Does Booker T Want to See the Miz as WWE Champion Again?

On the latest episode of Heated Conversations, Booker T discussed The Miz at length and gave his opinion on if Miz should be WWE Champion again following The Miz’s return to ‘Raw‘ this past week.

Alongside co-host Brad Gilmore, Booker T sat down to discuss another world title run for former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz.

When asked if The Miz deserves and should have another WWE Championship title reign, Booker had the following to say:

“Of course. I think The Miz is prime-time, man. Y’know? Miz is the 2017 Rolling Stones Superstar of the Year. I take nothing away from him. He earned it. The Miz has had an awesome run, an awesome ten-year run in the WWE without injury, without waver. That right there, it speaks for volumes for the man.”

Continuing, Booker shifts his gear to talk about The Miz as a person and as an entertainer:

“I think The Miz realizes more than anything that this has become a job. People look at The Miz and he goes out and he entertains at the highest degree and that’s what the good ones do. They go out and they perform and they don’t call it in, they don’t phone it in or anything like that. They go out there and show the world how good they really are on a week in-week out, night in-night out basis. I think that’s what The Miz has tapped into. Knowing what this thing is all about. The end-game. This is a job. I go out and I do it each and every night. Give me the script, imma go out there and try to enhance it and try to make it the best it the best I possibly can. That’s what The Miz, I think does better than anybody on the roster.”

Likening The Miz to himself, Booker calls the ‘A-Lister’ a utility guy. What this means is someone that is flexible and can help do anything that is asked of him.

“He’s [Miz] a guy, a utility guy like myself. I’ve been around now for 17 years with the WWE and I’ve always been a utility guy. Whatever role you need me in, y’know?”

If you intend to use these quotes elsewhere, please be sure to credit Heated Conversations with a H/T to for the transcription.

If you would rather listen to what Booker has to say about The Miz, you can watch the video below.

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Do you think The Miz should be WWE Champion again? What would you like to see from the former Intercontinental Champion in 2018?

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