WrestleCircus Looking to Expand, List Expected Upgrades, IndieGoGo Backlash

Independent wrestling is where many of the superstars we watch on our televisions today originally came from. From people like AJ Styles right through to Sasha Banks. Everyone started somewhere. WrestleCircus is one of many indie companies, and it is time for a change.

WrestleCircus, an indie promotion in Austin, Texas is looking to expand their reach, which includes a new venue, new sponsors and new ways to bloom within the industry.

Yesterday the company’s official Twitter account tweeted out that they would sadly be leaving their previous venue, the ‘800 Congress’ behind, having found a new potential location that better suits the product they aim to provide.

It’s bittersweet to say, but we’ve officially outgrown 800Congress.

We found a new location but need help securing funding for the project. pic.twitter.com/Um1qwAXRSO

— WrestleCircus ? (@WrestleCircus) May 30, 2017

They explain that 800 Congress is now becoming too small to fit the amount of fans coming to the shows, which limits what the company can do in a number of ways. The place they have found should fix this, with additional upgrades that will help not only the company itself, but other independent wrestling companies in Texas.

Their list of expected upgrades includes:

-More wrestling shows.
-Lower ticket prices.
-A new training facility to attract top prospective students.
-Better chairs.
-Better food and beverage selection.
-Professional ring lighting.
-A weekly $10 wrestling show featuring top local talents.
-DTG Printing Machines for wrestlers.
-An on-site wrestling gear designer/maker.
-Free on-site parking + tailgating.
-Venue for local MMA & boxing promotions.
-No time restrictions -they can keep the building open later for after-parties.

In order to achieve this, the company created an IndieGoGo page to help fund for all of these upgrades, explaining to fans via Twitter that other forms of crowdfunding would be too expensive.

This IndieGoGo would serve to help pay for many of the aforementioned upgrades, as well as the lease of the property and new chairs to provide a better experience for consumers. They would also intend to look for professional sponsors for their product.

Sorry, I should have said “corporate brands”.@Twitch@lennylarrys_s@Onnit@blueapron@SuplexWrestling@MonsterEnergy@Shopify

— WrestleCircus ? (@WrestleCircus) May 31, 2017

However, the IndieGoGo would not last long, as it was perceived to some to be a ‘money-grab’ and the company would soon refund everyone, owners Al & Lexi Lenhart explaining that they would evaluate new options to achieve their goals.

All #IndieGoGo orders have been refunded. Thank you to those who supported.

We are evaluating new options to achieve our goals. https://t.co/2iv2wi3aoz

— WrestleCircus ? (@WrestleCircus) May 31, 2017

Users on Twitter would defend the promotion, offering support in any way they can, such as providing food and beverage for the promotion. They would later send a further tweet out explaining to fans that they shouldn’t worry.

There is ZERO reason to be upset about the #IndieGoGo campaign being closed/refunded.

We will figure out a way. Thank you all!

— WrestleCircus ? (@WrestleCircus) May 31, 2017

Most outside of Austin just think we are some money mark promotion destined for failure.

Starting a crowdfund made them feel validated. https://t.co/NhVN3kqlto

— WrestleCircus ? (@WrestleCircus) May 31, 2017

Regardless, the WrestleCircus promotion are keeping their heads high and looking at the positives. Their #LuchaCarnival video-on-demand is available today and they are trying their best not to let this speed bump slow them down.

With all the emotional support our true fans have given, there is nothing that will stop us from achieving our goals.#StayPositive pic.twitter.com/07WRUyOdzm

— WrestleCircus ? (@WrestleCircus) May 31, 2017

The promotion currently have a campaign via Twitter. If they can get 5 thousand retweets on the following tweet, they will be releasing a show free, featuring multiple big-name independent wrestlers including the likes of reDRagon, RPG Vice, Guerrilas of Destiny, Brian Cage and more.

5,000 RT’s!!!

You want to stream @WrestleCircus FREE on June 24th?

Penta 0M
RPG Vice
MORE! pic.twitter.com/VnQi6hW3OW

— WrestleCircus ? (@WrestleCircus) May 30, 2017

If you would like to support the promotion in any way, you can follow their Twitter, stay up to date with their content and for any financial aid you may be able to give them, they are available at [email protected]

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Editor’s Note:

It brings a smile to my face knowing that a promotion has this much faith and perseverance to stand out from competitors and still support them. I’ve heard about WrestleCircus for ages and I can see just how incredible the promotion is. For those that ruined the IndieGoGo, I can only feel shame. If anyone is able to help WrestleCircus out, do contact them. #SupportIndieWrestling

What do you think of this situation? Have you ever watched WrestleCircus? Sound off in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Additionally, you can follow me on Twitter at @SOSNH1995 and I am more than happy to have a conversation with you. Thank you for reading.

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