How Did the Post “Money in the Bank” “Smackdown” Draw?

Long live the Maharaja. After “Monday Night Raw’s” ratings and audience shot up earlier this week, the question was could “Smackdown Live” do the same. They were coming off a pay per view with “Money in the Bank 2017” and that normally means a built-in ratings boost. Add in the possibility of a Money in the Bank cash-in and things were set for a good night.

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As it turns out, things did indeed go well. According to, the show drew a .85 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.597 million viewers, which are up 35% and 25% respectfully. These are both the best numbers since the April 11 episode, which featured the second half of the Superstar Shakeup. This week’s show was headlined by Jinder Mahal vs. Luke Harper and also featured the return of Daniel Bryan from paternity leave.

Opinion: I’m a bit surprised by this as it was so close to the first day of the summer, which would seemingly have fewer people watching than your regular show. The post pay per view crowd probably had a lot to do with the audience and at this point, WWE needs to take almost anything they can.

Did you like this week’s “Smackdown Live”? Do you think they can continue these numbers? Let us know in the comments below.

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KB’s Review: How WWE Spent Its Build to Summerslam

It’s the summer. That means cookouts, baseball, being off school and REALLY lame wrestling. Over the years, WWE has made no secret of the fact that the majority of summer means absolutely nothing, often times basically admitting it on their TV shows. While it doesn’t happen every single year, there are times when WWE is clearly not putting in the slightest bit of effort, which makes the summer months a complete waste of time. Today we’re going to look at why this is a problem and a few potential solutions to a rather annoying problem.

Earlier this week, the big story on “Monday Night Raw” was Roman Reigns wanting to make his announcement for “Summerslam 2017”. This would be a pay per view taking place on August 20, 2017, or over two months after Reigns made his announcement. The problem is there are three pay per views between that announcement and “Summerslam 2017” with “Money in the Bank 2017”, “Great Balls of Fire” and “Battleground 2017”.

Now ignoring the fact that we have FOUR pay per views from the end of June to Summerslam or the annoying trend of having a wrestler book one of the biggest matches of the year because he can, this is really bad booking all around. If the upcoming “Great Balls of Fire” is going to be little more than a buildup to “Summerslam 2017”, why would I really need to pay attention to the show in July? It could get even worse if they do the same thing over on “Smackdown Live”, which really wouldn’t surprise me, especially with John Cena returning on the Fourth of July.

June isn’t exactly much better either with Money in the Bank. The problem here is something I’ve gone over before: while the ladder matches are entertaining on their own (more often than not at least), the ending is about setting up something for the future instead of something on its own. The briefcase can go on for another year and that doesn’t exactly keep things going in the short term.

Now that being said, there are ways to make both Money in the Bank and whatever name they have for the July pay per view this year (seriously just stick with something, like the Great American Bash) more important than they already are and it’s not even that hard to pull off.

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Very simply put, have something big take place over the summer. Thankfully the “Monday Night Raw” side has already dealt with this problem by having Brock Lesnar defend the Universal Title against Samoa Joe at “Great Balls of Fire”. Just having that big of a title defense (or a title defense at all in this case) helps quite a bit, though it’s not exactly enough to get over the bigger issue.

With Reigns already looking forward to “Summerslam 2017”, there’s only so much you can do to make the summer that exciting. It’s similar to saying that everything coming up doesn’t matter because we’re already moving on to the new stuff. At this point, WWE is only going to be able to draw in so much interest as they put into it, which is where the scheduling for the summer comes in.

Ignoring the fact that there are just WAY too many pay per views (because that’s just not changing anytime soon), it would make more sense to set something up that ties into “Summerslam 2017”. In other words, make “Great Balls of Fire” and “Battleground 2017”, two shows with little appeal on their own (because they sound like some of the most generic wrestling shows ever) something that is going to set up one of the big matches at “Summerslam 2017”.

Look at “Extreme Rules 2017” for an example. The main event of that show led into the main event of “Great Balls of Fire”. Doing the same thing, especially with a big match between interesting competition, at least brings you into the big story. One of these people are going to be wrestling the World Champion (as in Lesnar) at one of the biggest shows of the year in just over a month.

