Drew McIntyre on Returning to NXT, It Being a Top Brand, Lessons Learned

The Post and Courier interviewed Drew McIntyre where he spoke about returning to WWE and the lessons he learned while he was gone. He also talks about NXT being the number one show.

On the differences when he returned to WWE:

“The last time I had an opportunity to be in NXT was in its infant stages. I had been a part of Raw and Smackdown for a few years, so I really didn’t know anybody. This time around, after having been gone for around three years, it was a surprise at NXT Takeover: Orlando. Once I headed back to the locker room afterwards, I knew legitimately 80 percent of the locker room, as well as knowing everybody who works backstage with the camera crew, the producers, etc. I saw so many familiar faces … it felt like I had never been gone.”

On the lessons he learned while away from WWE:

“When you’re by yourself and not with WWE, you are your own business. And I was very successful in that business because of all the lessons I learned. I truly learned how to be a top brand myself and be what I needed to be. When the time was right and I wasn’t under contract anywhere, I spoke to Triple H on the phone. It was the right time to come home, and I was the right guy. I got the opportunity, and now I’ve got the ball and I’m going to run with it as far as I can.”

On NXT being the number one show:

“My job is to get NXT recognized as that third brand, not just as developmental. And since I’ve been back I’ve noticed the difference that people are starting to refer to it that way. It obviously doesn’t have the platform that Raw or Smackdown does, but I believe it’s the No. 1 show. We’re so competitive and passionate when it comes to our shows. I hope everyone’s keeping an eye on us. We are the No. 1 show for a reason. Everyone on the show has earned that spot. There are 150 people down at NXT. So if you’re on the show, wherever it may be, they’ve earned that spot and are giving a WrestleMania performance every time they’re in the ring.”

Take a listen to this special entrance for McIntyre at the last NXT: ‘TakeOver’ event. If you’re a fan of McIntyre in any capacity, we highly suggest it.

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