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An Unusual Competitor Tried to Pin Big Show After Raw

You might’ve heard that the Big Show is the world’s largest athlete. While we’d have to launch a whole new site to comprehensively fact check WWE, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time. After all, Big Show is in fact quite large.

That means that everyone wants a piece of him. In the modern era, Big Show has been the gatekeeper to the main event–beat him, and you’re on the way to the top of the card. Who would turn down that opportunity?

Turns out that not even WWE’s referees can resist the chance at immortality. Following the dark segment after Raw, where Brock Lesnar offered a beating to the big man, referees panicked about how to get the several-hundred pound man out of the ring. Then one said “screw it” and tried to pin him.

Luckily, fans got the video.

[This post contains video, click to play]

It’s these goofy moments that make live wrestling great.

Big Show was scheduled for a celebrity match at WrestleMania this year against Shaq, but it’s starting to look like that fight won’t be happening. I talked crap about that match, the same as you. Yet now, after a year-long build, I can’t help but be disappointed. Oh well.

Do you have any favorite house show moments? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook!

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Matt Hardy Has Words For Bray Wyatt

Following the actions of “Smackdown Live” this week, the “Eater of Worlds” may be in need of some “Broken Brilliance.”

Back in December 2016, “Broken” Matt Hardy sent out the following tweet, inviting the Wyatt Family to join them in “Tag Team Apocolypto:”

I FORMALLY invite MeekMahan’s #SDLive Champs, The Family of Wyatts, to #TotalNonstopDELETION.

Our universes must collide. #Apocalypto

— #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) December 13, 2016

Wyatt responded with the following:

@MATTHARDYBRAND you know where to find us…

— Bray Wyatt (@WWEBrayWyatt) December 13, 2016

Last night on “Smackdown Live,” Wyatt Family member turned on his mentor, setting the house where Sister Abigail rests on fire.

[This post contains video, click to play]

This would lead to Hardy sending out the following tweet, directed to the “Eater of Worlds:”

I certainly do, Champion of MeekMahan’s BLUE Show.

At least I can trust my #BrotherNero.

— #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) March 1, 2017

Rumors have been rampant recently, regarding himself and Brother Nero. As of today, their contracts have expired with TNA, and it has been previously reported that there have been rumors that they will be coming to WWE.

Several superstars have been interacting with Hardy on Twitter recently, including Sasha Banks:

You’re not @MATTHARDYBRAND and I will never be broken! Ahhh yeah!

— notorious SB (@SashaBanksWWE) February 28, 2017

Editor’s Note:

The Hardy compound vs. The Wyatt Family? Yes, please. I can only imagine the incredible promos and matches these two stables would have. It would be WONDERFUL!

What do you think of Matt Hardy’s comments towards Bray Wyatt? Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page!

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Dusty Rhodes Tried to Give Rusev a Very Unfortunate Gimmick

Dusty Rhodes is a legend in the wrestling world, and an icon both in and out of the ring–but that doesn’t mean every idea the American Dream had was a golden one.

Rusev was on the receiving end of one of those less than stellar ideas during his days in NXT. That’s according to an interview with Y2J on the Talk Is Jericho podcast (transcription via WrestlingInc) where Rusev discussed the early part of the career.

“He has given me so many good and bad ideas that you have no idea! He tried to make me a genie. ‘Baby, I see you with that new gear. You look like a genie! I want you to work with that Russian chick, Anya, and she’s going to, baby, rub the lamp and you’re going to – pop – appear!’ Rusev continued, “he made me do genie promos for the next three weeks. Well, he had the lamp and this kickboxing chick we had back in FCW, she rubbed the lamp and I appeared.”

We’re certainly glad that didn’t last long. Rusev also discussed his early days in the US before his WWE tryout, where he worked odd jobs in an effort to make ends meet as an exchange student. His first job was painting houses, but he lost the job a month later–along with his home. “They threw me out,” he said. “I had no money. I had nowhere to go. They kicked me out of the house they provided.”

