Report: Exclusive Sources Say MASSIVE Heel Turn Coming at WrestleMania

With only a day remaining until WWE’s show of the year, hype and expectations are at their absolute height. One of the biggest matches at this year’s show is the Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns, and it’s one that offers no shortage of controversy to wrestling fans.

Reports are now circulating that Reigns vs. Undertaker will close the show, and with Roman expected to come out on top in that match there’s no doubt WrestleMania will end with a chorus of angry fans and boos the likes of which no one could ever dream.

But we here at Wrestling Rumors have got an exclusive scoop on why this is going down. WWE is under no illusions about how another Roman Reigns coronation is going to be received by fans, and they know how this will turn out. That’s why they’re going all the way.

They’re going to turn Roman Reigns heel.

Roman will take down Undertaker with a low-blow during a ref distraction spot–our sources were non-specific about the specifics of the finish, but they promised it would be “bloody.” It’s unclear whether they meant that in a literal sense. But there will be no doubt following the end of WrestleMania that Roman will be booked as a villain.

On the following Raw, Kurt Angle will make his return and announce that he will be taking up Mick Foley’s role as Raw general manager. His first duty as GM will be to announce the return of a pair of “Broken” superstars–and, indeed, this is how Matt and Jeff Hardy will make their debut.

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But wait, there’s more! Matt and Jeff will then announce that they’ve added a brand-new member of the Broken family! None other than… Broken CM Punk.

Also, the entire WrestleMania show has been moved to the evening of April 1st.

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