More Details Emerge on Neville’s WWE Status

It worked before. Neville has been one of the more interesting stories of the week as it seems that he wants out of WWE with rumors that he walked out of this week’s “Monday Night Raw”. However, there are some new details to the story that clear up some misconceptions and offer a little more clarity on the issue.

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According to PWInsider, Neville was never at “Monday Night Raw” and therefore didn’t walk out. Neville hasn’t been happy with the promotion as of late though and potentially wants to leave to build his career up outside of WWE and possibly come back to the company down the road. Finally, one of the big turning points was Neville vs. Austin Aries being left off the “Wrestlemania XXXIII” DVD, which meant Neville lost out on the royalty payments that came with the DVD.

Here’s what might be one of Neville’s last great moments in WWE.

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Opinion: He’s not wrong if he thinks there’s value in being outside of WWE for a bit. Look at Drew McIntyre, who left the company and went pretty much everywhere before coming back as a major star. There’s a wide world out there and if Neville’s work isn’t even worthy of making it onto the DVD, I can get why he would want to leave.

Do you think Neville should leave WWE? If so, where do you want him to wind up? Let us know in the comments below.

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