“Impact Wrestling” Ratings Take a Big Hit

And down the rankings they go. For the last four weeks, “Impact Wrestling” has aired episodes taped in India, making them the first major promotion to film TV in the country. While it’s a cool story, the question became how strong of an impact would the location have on the audience.

The audience for the final India episode is in and the numbers aren’t great. According to Showbuzz Daily, this week’s episode of “Impact Wrestling” drew 268,000 viewers, down 22% from the previous week’s 342,000. This week’s show was the fourth lowest of the year while last week’s was the second highest. Last night’s show was headlined by an eight man tag, mostly comprised of wrestlers who will face off at Sunday’s “Slammiversary 2017”.

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Opinion: This is “Impact Wrestling’s” big issue all over again: they’ll get something going for a few weeks and then come crashing right back down, seemingly for no particular reason. Odds are they’ll bounce back in a few weeks but losing over a fifth of your audience in a single week is really hard to spin.

Why do you think the audience dropped so far? What would you like to see change on the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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