New Episodes of “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” Being Filmed

Might we actually get to see what goes down at “Lethal Leap Year?”

According to a report from F4WOnline, WWE is filming new episodes of “Southpaw Regional Wrestling,” which is their spoof on 1980s territorial wrestling broadcasts. The show currently has only 4 episodes, but each has been viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube.

Hosted by Lance Catamaran, played by John Cena, and Chet Chetterfield, played by Fandango, the show features a series of hilarious promos and on-air problems, including learning that the promotion’s big event, “Lethal Leap Year” can’t be held, because 1987 didn’t have a leap year.

Several other superstars make appearances in this show, including Chris Jericho, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Tyler Breeze, TJ Perkins, Ric Flair, Rusev, Lana, The Ascension, Heath Slater and more.

Cena has said in a previous interview that we can expect a lot more from “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” in the future.

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Editor’s Note:

Please let this be true. This show is freaking hilarious, and shows a whole new side to several of the WWE performers that we have grow to know and love each week. In addition, it shows the versatility of each of these performers, and gives us reasons to continue to be invested in them.

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