Update on Lince Dorado’s Injury

That’s better. Injuries can come at a moment’s notice in wrestling and they’re never a good thing. It can take anything as simple as a bad landing to put someone on the shelf for months. On Monday, it seemed that a member of the WWE roster might have been banged up and now we have an update.

Earlier this week, Lince Dorado seemed to injure his knee while taping an episode of “Main Event”. While we don’t have a definitive answer on how good or bad the knee is, Dorado sent out a photo on Instagram showing his knee with the caption “recover”. Dorado was in Atlanta for the “205 Live” taping last night but wasn’t used.


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Opinion: While it doesn’t say much, it’s certainly better than being told he’ll be out for a long time. Dorado might not be the biggest star on the roster but you never want to hear about someone being injured for any length of time. Hopefully he’s back on his feet (literally) soon and back in the ring.

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