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That’s where I think Money in the Bank falls short more often than not. Yeah it’s a concept that sets up something for the future, but it’s not setting up anything for any particular point in time. Sure the match might take place at or before that year’s Summerslam, but it also might not take place until a full year later. Based on that, Summerslam would be the same as any other night of the year, which again defeats the purpose and makes Money in the Bank a show that could take place at any other time of the year.

The best example of making this work was a short lived experiment in 2002 when the winner of the King of the Ring tournament was awarded the WWE World Title shot at “Summerslam 2002”. The tournament was won by Lesnar, who went on to defeat the Rock and become one of the biggest stars in the company. It was a simple idea and you had two months to set Lesnar up as the next big thing (thereby making his name all the more appropriate).

Now no, I’m not saying that the King of the Ring needs to come back because I think that’s been covered to death over the years. What I do think they need to do though is find something (a big match, a series of matches, a feud over being #1 contender etc) to tie these shows together. Otherwise, you’re looking at a few things over June and July that have next to nothing to do with what we’re getting at the big show in August. Again, there are multiple ways to do this but there are versions that show this either working or making the July show a waste of time.

First of all, the summer of 1998 was all about the build to Steve Austin vs. Undertaker for the WWF World Title at “Summerslam 1998”. While the show was probably the biggest Summerslam of all time, the show between “King of the Ring 1996” and “Summerslam 1998” was “Fully Loaded”, which the company basically said was going to be a speed bump on the way to the big show. Austin and Undertaker won the titles, lost them fifteen days later, and then went on to main event “Summerslam 1998”. In other words, just skip July and go straight to August, meaning it’s a waste of time.

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On the other hand, consider 2011. The July pay per view that year is something you might remember: “Money in the Bank 2011”, featuring John Cena vs. CM Punk with the World Title on the line. That would be the masterpiece where Punk won the title and then left with the title, setting up the just slightly less great rematch at “Summerslam 2011”. The story tied together, making everything an important part of one narrative.

There’s the difference in a nutshell: would you rather have a show that is clearly just there to set up something obvious or a followup to what was already a great match? It’s not hard to come up with something that stretches out for the span of a few months for some reason WWE would rather waste our time by wrapping up Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal and then moving on to whatever is next. It’s bad storytelling, which has plagued WWE for years now. Fix the problem by putting in some more thinking. It’s really not that hard.

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NXT Championship Match Announced For Upcoming Episode

Time to see whether it pays to be “Roode” or “Strong.”

It was announced today on that NXT Champion Bobby Roode will defend his championship against Roderick Strong on the July 5 episode of NXT. The match came as a result of a brawl that erupted backstage before the June 21 episode of the show.

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During a backstage photoshoot, Roode was met by Strong, who was there with his new wife and baby. After a brief exchange of words, the two went at it, before being broken up by backstage officials.

According to

This came after the titleholder and Strong had a war of words two weeks prior on NXT. Strong bared his soul to the NXT Universe, opening up about his journey into fatherhood and his desire to become NXT Champion, only to be met with ridicule and disrespect from Roode, who verbally tore down Strong’s title aspirations.

Following their backstage photoshoot throw down, the heated foes will now settle their differences inside the squared circle with NXT’s most prized possession on the line.

Editor’s Note:

I’m surprised that they are doing this match so early; I figured they would wait until the next Takeover event. Either way, it should be a great contest between two of NXT’s best!

Are you looking forward to Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong? Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page!

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Randy Orton to Star in a New Movie With Seth Green

It won’t be long before we see “The Viper” on the big screen.

According to a report from Deadline, Randy Orton will be starring in a new movie with Seth Green, entitled “Changeland.” Not only will this film be Green’s directorial debut, but will also feature such actors as Brenda Song, Clare Grant, Macaulay Culkin, Rose Williams, Kedar Williams-Stirling.