If you can imagine it, the Bulgarian Brute was set to work at a fast food establishment.

“I worked at Wendy’s for a week. No, you just work at Wendy’s, right? Three guys there worked and there were seven managers. How is that even [possible]? It’s so American. We need more workers than managers.” Rusev mused, “‘you need to put mustard with a W on top of the burger.’ I’m like, ‘what? First of all, who’s going to open the burger and see the W. And, if you turn it upside-down, it’s McDonald’s!’” And the manager goes, ‘oh, I never really thought about it.’”

[This post contains video, click to play]

I’m gonna level with you guys–I love Rusev. If he wants to take a break from the gym, that’s great. You do you, man.

What do you think of Rusev? Could that genie gimmick ever have worked? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook!

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Spoilers for Tonight’s NXT, Including Two Title Matches

The yellow brand does have one major disadvantage compared to its main roster cousins. Since it’s pre-taped, that means spoilers abound ahead of the show’s WWE Network broadcast.

If you’re planning on catching the show tonight, you might want to skip the info below. If you don’t have time to enjoy it, though–here you go.

  • Patrick Clark defeats Sean Maluta
  • Kassius Ohno calls out Bobby Roode, Roode attacks from the crowd
  • Asuka defeats Peyton Royce to retain the NXT Women’s Championship
  • After the match, Billie Kay joins Royce to double team Asuka, but Ember Moon makes the save. Asuka and Ember face off to end the segment
  • The Authors of Pain retained the NXT Tag Team Championship over #DIY by DQ after interference from the Revival
  • After attacking #DIY, the Revial hit the Shatter Machine on one of the Authors of Pain

That’s the end of the current set of tapings, so we’ll be waiting a bit longer to find out exactly what’s going on at Takeover: Orlando on WrestleMania weekend. Unless, of course, you check in on the next set of spoilers.

[This post contains video, click to play]

For now it seems that we’re building toward Asuka versus Ember Moon and the Revival versus the Authors of Pain. We would’ve also guessed Nakamura versus Bobby Roode, but it seems Kassius Ohno will be challenging for the NXT title before that.

What do you think of NXT’s current direction? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook!

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Erick Rowan cleared to wrestle

SmackDown Superstar Erick Rowan has been cleared by doctors to return to the ring.

He has been out of action since the Fall of 2016 but has been cleared just in time for WrestleMania.


Rowan has been recovering from his torn rotator cuff surgery since October 2016 and was scheduled to return around this time.

This marks his second return from injury as he was also previously injured in 2015 following a torn bicep which had left him out of action until he returned for the Wyatt Family’s feud against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.


Rowan’s latest injury had occurred just before the Wyatts’ feud with Randy Orton kicked off.

Since that time, Orton has joined the Wyatt Family and has helped them to secure their first titles as a group. Orton would go on to win the 2017 Royal Rumble while Bray Wyatt would win the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber.

Orton has since turned on Bray Wyatt by burning down the Wyatt cabin and compound, along with the remains of Sister Abigail.

The Heart of the matter

The timing of Rowan’s return could have some major implications for WrestleMania.

With Luke Harper having his problems with Bray for continuing to trust Orton and with the revelation of Orton’s desire to pursue the WWE Championship, this could lead to Rowan playing a big role in the WWE Championship picture.

The WWE could have him show up at WrestleMania to distract Orton and secure the victory for Wyatt or they could wait later down the line for their inevitable rematch. Either way, Rowan being back now couldn’t have come at a better timing for the WWE.

What’s next?

There’s still a little more than a month left until WrestleMania 33 so the WWE will have to decide as soon as possible if they want Rowan to be a part of The Wyatt Family storyline heading into WrestleMania.

The only way to know for sure would be to tune into SmackDown next week and see if anything becomes of this.

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Why Bret Hart and WWE are back on bad terms again

The love/hate relationship between the WWE and Bret hart began in 1997 after Montreal. However, 20 years later, after seemingly reconciling several times, the WWE and Bret Hart are on bad terms once again, with negative lines about Bret Hart being regularly scripted on to TV.

