Update On Vince McMahon Recently Undergoing Another Surgery

Apparently WWE’s Chairman underwent another surgery in recent weeks.

Vince McMahon went under the knife for a second procedure on his leg in recent months, according to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

In September, it was reported that McMahon underwent surgery to repair a torn quad muscle that he suffered while doing some weight-training workouts. During the recent WrestleMania 34 press conference, McMahon was spotted on crutches (see photo below). This was apparently because he had recent underwent hip surgery.

Excited to announce and welcome Wrestlemania 34 back to New Orleans in 2018!#WrestlemaniaNOLA #onlylouisiana pic.twitter.com/QItSvPbTQs

— Billy Nungesser (@BillyNungesser) January 10, 2017

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NXT TakeOver: San Antonio Lineup: Two New Matches Added

Following this week’s episode of NXT TV on the WWE Network, new matches are now official for the upcoming NXT TakeOver: San Antonio special.

Added to the first NXT TakeOver special of 2017 this week were single matches pitting Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young and Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Roderick Strong.

With those matches now known, below is an updated look at the official lineup for the NXT TakeOver: San Antonio special scheduled for January 28th.

NXT TakeOver: San Antonio Lineup

– Shinsuke Nakamura defends the NXT Championship against Bobby Roode

– Asuka defends the NXT Women’s Championship in a Fatal 4 Way against Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross

– DIY defends the NXT Tag Team Championships against The Authors of Pain

– Tye Dillinger battles Eric Young of SAnitY

– Roderick Strong takes on Andrade “Cien” Almas

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Hatin’ On: The Miz

You knew it was coming.

The Physical Embodiment of Sports Entertainment, The Personification of Weenie, The Wiz, The..um, hrumpf, other word that rhymes with Miz..you know the one. Yes, it’s The Miz- whose wretched journey as on-air “Who? From what show?” to WWE Champion has caused more suffering to viewing audiences than anyone in the WWE over the last decade. No mercy. On the wing of a childhood dream and a pithy fart of celebrity, The Miz had dreams of being the next Rock or Shawn Michaels. Despite WWE’s best efforts, we knew better: The Miz was shit. Every stutter, every botch was proof positive he was as undeserving and hollow as the reality show from which he spawned. Along the way, however, you gotta admire his tenacity for it. And you have to admire that – no matter how many times he hosts the vile “Miz TV” only to get laid out in the middle of the ring – you still wait fervently for that son-of-a-bitch to get his, and you still boo the next time his cheesy, smiling dumbface makes an appearance.

Whatever your opinion on Roman Reigns, this was nice.

Fun fact about The Miz: His entrance video doesn’t feature any clips of him actually wrestling and hasn’t for years. Oh, there’s lots him doing other things in it – acting (horribly), talking to other TV personalities (awkwardly) – and lots of stock footage of time-lapse L.A. cityscapes. He came to…play? To play. He came to play. Not to win, to fight, to work, to be a champion, just to play. Sums it up, really. There’s no need to relive all of the growing pains of WWE trying to turn his steaming pile of petulance into superstardom. Thankfully, they’ve learned. It’s just too easy to hate on The Miz, and that gift shouldn’t go to waste. The gift of wanting to see someone be endlessly put on their ass, as well as the gift of his persona, rebelling against fans sense of what it means to be a great heel. “Oh, but The Miz isn’t vicious enough, he doesn’t have the mean streak” you might say. That’s mostly true, and exactly why our hate feels so justified: He isn’t a tough guy or one who enjoys violence. But having a mean-streak or being tough isn’t what makes a heel great, rather it’s the ability to be hated – to get heat – and Miz is so naturally talented that it makes you wonder if he has evolved a way to synthesize and break down audible booing into essential nutrients necessary to sustain life itself.

I swear, they ever make a Wrestlemania match out of these two, I’m losing my shit.