The film centers on Green’s always hesitant character undergoing a personal crisis, as he meets up in Thailand with his self-assured best friend, portrayed by Breckin Meyer. Production is scheduled to begin this week.

Orton is no stranger to the silver screen. He has previously had roles in such films as “That’s What I Am,” “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded,” “The Condemned 2,” and “Countdown.” He also has appeared on the USA Network original series, “Shooter.”

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Editor’s Note:

Good for “The Apex Predator!” I’ve always thought that he was a multi-talented actor, with the ability to portray a myriad of characters in many different contexts. I have no doubt that he will be wonderful in this role as well!

Will you see “Changeland?” Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page!

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WWE SmackDown Superstar Returning

– Rusev is being advertised for SmackDown live events this coming week. He’s scheduled for a Triple Threat with Mojo Rawley and WWE United States Champion at Sunday’s live event in Everett, Washington and another Triple Threat with Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura at Monday’s live event in Bakersfield, CA. No word yet on if Rusev will be making his blue brand TV debut on Tuesday’s show in San Diego.

– WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund represented the company earlier today at the Travelers – Farmington Bank Celebrity Mini Golf Tournament. The tournament took place at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, CT and raised money for various charities chosen by the celebrities. WWE Community posted these photos of Backlund at the event:

#WWE Legend @AskMrBacklund knocking down his shots for charity at the Travelers Celebrity Mini Golf Tournament!

— WWE Community (@WWECommunity) June 21, 2017

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How WWE Should Rewrite History with 2nd Women’s MITB Ladder Match

The WWE SmackDown women’s division is set to receive the rarest of opportunities—a chance to revise and revamp history.

Billed as momentous and historic, the first-ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match instead became a controversial lightning rod. The image of James Ellsworth unhooking the briefcase and dumping it into his main squeeze Carmella’s lap irked much of the audience. A seminal moment in women’s wrestling became all about a little weasel of a man.

The backlash to Sunday’s pay-per-view bout may have inspired a rewrite.

On the June 27 edition of SmackDown, WWE will give itself a Money in the Bank mulligan. The blue brand’s general manager, Daniel Bryan, decided to strip Carmella of her victory on Tuesday’s show and book another ladder match with the coveted briefcase up for grabs.

To know how best to handle this rematch, WWE has to dig in and understand why so many hated how things went the first time around.

For one, the match must go on longer. Carmella’s win came too quickly, the climax hitting before the action had a chance to reach a true apex.

The second-shortest Money in the Bank ladder match ever wrapped up at 13 minutes and 14 seconds. That’s less than half the time the men got that night, per the Internet Wrestling Database.

WWE should clear out plenty of space on the next SmackDown and let these women go wild for 20-plus minutes.

There will be chances to create electricity, more room to insert big moments. While Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and the rest of the field put forth great effort in Sunday’s match, the end result was not the usual human demolition derby we see in these matches.

Flair dove from off the top rope onto Tamina and Natalya.

Each one of these women is set on MAKING HISTORY in the first-ever Women’s #MITB #LadderMatch! @MsCharlotteWWE @NatByNature @TaminaSnuka

— WWE (@WWE) June 19, 2017

In the sequel, she needs to moonsault from the high rungs of a massive ladder. Natalya needs to powerbomb someone through a ladder. More steel needs to be bent; more bruises need to paint the flesh of these warriors.

These contests are built around breathtaking moments, and there weren’t quite enough of them in the first go-round.

The ending must be more definitive, too. Many criticized the poor optics of a man essentially winning a women’s match, but beyond that, the execution was off.

The climax felt unfinished. There was too much uncertainty floating around when Carmella clutched the briefcase.

Ellsworth’s involvement befuddled the referees. So the match ended with a huddle of refs unsure of what to do. They bickered. They wavered.

It’s almost never a good idea to end a match with the spotlight on the officials. That doesn’t make for classic moments. And while some have praised the finish, a vocal portion of the fanbase hated it.

There should be no ambiguity this next time.