This is most likely in response to Bret Hart’s negative comments about Triple H and various other WWE talents over the years. In addition to that, Bret and the WWE are also on bad terms over the fact that the WWE Network were forced to pull Stampede Wrestling episodes, as Bret Hart owns all the footage that has him in it.

Bret’s parents gave him the rights to his content before they passed. Hart contacted WWE attorney Scott Amann and said there would be an issue if the footage wasn’t removed. Bret then sent a copy of the agreement between WWE and Ross Hart, which stated that Bret did own the rights to all footage involving him.

Vince McMahon was then subsequently forced to remove all Stampede footage from the WWE Network.

The Montreal Screwjob was the real life double-crossing of defending WWF Champion Bret Hart by Vince McMahon, during the main event match of the 1997 Survivor Series held on November 9, 1997, at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec.

A secret change of the match’s pre-determined finish (known as a “screwjob”) was devised by McMahon and discussed with Hart’s match opponent, Shawn Michaels. The “Montreal Screwjob” is undoubtedly the most controversial match in the history of the WWE.

Hart was ostracised by McMahon and refused offers of induction into the WWF Hall of Fame. The Hart family expressed outrage with McMahon and WWF for their neglect and the lack of safety precautions that could have prevented Owen Hart’s later accident and eventual death in 1999.

In 2005, Hart finally made peace with the WWE to collaborate with the company in putting together a DVD of his career, “The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.”

However, he only agreed to take part to avoid the DVD being a negative burial of his career. Originally, the DVD was to be named Screwed: The Bret Hart Story, and would have been a film focusing on the negative aspects of Hart’s career, much like WWE’s The Ultimate Warrior DVD, The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.

It originally featured derisive interview comments from former opponents like Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Jerry Lawler, with whom Hart had real-life personal issues (Hart has since made amends with Michaels and Lawler). Hart said of the project: “It was kind of a smear. It was basically a platform for guys to express their dislike for me and their jealousy.”

Hart was not slated to contribute to the documentary, but later agreed to participate, claiming that WWE essentially told him: “Get on board or we’ll run you over.” Hart also entered the Hall of Fame in 2006 but refused to participate in an angle at WrestleMania 22. He even refused to attend the event.

Hart re-signed with WWE in late December 2009. On December 28, after weeks of controversy surrounding Hart and his presence in World Wrestling Entertainment, Chairman Vince McMahon announced that Hart would be the special guest host on the January 4th episode of Raw.

Hart made his first live appearance on Raw in over 12 years by hosting the program. There, he thanked the fans for their continued support, jokingly teased announcer Jerry Lawler about their long-running 1990s feud, and confronted Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon regarding the Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series in 1997.

Hart and Michaels were able to agree on a truce, shaking hands and hugging. While many cast doubts on the sincerity of their reconciliation, both men have confirmed that it was indeed genuine and not part of a storyline.

It also appeared that he had buried the hatchet with Vince later in the night until he subsequently kicked Bret in the crotch (this was, in fact, part of a storyline, as Bret and Vince have been on speaking terms since 2005). This set up a match between Vince and Bret at WrestleMania 26, which Bret won.

Bret has stayed involved with the WWE ever since, even taking a role as the general manager on a short-term basis. However, in the last five years, Hart has publicly attacked Triple H several times, rating his match against Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 a 4 out of 10.

Hart has also attacked WWE talents, such as Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins. He has also openly supported CM Punk. When booked for Payback in 2015, to be in Natalya’s corner for her match against Charlotte, Bret Hart said, “I do it to honour Nattie, I (have) no desire to be there and no desire to be on TV.”

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Kurt Angle’s Potential Return Date Set

Kurt Angle is reportedly going to be returning to WWE a short time after his induction into the company’s hall of fame.

Kurt Angle being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 set up all kinds of speculation that he would be returning to a TV role. While that never got confirmed, it seems there’s a good chance of it happening.

