“Woken” Matt Hardy Brings “Vanguard 1” Back to Life

The world’s most powerful drone may be coming back to existence.

“Woken” Matt Hardy has posted a new video to his personal YouTube channel, in which he visits the Lake of Reincarnation outside of the Hardy Compound. At the end of the video, he claims that his drone, “Vanguard 1” has returned.

You can see the video below:

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“Vanguard 1” is a character that is associated with the “Broken” Matt Hardy gimmick. Other characters include his wife, Queen Rebecca, Brother Nero (played by Jeff Hardy), and his gardener, Señor Benjamin.

It had been previously reported that Hardy had reached an agreement with Anthem Sports to acquire all the rights to everything associated with the “Broken” character, which could be why Hardy was able to record this video.

Editor’s Opinion:

YAAAAAASSSSSSS! Another member of the platoon has returned, in order to join the battle in the Great War! In all seriousness, the concept of a drone being one of the most important parts of Hardy’s existence is hilarious. It’s another reason why this character is one of the most creative and brilliant things to come out of professional wrestling in a long time.

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