Finn Balor Discusses Where “The Demon King” Has Been

Finn Balor has quickly become one of the faces of the WWE since his rise to stardom last year. He is the longest holder of the NXT championship title, is a former holder of the WWE Universal title, and was recently named the sexiest man in professional wrestling by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Despite all these accolades, however, Balor has remained humble.

Last week found Balor in Singapore to promote the WWE’s upcoming show in the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 28th. Singapore’s leading newspaper, The Straits Times, caught up with him to speak about his career. He spoke of his training in both the UK and Japan, stating:

“There’s a lot of attention to detail. It’s almost like I was trained twice.”  He also went on to say that his training in Japan, “developed into a cultured human being and kept myself on an even keel with everything I’m doing now in WWE.”

He also discussed his usage of the Demon King gimmick, and its lack of usage recently. He stated:

“In recent times, I haven’t been put in a situation whereby I needed to draw on that power. I’m sure in the future that will be something that will be needed,” alluding to the likelihood that it might see a comeback soon.

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