According to PW Insider Elite, Angle may be returning the night after WrestleMania 33 on Raw. The show takes place on Monday, April 3 in Orlando, FL.

As Wrestling Inc notes here, it wouldn’t be a crazy idea for the Olympic Gold Medalist to take on the General Manager spot on Raw. Mick Foley announced in late 2016 that he would be undergoing hip surgery, and has had noticeable tension with Stephanie McMahon over the past few weeks.

A return to WWE TV would make for Angle’s first appearance in nearly 11 years. It’s a long return in the making for him after being with TNA for a decade. He has also appeared for independent wrestling promotions across the United States and in the United Kingdom.


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Mick Foley’s Days as WWE GM Numbered?

During the weekend’s round-up of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Raw general manager Mick Foley would not be holding on to the post for long, and the Big Show talks smack about Shaquille O’Neal’s apparent hesitation about their upcoming WrestleMania 33 head to head.

In the past month, Foley let his Twitter fans know about his upcoming hip surgery, and the possibility that he might be taking a hiatus from his current general manager post. On Facebook, the Raw GM added a few details on his condition — he would not be allowed to travel by air in the one and a half months after his hip surgery — due to the danger of potentially life-threatening blood clots. Foley has no set schedule for his surgery yet, only saying that it will happen “whenever I have a break in my schedule.”

Last January, Foley tweeted the “Ravishing Russian” Lana about the situation of the GM post in the immediate future, saying, “Well @LanaWWE, that #Raw GM job just might be up for grabs soon!”

Well @LanaWWE, that #Raw GM job just might be up for grabs soon!

— Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley) January 11, 2017

In the meantime, Foley has become embroiled in what seems to be a conflict with Stephanie McMahon. Fans speculate that this is a way for Mick Foley to have his plausible exit from his role as the general manager for WWE Raw.

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Ryback Talk About His Failed Partnership With Paul Heyman

Feed him more to complain about. Ever since his release from WWE, Ryback has complained to everyone who will listen to him about how things were against him in WWE. This time around he’s talking about his time as a Paul Heyman Guy and how Heyman and CM Punk protected their spots.

Ryback recently appeared on the “Ross Report” and vented some frustrations about Punk and Heyman. The problem stems from Ryback being pulled from his bully character and being put into the feud to help Heyman against Punk. Here are the comments with transcription courtesy of

“Paul needed somebody to buy him two or three months more on TV to extend his program with Punk. And they pulled me out of the bullying role that was going so well and put me with Paul.” Ryback recalled, “and that bullying role, even though ideally I would’ve still been babyface Ryback with the way things were the year before, I had embraced that role like I always did and I always did what was asked of me. It was actually a lot of fun. And I think they knew how much fun I was having with it and we stopped it, we put me with Paul, we let him do all his promos and do the majority of the talking, and I just stared and looked like the big, angry beast.“

Ryback went on to talk about his issues with Heyman.

“I respect Paul a lot and he has been in this business a long time, but we did not see eye-to-eye, Jim. And I had to have many discussions with Paul because, you have to remember, Paul and CM Punk were really, really good friends. And Heyman was supposed to be, from a creative standpoint, working with me and whatnot. And he was with Punk all day and they were discussing business and what they were going to do and it wasn’t doing me any favors and I knew that.”

At one point, Ryback cut a “two hour promo” on Heyman, airing all of his grievances in the process:

“I had one last discussion with Paul at the catering table in which he bought me beers for probably about two hours and I cut a two hour promo on him, everything, and just what I thought of him, and how he did his business with me, and I didn’t appreciate it. And he held a butterknife in his hand, holding it nervously for two hours. Jim, I kid you not, and Punk walked around [in] circles the entire time, like he was going to try to do something while I was talking with Paul, cutting this promo on him.”

Finally, Ryback vented about not being able to take one of the top spots in the company.

