JBL is ‘Hot’ About WWE Fans’ Opinion of Roman Reigns

JBL has never been one to hide his opinions and thoughts about the topics of the day.

On the most recent episode of “Bring it to the Table,” the topic of Roman Reigns was brought up, and JBL had the following to say about how the ‘Internet Fans’ react to “The Guy:”

“Let me tell you this: for all these internet fans out there that want to hate Roman Reigns and say, ‘No, we’re standing up because we don’t like him’: Few people in the history of this business walk into an arena and everybody stands on their feet. Everybody. I’ve seen it night after night after night. That to me is an absolute superstar. Whether you love him or whether you hate him, Roman Reigns has earned his spot. I’m hot at all these little crybabies out there going, ‘We just stand up and boo him because we really don’t like him.’ Oh, really?”

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JBL also said that the last time he was on the show, he said something nice about Reigns and the fans said that JBL was “toeing the company line.”

Editor’s Note:

Thank you, JBL. I’ve been saying this for two years. To be successful in WWE, all you have to do is get a reaction from the crowd. Period. Roman Reigns elicits one of the most emotional and passionate responses from the WWE Universe in recent memory every time that he goes out to perform. He is a superstar in every sense of the word. Period.

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