TNA and Matt Hardy Now Fighting Over Who Owns “Broken” Gimmick

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more troublesome when it comes to the Hardys and TNA, another bit of info slips painting the drama in an even crazier light.

According to ProWrestlingSheet, the company is now disputing Matt Hardy’s ability to use the “Broken” gimmick outside of TNA programming. They claim the contract states they own all intellectual property created during Matt’s tenure.

The details of those contracts are for the lawyers to sort out, but the Broken character did debut within the past year–so within the current contract.

Matt says that while Impact has the right to profit on any film generated by any gimmick he’s used while under contract, he retains ownership over the name and character.

While points over IP ownership are in dispute, the same report suggests that the Hardys don’t have a non-compete clause–meaning that they could appear with another company as soon as next week.

Don’t hold your breath for a WWE appearance that soon, however–paperwork and wellness tests would mean delays for that appearance. The impression we have is not to expect the Hardys in WWE before WrestleMania.

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