After knocking @BeckyLynchWWE off the ladder, WHAT is @realellsworth thinking?! #MITB

— WWE (@WWE) June 19, 2017

The same winner should emerge on SmackDown, though.

Carmella should still cheat but get the glory without Ellsworth.

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Lucha Underground Results 21st June 2017

Here is the synopsis for tonight’s episode entitled “Family First”.
“The Cueto Cup continues its first round; Marty The Moth continues his caddish ways; Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo ready themselves for their battle”.


LU opens with a video teaser as a setup for tonight’s show. In the video are highlights from Dario Cueto’s announcement and the start of his “Cueto Cup” last week. Also featured is Cage’s meeting with Councilman Delgado, and the subsequent murder of Delgado at the hands of Cage.

The opening scene has Fenix showing up to The Temple in the day time. He is pulling up in his car. Fenix is greeted by Melissa Santos. Fenix dedicates his success in the Cueto Cup to her. Off in the distance is Marty The Moth, who is creeping on Melissa.

We are inside the Temple now. Matt Striker and Vampiro intro and hype this week’s show. They go over the results from Group A in The Cueto Cup last week. Which saw Drago, Pentagon Dark, Texano and The Mack advance. Striker cues to the ring for the start of Group B action.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group B-First Round
Cage vs. Vinnie Massaro

This match is a tale of complete opposites. Cage is the ripped body builder with a god like physique facing off against the exact opposite in Massaro. Vinnie gets dirty early on and tries to cheap shot Cage but gets over powered to the outside. Vinnie is wearing a ripped tank top with holes in it. He tries to get in the ring and attempts a clothesline but Cage stands still and then nails him with a spine buster. Moments later, Massaro gets the Temple behind him when he hits his “snoring elbow” and then grounds Cage. Vinnie goes to Cage’s corner and tries to use the Metal Gauntlet. Massaro swings and misses. Cage then beats down Massaro in the corner. He then lifts up Vinnie and hits a modified brainbuster driver to secure the victory.

Cage defeats Vinnie Massaro by pinfall to advance to the next round of Group B

After the match, Cage puts on his Metal Gauntlet glove and starts to pound away on Massaro. He busts him open. Massaro is then choke slammed off of the apron.

When the show returns from the break. A video feature airs hyping the upcoming Lucha Underground title match between Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio. In it, Rey Mysterio talks about what his mask means to him and how he fears no man or challenge. Rey is shown during the video being greeted by fans in the streets. The second part of the video focuses on Johnny Mundo and his unique training regimen. Mundo talks about always knowing that he has been the best. He addresses Rey Mysterio and acknowledges that Rey is considered the greatest luchador ever. Mundo says that everyone will have no choice to recognize him after he defeats Mysterio.

This summer @ReyMysterio & I will wrestle for the @LuchaElRey Championship. I will leave as champion & Rey will wake in Slamtown.

— John Morrison (@TheRealMorrison) June 22, 2017

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group B- First Round
Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez vs. Saltador

As per usual, Marty stands behind Melissa while she introduces him…….. Both men try to weird each other out early on. Saltador tries to put Marty in a trance, but he just ends up laughing it off. The comedy antics actually lead to some chain wrestling between the two. Saltador starts to get under Marty’s skin and grounds him with a couple of drop kicks. Saltador then twists up Marty and hog ties him to the bottom rope. When Saltador attempts a leaping rana on Marty, he gets caught and power bombed into the steel gate on the outside. Marty creeps on Melissa some more, as she turns away disgusted….. When Marty takes Saltador back into the ring. Marty actually shoves his hand into Saltador’s mouth and drags him around the ring. After a tilt a whirl slam by Marty, he then backs Saltador into the corner. When the ref tries to get in between them. Marty spits in the referee’s face. Saltador starts to rally, he hits a flurry of offensive moves on Marty, ending with a leaping springboard head scissors. Moments later, Saltador baits Marty in by pretending that he has a cramp. When Marty starts laughing at him, he gets superkicked and covered for a near pin fall. Marty battles back and hits an exploder suplex. Marty gets over confident and Saltador rolls him up in a small package for a near fall. An angry Marty picks up Saltador and hits a unique looking, double underhook suplex into a gut buster. The move gives Marty the victory. Melissa Santos begrudgingly announces Marty as the winner.