“You’ve got to remember, when you’re dealing at the WWE level, and you’re dealing with those top spots, you’re dealing with millions of dollars. The two guys that I had all my problems with, and everybody else there, I get along with just fine, was John Cena and CM Punk. And I’m not wrong on this, there [are] only a certain amount of slots up there, and those guys had those slots, and they wanted to keep those slots. And I think everything kind of stemmed from that.” Ryback said, “I think it is an issue of the whole when it comes down to that amount of money and those top, elite spots, I think [Cena]’s very sensitive to that and I saw it firsthand.”

Opinion: Yes Ryback, we’re aware that everyone held you back and gave you problems every day you were in WWE. At this point he’s been complaining about things almost as long as he was in the top spot and OF COURSE things were stacked against you. I’m not sure how much longer Ryback can go on complaining about things but it’s very tiresome at this point.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Do you want to see Ryback in WWE again? If not, where should he wrestle? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Ross Report

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NTA Star will now be on WWE.

A former star in both TNA Impact Wrestling and WWE has confirmed that he will soon be back to wrestle on a weekly televised wrestling program. Right now, there is a lot of coming and going among both of these major domestic companies, but which promotion is this returning superstar going to head back to? The man known as “The Blueprint” is trying to cause a bit of a frenzy in the wrestling community, and it is working.

Matt Morgan has spent time wrestling around the world as he has worked for WWE, TNA, on the independent scene, and even for companies in Japan and Europe. After being in the business for more than a decade, he retired and moved onto other things in his life, but no-one really ever walks that far away from the ring.

Two weeks ago, he shared an image on Twitter that immediately had people talking, but he kept it very vague.

#Foreshadowing You know The WHO, but you don’t know the WHERE, The WHEN, nor the WHY!!! STILL the blueprint of this business!! Time to prove it all over again!! ……Stay tuned!! #wwe #tna #roh #newjapan #alljapan #nxt. #bigger #badder #stronger #faster #better #DontCallItAComeback

A post shared by “The Blueprint”MATT MORGAN (@bpmattmorgan) on Feb 14, 2017 at 9:54am PST

As you can see, he is teasing a return to the ring, but he won’t say with which promotion. In his hashtags, Morgan names WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and NXT, and he ends it all with “Don’t call it a comeback.”

No one really knew much more than that, but Matt Morgan has taken the time to speak with Wrestling Inc., and he revealed a bit more information. He let the world know that he has had an extremely busy schedule.

“I’m trying to balance like 300 things here and still make this show. Not that I’m complaining, [but] I’m working 9 to 5 absolutely crushing sh-t. I’m getting ready for a men’s physique show in June and we’re cutting down my carbs, which makes me cranky and I’ve still got to hit the gym every night and not miss any nights whatsoever, including tonight. [Then I have to] get home, watch RAW and somehow get on this show!”

So, his schedule has kept him from being a part of the podcast for a while, but he did mention that he likes watching Monday Night Raw each week. After that, he sort of slipped in a bombshell announcement that was a bit unexpected.

“Oh yeah, P.S., I’m making my return to weekly broadcast television wrestling for a specific company – I’m not going to name names now – [but it will be] very, very soon. All that is going on, and yet here I still am!”

Yes, Matt Morgan is heading back to the ring, but he won’t say with which company and that has all of the fans wondering. The last time he was in WWE was back in 2005 and he only spent a few years with that promotion. His longest stint was with Impact Wrestling which was from 2007 until 2013 before a one-time return in 2015.

wwe news tna matt morgan return
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

One final thing he revealed is that when asked how soon he will be seen back in the ring, Morgan said that it would be “in the next four weeks.”One thing to make note of when looking at his timeframe is that it falls right before or after Wrestlemania 33 on April 2.

Matt Morgan had pretty much given up on wrestling and he wanted to retire after a one-off deal in 2015 that allowed his son to see him wrestle. Since then, he really hasn’t been heard from or seen, but things always change in this business. Now, “The Blueprint” has confirmed that he will return to a weekly wrestling television show in just a few weeks, but which one? It could be TNA Impact Wrestling or it could be WWE or it could be a few others from around the world, but only time will tell.

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