Why Nigel McGuinness Wasn’t at ‘No Mercy’ or 205 Live Last Week

PWInsider has noted the reason why NXT and 205 Live commentator Nigel McGuinness has missed ‘No Mercy‘ and 205 Live last week.

They note that McGuinness missed those shows as he was out of the country and had a prior commitment that required some time off.

McGuinness was back working 205 Live this week with Vic Joseph, so it does appear his commitments have been fulfilled and he is back to work.

We noted very recently that McGuiness confirmed his wife was pregnant via his Instagram account. This may mean that the commentator does indeed need more time off in the future for this reason.

Below we have featured a video on Nigel McGuinness where he is giving thoughts on what it is like to finally work for WWE. We highly suggest you watch it.

[This post contains video, click to play]

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