Marty The Moth defeats Saltador to advance in Group B of The Cueto Cup

Mascarita Sagrada is shown backstage at The Temple. He is working out in preparation for his upcoming tournament match. Sagrada is then approached by The Rabbit Tribe. They treat Sagrada as if he is their Rabbit leader but Mascarita blows them off and just walks away.

The next scene of the show has Marty The Moth inside his secret lair. He has photos of Melissa Santos all over his walls. Marty reaches into his tights and pulls out a picture of Melissa. He then talks to it. He says that he is not mad at Melissa for wanting to keep their relationship a secret. Marty then licks her picture. Marty is then approached by his sister Mariposa. She tells Marty that his lust for Melissa has made him weak. Mariposa tells Marty that after she wins her first round match, that she will advance to face Marty and will be forced to teach him a lesson. Marty tells Mariposa to remember how they used to play when they were kids. Mariposa leaves and Marty talks to Melissa’s picture again. He tells her that they will one day be family too.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group B- First Round
Mascarita Sagrada vs. Pindar w/Kobra Moon

One third of the new Trios champs, Pindar over powers and flings the tiny Sagrada all over the ring at the outset. Mascarita battles back after the crowd chants for him. He takes to the air and grounds his opponent. Sagrada ends up connecting with a hurricanrana on the outside. Sagrada stays on the offensive, when the action gets back in the ring but he gets caught in mid-air, as Pindar hits a pop up diamond cutter from his knees. Pindar takes control and Kobra Moon interferes and kicks Sagrada in the face when the ref isn’t looking. Pindar then carries Sagrada around the ring. He then spanks Sagrada like a little child to humiliate him. Sagrada ends up rallying with an around the world head scissors, which gets the believers in The Temple in a frenzy. Kobra comes into the ring to go after Sagrada but he evades her. She is unable to evade him seconds later when he slaps her on the outside. Moments later, Sagrada hits a moonsault on Pindar, that leads to a near pinfall. Pindar eventually over powers Sagrada and hits an inside-out power bomb for the victory.

Pindar defeats Mascarita Sagrada to advance in Group B of The Cueto Cup

Pindar will face Cage in the next round. The next Group B match will take place after the break, as Fenix takes on Mariposa, with the winner advancing to face Marty.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group B- First Round Match
Mariposa vs. Fenix

When Fenix arrives to ringside, Melissa Santos is shown being smitten with him….. The story of the match is Fenix not taking his female opponent seriously. Evenly contested first couple of minutes. Fenix tries to dial down his aggressiveness facing a female opponent but he ends up going against that strategy and hits a standing drop kick to Mariposa’s head. Mariposa battles back with a pretty tilt a whirl DDT on Fenix for a near fall. When the action gets to the outside, Mariposa hits a running hurricanrana on Fenix. Back in the ring, Mariposa hits a springboard bulldog on Fenix for a near fall. Fenix battles back with a release german suplex. He sells not kicking Mariposa in the head but instead slaps her. When Fenix picks up Mariposa, she counters into a modified sunset flip power bomb. Mariposa stays on the offensive but Fenix strikes her down with a martial arts kick. The two then end up battling to the top rope and they exchange strikes. Fenix strikes her down with a Muta like jumping palm strike. Mariposa goes for a cross body block seconds later but gets caught and defeated when Fenix hits The fenix driver.

Fenix defeats Mariposa to advance to the next round in Group B of The Cueto Cup

Marty comes out after the match to attack Fenix. Melissa shows concern at ringside for Fenix. Marty and his sister then attempt to team up and beat him down, but Fenix battles back and ends up leaping over the ropes onto them at ringside… As Fenix celebrates, Matt Striker closes the show by stating that the field of 32 in The Cueto Cup tournament has now been cut in half.

