Watch: The Miz and Daniel Bryan Meet at ‘Night of Champions’ in 2010

WWE uploaded to their official YouTube channel the United States Championship match between The Miz and Daniel Bryan at ‘Night of Champions‘ in 2010.

This rivalry began quite some time before, back during the first season of NXT when it was known as a competition where the winner would get a WWE contract. Miz was Bryan’s pro on the season, meaning that Bryan had to follow Miz’s lead and advice.

Miz thought that Bryan didn’t respect him throughout his time as a mentor to him. Things between the two heightened when Bryan replaced Miz on Team WWE at ‘SummerSlam’ when Team WWE took on The Nexus.

With the aid of Alex Riley, who Miz was the pro for on the second season of NXT, Miz and Bryan continued to attack one another until the September 6 episode of ‘Raw’ when Bryan challenged Miz for the title, to which Miz would accept.

Check out the full match between the two below!

[This post contains video, click to play]

Who did you expect to win? Did you enjoy this match?

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