Update on Kenny Omega’s New Japan Contract

Not so fast my friend. Of all the wrestlers in the world who aren’t with WWE, the one who gets the most discussion about coming to the company is Kenny Omega. After a string of classic matches in Japan, fans wonder what it would take to get him to come to WWE. At the same time though, he’s still under contract with New Japan. Just how long will that last though?

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Omega is currently signed with New Japan through January 31, 2019. This means he won’t be at either “Royal Rumble 2018”, “Wrestlemania XXXIV” or “Royal Rumble 2019”. There is no reason to believe he’ll be released from his contract early, meaning these shows are pretty much guaranteed to not have Omega involved.

Omega has wrestled under the WWE banner before.

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Opinion: This isn’t the biggest surprise in the world and unfortunately it’s not likely to stop people from talking about the potential of him showing up. Omega seems happy in New Japan and if he’s making money and enjoying his time over there, it wouldn’t make sense to come over to WWE. I’d like to see him in WWE but if it’s not what he wants, you can’t argue with that.

Would you like to see Omega in WWE? Do you think he’ll ever join? Let us know in the comments below.

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