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WWE NXT Results 21st June 2017

Tonight’s episode features Kassius Ohno looking to prove himself against the darkly talented Aleister Black.

– We start off the show the Iconic Aussies, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Royce is in action up next.

Peyton Royce vs. Ember Moon

Moon greeted with a nice pop and “welcome back” chant from the NXT Universe. They lock up and trade holds. Ember sends Royce into the corner and does her flip into a flying forearm. Royce able to reverse and get Moon up top for a high Impact Fisherman’s Suplex, but instead Royce bumps the ref, allowing Billie Kay to take Ember down with a tumble. Cover made by Royce for a two after a couple shots to the shoulder into the ring posts. We go to our first break.

We’re back and Royce still on top with an arm submission working over the formerly injured shoulder. Moon rolls it into a cover for a near fall. Royce using strikes but Moon fighting them off. Springboard cross body from Moon. Ember goes to the well too often with another flip leading to the forearm, except this time it was Royce’s boot meeting her face. Reversal after reversal finally ends with leg scissors take down. Moon heads up top for her stunner, but Kay pulls her cohort out of the ring. Throwing caution to the wind, Moon dives to the outside and takes out Kay. Royce throws Moon back into the ring and looks for a cover. Several cover reversals. Widow’s Peak from Royce for a long two count. Moon able to send Royce into the corner. She rolls right into position as Moon climbs the ropes and executes The Eclipse for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Ember Moon

– Backstage with Ohno and Itami. The Japanese star says he hasn’t seen the success in NXT that he had in Japan, and he’s been letting that get to him. Itami apologizes and Ohno accepts. Ohno says they both have things to prove and need to it the right way. Ohno says he starts that tonight.

Ealy Brothers vs. SAnitY (Young/Wolfe)

Quick lock-up. Wolfe gets the early advantage on Uriel Ealy and a quick tag made to Young. Ealy’s have a super impressive look. Uriel able to make the tag to Gabriel, but SAnitY still a step ahead. Quick tags from Young and Wolfe cutting the ring in half. Wolfe toys with Gabriel giving him an opportunity to tag his brother but quickly shuts it down. Ealy near his partner once again, but Wolfe cuts him off. Gabriel able to create separation, make a tag, and Uriel comes in with a house of fire. He gets Wolfe up for their finisher, but Young slips in and takes out the other brother. This distracts the official to miss a thumb to the eye from Wolfe. Young hits his trademark neck breaker for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: SAnitY

– A “Last Woman Standing” match announced for the NXT Women’s Championship between Nikki Cross and Asuka with no champion’s advantage. That match will take place next week.

– Vignette for Sonya DeVille. Put your hair up and square up.

Rachel Evers vs. Sonya DeVille

Rachael Ellering is a great choice to make DeVille look like an absolute beast. Evers soaking in the crowd support, but takes her eye off the ball a bit. Leg kicks from DeVille loosens up Evers. DeVille gets the take down for a quick one count. Evers fights out with a nice throw, but Deville goes right back to work. Body Triangle locked in. Evers out but a double leg takes her right back to the ground. Jaw breaker from Evers creates space. Evers gets a few strikes in, but this only fires up the former MMA competitor. DeVille ducks another strike and delivers one of her own to the midsection of Evers. DeVille takes the gloves off and goes to town on Evers. Double wrist lock arm submission makes Evers tap quickly.

Winner via Submission: Sonya DeVille

– We see footage of a photo shoot with Bobby Roode. The Strong family strolls in and Roode makes a joke about needing a doublewide sooner than later if they keep having kids. Roode says hello to Strong’s fiance and says whenever she feels like being with a real man, to give him a call. This sets Strong off and they brawl backstage. Roode says Strong can have a title shot anytime, anywhere.

– It’s main event time, and it should be a good one. Let’s get to the action.

Kassius Ohno vs. Aleister Black

Elbow vs. Kick. Feeling out process early. Black gets position, but Ohno lifts him up easily and sits him on the top rope with a clean break. Wrist locks and reversals galore at the start of this one. Black with control over the neck area of Ohno and never letting go. Ohno regains the advantage and takes Black to the ground. Quickly reversed and Ohno in trouble. Ohno makes the rope and another respectful clean break.

