamina works over Charlotte int he corner as Natalya attacks Becky in the corner before they go to the floor. Charlotte turns it around on Tamina on the floor. Carmella stands a ladder up and looks to climb first. Carmella climbs up but the other 4 Superstars come in and stare at her. They all attack Carmella and kick her out of the ring. Tamina climbs but they pull her off as well. The ladder is knocked over as Becky kicks Tamina out of the ring. Charlotte and Natalya double team Becky but she counters. Becky with a Bexploder on Natalya. Charlotte charges but she takes a Bexploder as well.

Becky goes to stand the ladder up but Tamina stops her and hits a Samoan Drop. Tamina goes to the top rope and nails a Superfly Splash on Becky. We go to commercial with everyone down.

Back from the break and everyone is down. Charlotte stands a ladder up but Natalya attacks her and unloads. Natalya with a suplex. Carmella pulls Natalya out. Carmela ducks a Tamina clothesline and rocks her. Tamina catches a superkick from Carmella and talks some trash while holding her leg. Tamina launches Carmella by her leg over the announce table. Tamina tries to go back into the ring but Natalya stops her. Flair and Natalya go at it now. Charlotte tosses Natalya to the floor. Becky with a big suplex on the floor to Natalya. Charlotte and Tamina face off in the ring now. They go at it and stop each other from standing the ladder up.

Charlotte and Tamina continue to fight for the ladder. Becky runs in and climbs up the ladder while Tamina and Charlotte are holding it straight up. They tip the ladder over into the ropes. Becky looks up at the briefcase but gets dropped hard. Tamina stands the ladder up but here comes Charlotte again. Charlotte boots the ladder into Tamina. Natalya runs in with a discus clothesline to Charlotte as fans boo. Natalya stands the ladder up but stops and pushes it into Charlotte in the corner instead. Natalya grabs another ladder and positions it under the briefcase. Natalya takes some time but starts climbing. Charlotte pushes the other ladder into Natalya’s ladder and uses it to meet Natalya at the top. They trade big shots at the top of the ladder. Charlotte grabs the briefcase handle but Natalya hits her. Carmella runs in and tips them both over with the ladder. Carmella talks trash but Becky comes from behind and hits a big suplex, sending Carmella to the floor.

This leads to Tamina hitting a big spear on Becky, stopping her from climbing. Everyone is down again as fans chant “this is awesome” and we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Natalya is going for the briefcase. She climbs while everyone else is down outside of the ring. Charlotte runs in and climbs up behind her. Becky climbs up the other side as Charlotte touches the briefcase. Tamina climbs up behind Becky. They all end up falling with the ladder. Carmella comes in and climbs for the case now. She grabs it but the other 4 Superstars run in and try to push the ladder over. They don’t get it over before a brawl breaks out Carmella is no longer within reach of the case. She ends up jumping off onto Natalya and Becky.

Charlotte with ladder shots to Tamina in the middle of the ring now. Tamina is laid out now. Charlotte climbs but Carmella comes from behind. Charlotte kicks her away. Carmella climbs back for Charlotte’s leg. Carmella and Charlotte both crash down thanks to Tamina. Tamina superkicks Charlotte. Tamina positions the ladder and climbs up now. Natalya and Becky run in and grab Tamina’s legs. They bring her to the mat with a double powerbomb.
Back from the break and Natalya is going for the briefcase. She climbs while everyone else is down outside of the ring. Charlotte runs in and climbs up behind her. Becky climbs up the other side as Charlotte touches the briefcase. Tamina climbs up behind Becky. They all end up falling with the ladder. Carmella comes in and climbs for the case now. She grabs it but the other 4 Superstars run in and try to push the ladder over. They don’t get it over before a brawl breaks out Carmella is no longer within reach of the case. She ends up jumping off onto Natalya and Becky.

Charlotte with ladder shots to Tamina in the middle of the ring now. Tamina is laid out now. Charlotte climbs but Carmella comes from behind. Charlotte kicks her away. Carmella climbs back for Charlotte’s leg. Carmella and Charlotte both crash down thanks to Tamina. Tamina superkicks Charlotte. Tamina positions the ladder and climbs up now. Natalya and Becky run in and grab Tamina’s legs. They bring her to the mat with a double powerbomb.

Natalya with a sitdown powerbomb to Becky now. Natalya with the Sharpshooter on Carmella now. Charlotte breaks it with a big boot. Charlotte with Natural Selection. Charlotte and Natalya tumble to the floor together. Natalya knocks Charlotte over the barrier into the crowd and mounts her with right hands. James Ellsworth runs in through the crowd and checks on Carmella at ringside. The referees run over to warn him. Ellsworth rolls Carmella into the ring as fans boo. Ellsworth stands the ladder up and climbs for the briefcase.

Becky runs in and kicks Carmella in the face. Becky tips the ladder over and Ellsworth falls over, crotching himself on the top rope. Becky positions the ladder as the fans pop big. She kicks Carmella away and keeps going. Becky gets pulled down and sells a leg injury. Carmella is kicked out of the ring. Becky climbs again but Carmella hits her leg with a steel chair. Carmella with another chair. She tosses the chair and starts climbing up. Carmella grabs the briefcase and gets the win.

Winner and Ms. Money In the Bank: Carmella

– After the match, Carmella stands on the ladder with the briefcase as her music hits. Tamina looks on in disgust. Carmella sits on top of the ladder and poses as we go to replays. Carmella is announced as the winner as the other Superstars recover. SmackDown goes off the air with Carmella celebrating on top of the ladder.

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