His remarkable growth, all while maintaining the aura of soft and safe pantomime “wrestler”, has told a story for WWE fans over the course of his career. Again, we’re intentionally not reliving any of that here. But you’ve seen most of it already, and at various points probably thought the wrestler he antagonized, but I’d posit that’s not always the case. Or, at least, The Miz played his part of standing opposite of everything his opponent stood for at least as well as his respective protagonist stood for those values themselves. He was a wannabe against the Rock, a vain and vapid socialite to Mizdow’s commitment and pure artistry, and an insincere hot dog against Daniel Bryan’s authentic, blue-collar charm. All of those amazing elements of psychology and storytelling are taken for granted. And that’s mostly because it’s impossible stop hating on this moron who main-evented a Wrestlemania and held WWE Championship gold when so many more deserving wrestlers before and during his time haven’t.

“I am the Title!” – actual quote

Since adopting his B-movie star shtick, fans have begun to appreciate all those years of his shitty, unbearable presence. He really found a groove! And so the hate has come full circle: I love to hate The Miz. When I have gone to live events where he was performing, I booed with hands cupped around my mouth for maximum sound wave travel distance in his direction. For every respect I can have for his performance, he still enters and leaves with his heat from me. Even now, when he’s try-harding against Dolph Ziggler or Dean Ambrose, I can feel the grimace work it’s way across my face. “This fucker thinks I’m going to respect his wrestling now.” I’ll be damned. And his passionate yet bumbling promos on Talking Smack only make me laugh. I still don’t believe he’s “that guy” which only adds another layer of hate, thus ensuring his continued survival on WWE television, and maybe even his very life on Earth.

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WWE SmackDown Live Viewership For 1/17/17: Viewership Increase For Women’s Championship Steel Cage Main Event

Tuesday’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live did 2,652 million viewers, which is up from the 2,533 million viewers the show did last Tuesday. The show was headlined by Alexa Bliss defending the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch in a steel cage match.

SmackDown Live ranked #1 in the top 150 shows on cable for the night, which is down from the 4th ranking the show did last week. Here are the viewership numbers for the show this year:

1/3/17: 2,596,000

1/10/17: 2,533,000

1/17/17: 2,652,000

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Tye Dillinger On Facing Eric Young At NXT Takeover: San Antonio, Match Announced For Next Week’s NXT

– WWE has announced that Tye Dillinger would face Eric Young in a singles match at NXT Takeover: San Antonio next weekend. Dillinger spoke with WWE.com about the upcoming match. In the video that you can watch below, Dillinger told Young to bring all of SAnitY because he will knock them down one by one.

– WWE has announced that Ember Moon would take on Liv Morgan on next week’s episode of NXT.

– Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live ranked #2 among series & specials for the night in Nielsen’s social media TV ratings. The show had 83,000 interactions on Twitter, which is up from last week’s 57,000 interactions. SmackDown had 19,000 unique authors, which is also up from last week’s 13,000 authors.

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Darren Young Provides Injury Update

As noted, Darren Young suffered an arm injury at Monday’s Main Event TV tapings in Little Rock, AR. The injury happened when Young took a nasty fall off the apron during his match with Epico, and he immediately grabbed his arm. The match was stopped immediately after the ref and doctor at ringside realized that Young was legitimately hurt. Young clutched his arm as he was walking up the ramp and to the backstage arena.

Young took to Twitter to update fans on the injury and posted this:

👉🏽Hyperextension which resulted in a traumatic dislocation & fracture of the coronoid process of the right elbow. 👈🏽 #blockthehate #standby pic.twitter.com/LNcvQiXLrF

— nodaysoff D-Young (@DarrenYoungWWE) January 18, 2017

There’s still no word yet on how long he’ll be out of action.

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Bray Wyatt Takes Shot At Baron Corbin (Video)

– During last night’s Talking Smack segment, Bray Wyatt talked about winning The Royal Rumble and also took a shot at Baron Corbin, who was on the show earlier and said that he would win the Rumble.

“I see Baron Corbin in here telling everyone that he’s going to win it,” Wyatt said. “But he doesn’t know what it takes, he’s never been there, he’s never done anything. I’ve been there. I’ve seen everything that there is to see.”

Check out the video below:

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WWE RAW Viewership Sees Big Increase This Week

– According to ShowBuzz Daily, this Monday’s WWE RAW episode, featuring a six-man main event with Braun Strowman, WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, drew 3.271 million viewers.

This number is up 12.5% from last week’s 2.907 million viewers.

* First hour drew 3.519 million viewers
* Second hour drew 3.221 million viewers
* Final hour drew 3.074 million viewers.

