Ric Flair Lists the Top Three Workers in Pro Wrestling Right Now

Ric Flair appeared on Busted Open Radio where he spoke about Charlotte and listed his top three workers in professional wrestling.

On who the best three or four performers are in the business right now:

“I can’t put it in words. She is ‘it. To me, and I’ll say this to anybody, she’s in the top-three workers in the business right now. The only two that I think are better than her, I won’t say they’re better than her but they have more experience, are (Randy) Orton and (AJ) Styles. Maybe Seth Rollins. But in terms of athletic ability, work ethic, and workouts and her gimmick and everything.”

Flair also comments on what he thinks of Charlotte as a babyface:

“I hate her being a on the good side because she’s a much better heel, but she’s adjusted. She’s kind of like right now a John Cena of the company, which is not a bad spot to have.”

For a period of time, Flair accompanied his daughter to the ring. Below we have featured a video from WWE ‘Night of Champions’ where Charlotte won the Divas Championship and celebrated with her father and best friend Becky Lynch.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Who do you believe are the top three or four performers? Do you prefer Charlotte as a face or heel?

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