Triple H Praises Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre

WWE COO Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, recently spoke with For The Win about ex-3MB teammates Jinder Mahal, who is set to challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship next month, and Drew McIntyre, who was recently brought back to the company via NXT.

While speaking about their first run with the company, Triple H said both ex-3MB members were to young and immature to make the most of their opportunities. But, he believes that both men are now ready to be top stars in WWE.

“Jinder is a guy who has always worked extremely hard. He trains hard; he’s very intense about what he wants with his career; he’s very thoughtful. That’s the same with Drew. That opportunity came for them when you’re too young and not ready for it and a little immature to it.

“When they left, I had a conversation where I told them, ‘We’re not going to be able to do more with you here. Go other places, learn more in your career, mature and think about the business in a different way.’ Sometimes you get reliant on other people telling you what to do instead of going out there and figuring it for yourself, which is what you have to do.

“To Jinder’s credit and to Drew’s credit, they left, they went and figured it for themselves, they improved. They’re both men now as opposed to kids trying to make it in the business. They see their careers differently and what they want and are still extremely hard workers and great people. Now hopefully they are in a better position to succeed.”

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