Video: Paige and Alberto El Patron Split Up?

Here we go again. Last year saw one of the biggest soap operas in wrestling with Paige and Alberto El Patron having a rather rocky relationship. The two of them started dating and had one issue after another, including a proposal during a wrestling show and a domestic violence incident, which wound up being dropped. Now things are changing again.

A new video of Paige has been posted to Snapchat via Twitter where Paige says that she is single. Assuming the video is recent, this would mean that she and El Patron have broken up. There has been no word from either party officially confirming this but if Paige is serious, it would be a fairly strong change after the two of them were engaged. Here’s the video.

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In light of some potential spoilers, this seems appropriate.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Opinion: So how long do you give this one? These two are one of those couples who seem to have an issue every few months, which can get rather tiresome after awhile. If they’re better off apart then be apart but if they’re better together, be together. As long as it avoids all the nonsense drama then whatever but just please don’t let this turn into something that changes every few days.

Do you think these two are done for good? Do you want Paige back in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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