Two of SmackDown’s Top Women Transition to Raw

It’s not just the men who are figuring into the Superstar Shakeup. It looks like there are some big changes in the works for the Raw and SmackDown women’s division, and those changes start on Monday night. Bayley came out to address the fans for the first time since defending the Raw Women’s Championship at […]

Another Match Confirmed for “Payback 2017” But There’s a Catch

With a gimmick and a caveat. Last week on “Smackdown Live”, Bray Wyatt issued a challenge to the new WWE Champion Randy Orton for a House of Horrors match. The rules for the match haven’t been established but it certainly sounds violent. However, something happened tonight that made things a bit more interesting. Tonight on […]

Top Star Hits Raw, Will Challenge for SmackDown Title at Raw PPV

The latest addition to the Monday night roster is a former WWE Champion–and one who’ll apparently be challenging for that currently SmackDown-exclusive title at the next Raw PPV. At least, that’s the implication left by Bray Wyatt’s Raw debut. The Eater of Worlds appeared to offer a mysterious challenge to Finn Balor, before confirming that […]

Title Match Confirmed for “Payback 2017”

Add it to the card. With the post-Wrestlemania insanity that was last week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw” and this week’s Superstar Shakeup, some people might have forgotten that we’re less than three weeks away from “Payback 2017”. Coming into this week nothing had been announced but one match was officially announced earlier tonight. This […]

What Does Vince McMahon Like About Enzo Amore?

And you can’t teach that. Just over a year ago, Enzo Amore, along with his partner Big Cass, made his debut on “Monday Night Raw”. In the last year, Amore has been one of the most popular acts on the show with his over the top way of speaking and high energy persona. However, there’s […]

Booker T. Has an Interesting Take on Wrestlemania Moments

It’s a lot of people’s favorite. Booker T. is one of the most successful wrestlers of all time, having won more than ten titles each in both WWE and WCW. He’s been around the business at a high level since 1993 and has a unique perspective on a lot of things. One of these things […]

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose moves to RAW

As seen on the Opening segment of Superstar Shakeup edition of RAW, Miz and Maryse mock Cena and Nikki, and their WrestleMania 33 engagement. Miz says last time we saw them they were going to Hollywood. Maryse says Hollywood didn’t want them. Miz goes on and is interrupted by the music as WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean […]

First Three New Raw Stars Include Big Singles Champion

The Superstar Shakeup is underway, and it’s time to see who’s been moved to Monday Night Raw. The first two stars to make the jump appeared to be John Cena and Nikki Bella–except, of course, it wasn’t. Instead, it was the Miz and Maryse doing their now-classic parody of WWE’s recently engaged couple. Dean Ambrose […]

Possible Spoilers for the “Superstar Shakeup” on Tonight’s WWE RAW

WWE NXT Superstar Elias Samson and SmackDown Superstar Rhyno are both backstage for tonight’s WWE RAW from Long Island for the “Superstar Shakeup” show. Samson has been expected for a main roster call-up after recently losing a “Loser Leaves NXT” match to Kassius Ohno. No word yet on if Heath Slater is backstage at RAW […]

Ric Flair Kicked Out Of Bar For Insulting Employee

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Ric Flair was kicked out of a bar Sunday evening in Indiana for insulting one of the people who works there, this according to a fellow employee.Multiple people in attendance say Flair hit up The Deck at the Gas House in Fort Wayne, Indiana tonight and was told to leave […]