RAW was #5 on cable for the night in viewership, behind the NBA on TNT, The O’Reilly Factor, Special Report and Tucker Carlson.

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Triple H Reveals Plan For WWE Women’s Tournament

Triple H appeared on the FOX Sports Wrestling Compadres Slamcast this week, check out the exchange below:

DALE RUTLEDGE: Last time on the show, [Stephanie McMahon] mentioned an idea for the women’s talent that you were working on. Has there been any further development on that?

TRIPLE H: So, that’s another one of my big, big kind of passions, is to go do that, a women’s tournament. And we’re down the road a bit of — the harder thing now, in a changing landscape, I feel like sometimes in WWE, like, you know, Tuesday, I’m like, “Okay, so this is where we’re going, right? No changing it? Yes!” On Wednesday morning, you have to call, it’s like, “We’re not doing that anymore.”

So you look at the landscape and how much it’s changed in the last year. NXT Takeovers now are attached to our “Big Four” pay-per-views. Raw and SmackDown have split brands and have pay-per-views of their own, but there’s more pay-per-views. When you look at the big calendar of where do you stick an event, that’s changed. And you have to look for the space where you go like, “Do it here! … no, that’s not good, you have a holiday.” Right?

So it’s really just been a process with the women of us finding the right time and space. This one worked out great with the little gap before Rumble here, to fit this tournament in and doing it in a shorter time frame, doing it live.

The women, we’re probably going to do this summer, is what I’m hoping, and a lot of women performers just [reacted] when I said that, but that’s the plan anyway. And you know, again, much like cruisers, it’s to go scour the globe and maybe find the girls that are out there doing this that no one’s heard of, that no one has seen, that are like these diamonds waiting, and bring them up. And let’s see what they can do, and entertain people with the tournament, and let them be exposed to this new talent. And at the same time, just massively increase the opportunity and the talent pool for us, and for everyone, really.

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** SPOILERS** WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight

– Check out the following WWE NXT results for tonight’s show:

* Nikki Cross defeated enhancement talent Kennadi Brink in a quick squash. Sanity was at ringside

* Roderick Strong defeated Steve Cutler. Strong debuted a new theme song and won with the Sick Kick. After the match, Dasha Fuentes asks Roddy about Andrade “Cien” Almas saying he’s coming for him last week. Roddy cuts her off and says he doesn’t care about what Andrade said, he’s here for one thing – the NXT Title

* Tye Dillinger comes out for a promo. Dillinger says he isn’t sure if he still belongs here. Sanity interrupts. Eric Young says Tye needs the right friends and offers him Sawyer Fulton’s jacket. Tye refuses but EY tries to speak reason to him. EY tells Tye he’s not asking. Tye drops the jacket and throws the “10 hands” in his face and starts a brawl. Tye fends off Sanity until Big Damo comes out of the crowd and lays out Tye. Eric offers Damo the jacket and he accepts. Sanity poses over Tye before leaving

* Ember Moon defeated Liv Morgan. Fun match, they slapped hands in respect to start. Ember throws Liv outside the ring and hits a big kick before rolling her back in to hit the Eclipse for the win. They shake hands after the match

* NXT General Manager William Regal is out for contract signing. He introduces Bobby Roode and NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Roode says he’s followed Nakamura’s career in Japan, and that he’s been offered the chance to “fly to the orient and and face you” over the years, but he never felt Nakamura was worth his time. Roode discusses Dallas and says he remembers the most from that night is that Nakamura has a catchy theme song and he catches himself humming it at home. Roode says Shinsuke calls himself the King of Strong Style, but says he has no style and insults his appearance & moves.

Nakamura says he knew his and Bobby-san’s paths would cross and says Roode looks like a Shiba Inu. Roode insults Japan and says Nakamura is in the ring with the biggest star on god’s green earth. He runs down the cost of his outfit and calls Nakamura a joke. Roode says he is going to silence the fans and take the NXT Title. Roode signs the contract, and says that when he wins it will be glo – Nakamura puts his hand in his face and says he looks great and is one of the best, but he’s not taking his title. Nakamura signs and says in San Antonio, he’s going to kick his head off, and it will be glorious. Nakamura mocks Roode’s pose as they face off to end the segment

Props: WrestlingInc

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