Video: Vince McMahon Fires Eric Bischoff in 2005

You know he’s been waiting a long time to say that. Back in 2002, Eric Bischoff debuted in WWE and immediately became the inaugural General Manager of “Monday Night Raw”. He held the position for over three years before Vince McMahon started to get tired of him. It was time for a change, which took place twelve years ago today.

WWE has posted a video from the December 5, 2005 episode of “Monday Night Raw” with McMahon firing Bischoff from his General Manager position. This was the culmination of the Trial of Eric Bischoff, which had taken place over the course of the night. McMahon, dressed in a judge’s robe, fired Bischoff and had John Cena throw him in the back of a garbage truck. Here’s the clip:

[This post contains video, click to play]

Opinion: While the firing probably could have come earlier, this was exactly the way a character like Bischoff should have ended. He was long past his expiration date and having Cena get the rub of eliminating him helped a lot. McMahon had to be the one to fire him though, especially given their long, long history with each other.

Did you like Bischoff’s time as General Manager? Would you like to see him back in wrestling again? Let us know in the comments below.

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