WATCH: Randy Orton Gives Kevin Owens an RKO Outta Nowhere

As the SmackDown Live exclusive Clash of Champions pay-per-view continues to develop, the feud between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn is adding more layers every week. At Survivor Series, Owens & Zayn were instrumental in the failure of the blue brand as they interfered in the match. Two of those SmackDown Live participants, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura, were particularly not happy with this action, and became a part of the fracas between the Commissioner and defiant brand members.

On the recent episode, Owens & Zayn were explaining the loophole regarding the directive of Zayn being banned from ringside during last week’s match between Orton and Owens. While the two were brawling on the ramp, Zayn appeared and hit Orton with a chair. Zayn would later explain that he did not violate any demands, since the ramp is technically not a part of ringside.

As the two were continuing to gain heat from the crowd, Owens was struck with an RKO outta nowhere.

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This segment would lead to Shane McMahon announcing a tag team match between Owens & Zayn against Orton and a partner of his choosing. While Orton was getting double-teamed in the main event of the show, Nakamura made the save, officially inserting himself in the match.

Shane would inform General Manager Daniel Bryan that, at Clash of Champions, if Owens & Zayn lose, they will be fired from WWE.

Editor’s Note: This angle is a pretty good spot for these four competitors, as December can be a dull time in WWE since the emphasis is waiting for the Royal Rumble and official Road to WrestleMania.

Seemingly, the conclusion of the angle will lead to a heel turn from either Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon, and the two will be at odds with each other henceforth. I am not sure how a heel authority figure will help SmackDown Live, since that concept has been grossly overused and mishandled.


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