Mike and Maria Kanellis Make Their WWE Debuts

Put a little love in your Smackdown. As is so often the case, WWE has added a few more names to their already lengthy roster. In this case it’s a man and a woman who happen to be married outside the ring. The pair was rumored to come to WWE for a long time now and they made their debut at “Money in the Bank 2017”.

At the pay per view, Mike and Maria Kanellis made their debuts in a quick segment. The name Bennett, which Mike has wrestled under for his entire career, was never mentioned. The pair’s gimmick seems to be that they love each other very much and want to show the WWE the power of love. After Maria spoke about it for a bit, the two danced as a love song played.

Opinion: The fact that they were both introduced with the last name Kanellis tells you all you need to know about Mike’s value. Maria always did seem like the bigger star of the team and she’ll have a little name value to her. I’m not sure how far their gimmick is going to go but it’s better than toiling in Impact Wrestling.

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Which of the two are you more interested in? How far do you think they’ll go? Let us know in the comments below.

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