Major Change Made to “Survivor Series” Match

Card subject to a very positive change. One of the most entertaining things about Survivor Series is how many times the card changes. You’ll often see the lineups for the elimination matches change at a moment’s notice with people moving in and out of the cards. That’s what happened tonight on “Monday Night Raw” in a very big way.

As announced tonight on “Monday Night Raw”, HHH will be replacing Jason Jordan on the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team. Coming into tonight’s episode, Jordan was the fifth member of the team. During the night though he was injured in a match against Bray Wyatt. This required a replacement, though General Manager Kurt Angle didn’t want to appoint. HHH came out instead and named himself the fifth member.

Opinion: Given how many house shows he’s been on as of late, you had to know HHH was gearing up for some match. I didn’t think it would be this one though and that made for quite the surprise. It also makes for quite the old match with HHH, Angle and Shane McMahon all in the same ring but I’ve heard worse. At least the reaction was strong though and that’s what matters most.

Do you like HHH being the fifth member? Which team do you think wins on Sunday? Let us know in the comments below.

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