Edge Comments on Asuka; He’s Not A Fan

Not everyone is going to be a fan. Asuka made her main roster debut back at “Tables Ladders and Chairs 2017” in a win over Emma that wasn’t incredibly impressive. She defeated Emma again the next night and the hype still wasn’t there. It turns out that some people aren’t impressed.

On a recent episode of the “E&C Pod of Awesomeness”, Edge said that he doesn’t get the hype behind Asuka. While not destroying her and saying she’s solid, he says that he doesn’t see why she’s as hyped up as she is. Here are some of his comments, with transcription courtesy of Wrestlinginc.com:

“I’m sure I’ll get lambasted for this, but I don’t get the Asuka thing. Like, I really don’t. She’s fine and she’s solid, but I don’t know, even going back to the NXT stuff, I’ve watched it. I don’t know. I just never really bought in. And it’s not that I don’t want to or anything like that. I don’t know. Even the entrance and everything, it’s very [Shinsuke] Nakamura-esque and he was doing it first, so I don’t know. I’ve never really understood the hype.”

Here’s what Asuka can do when she’s presented as a killer:

[This post contains video, click to play]

Christian was a bit less harsh:

“I think it happens, not just with her, but with a lot of people when there’s certain hype around somebody. And, honestly, I’ve never seen a full match of her’s until last night [TLC]. So maybe I have, one or two. I think that when there’s a lot of hype and that sort of thing, it makes it harder, sometimes, for the talent to kind of live up to the packages and the hype and expecting something completely different than they’ve seen before and that’s really hard to do. I liked her body language. I like the presentation. I like the persona. She seemed really comfortable with what she’s doing. But yeah, there were some certain things in [the match versus Emma] that weren’t super-crisp or anything like that, but it could be the first time she [has] worked with Emma or whatever. But maybe, it’s also because the match was a bit long.”

Opinion: I’m a big Asuka fan but I’m not sure they’re presenting her the proper way. The hype videos present her as a killing machine but she’s dancing (which is a standard for her) and taking a good while to beat people like Emma. The squash on this week’s “Monday Night Raw” was better, but having her go move for move with a jobber to the stars was a really bad idea.

What have you thought of Asuka’s time on the main roster? How would you present her better? Let us know in the comments below.

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