Ohno looking to change speeds and delivers a strike to the chest to Black, but receipt is given by a kick from Black. Ohno reeling, Black sets up the Black Mass, but Ohno sees it coming and quickly runs for the hills. Black teases a dive to the outside, but springboards back into the center of the ring to sit Indian Style. Black with a bevy of strikes, sends Ohno to the ropes, but Ohno able to counter with a big elbow. Stalemate as we go to break.

We’re back and Black has the advantage. Not for long, as Ohno hits a pump kick in the corner for a two count. Ohno grounds Black with a snapmare take down and leading it into a shoulder and neck submission. Ohno hits what looked to be a shoot senton with all his weight. Ohno sits Indian Style, which may have been a mistake. Maybe not, as Ohno catches Black, slings him down, and dishes a kick and a near fall. Ohno asks Black if he’s good or evil, and he may find out shortly. Whip exchange, Ohno goes for a baseball slide to escape, but lands right into a double stomp from Black. The dial has been turned to the right a bit with both guys hitting another level. Black with some stiff kicks to Ohno, but Kassius catches the leg. Pump kick from Ohno once again sends a dazed Black to the corner. Looking for a rolling elbow but gets a big boot. Off the rebound, Ohno hits a kick of his own. Crowd getting behind Ohno. These strikes are not soft by any stretch of the imagination. Pinning combo gets a near fall for Black. More high paced strikes from Black finished off with a knee strike and two count. Ohno able to hit a variety of strikes, stacks Black up, but just a long two. Ohno takes off the elbow pad off and preps the rolling elbow. Kick! Knee! Forearm! Fantastic sequence from both men. Ohno goes for the rolling elbow one last time, but is met by Black Mass. One, two, three. Nice match.

Winner via Pinfall: Aleister Black

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NXT Live Coverage – June 21, 2017

Join the live coverage!

Date: June 27, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

It’s the last episode of a taping cycle and that means we have a major match to wrap things up as Aleister Black is facing Kassius Ohno in what could be one of the hardest hitting matches we’ve ever seen in NXT. If nothing else Black needs to get a win over a bigger name instead of just beating nobodies time after time. Let’s get to it.

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New Show on WWE Network Premiering Tomorrow?

WWE seems to never lack content for the WWE Network, as a steady stream of new original programming has been unveiled and is available any time for subscribers. The latest of which may be a very interesting comparison based series.

WWE announced via their Twitter account today that a special will appear on the WWE Network tomorrow and it may be a larger series for the company.

Titled ‘Then & Now: Charlotte Flair,” the series will air tomorrow exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network. Based on the structure of the name, it likely signifies other NXT alumni will appear on more variations of this special in the future.

Safe to say @MsCharlotteWWE has undergone an evolution… she recalls her journey to becoming #TheQueen TOMORROW on!

— WWE (@WWE) June 21, 2017

While it isn’t exactly certain what the details are on the show, it will likely feature Charlotte speaking on her time from NXT right up until this year, where she will explain her growth as a competitor. Other wrestlers that get picked for this series will most probably have the same format for their episodes.

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Charlotte Flair will take on Carmella, Natalya, Tamina and Becky Lynch next week in a second Money In The Bank match to determine the true ‘Miss Money In The Bank‘ after James Ellsworth got involved at the ‘Money In The Bank‘ pay-per-view. The video above showcases Bryan’s announcement on this past edition of ‘Smackdown Live.’

Editor’s Note:

I can’t wait to see what the series is all about. I believe the Charlotte and Ric Flair book to be published by WWE was pushed back and this may be why. They want to have good sales on the book and giving away a lot of what Charlotte will probably talk about isn’t a good business model. I intend to eventually buy the book myself, but I think this was for the best.

Who do you want to see on this series? Who should win the second take of the women’s Money In The Bank match? et us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Additionally, you can find me on Twitter at @SOSNH1995.

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