AJ Lee Reveals CM Punk’s Payday for UFC Loss

Who’s laughing now? Last year, CM Punk got into the UFC octagon to fulfill a lifelong dream. A lot of people said he was going to get destroyed because he was too old and too banged up to do it but Punk said he would put in everything he had. Punk wound up lasting two […]

Monday Night Raw Live Coverage – April 10, 2017

Join the live coverage! Monday Night Raw Date: April 10, 2017 Location: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton In case last week’s post-Wrestleania show wasn’t enough for you, this week we have the first half of the Superstar Shakeup, which will see various talents going to the other shows. […]

One Surefire Way to Get Apollo Crews Over on ‘RAW’

The first swap of Superstar Swap happened before RAW even went on the air. Apollo Crews went from Smackdown to RAW, making him the first of presumably a handful of moves that will take place Monday. I like Crews in the ring. I even wrote about that. I also made the point that he needed […]

Watch The WWE Tag Champs in Their First Tag Title Match

The Hardy Boyz are back in the WWE. You probably know this, because the WWE has made a big deal out of it. You can forgive them for that, considering how excited people were when Jeff and Matt made their surprise return at WrestleMania 33. So let’s enjoy a blast from the past, with a […]

WWE Announces First Raw Acquisition Ahead of Superstar Shakeup

WWE immediately transitioned the momentum of a pretty good WrestleMania into a whole lot of anticipation for their Superstar Shakeup, which will be rocking the worlds of both brands this week. Ahead of Raw, WWE went and announced the first new star set for action on Monday nights. That is none other that the all-American […]

Will WWE’s Superstar Swap Actually Change Anything?

Ever since Vince McMahon showed up on the first RAW after WrestleMania, waited out some anti-Roman Reigns chants, and announced “Superstar Swap,” said swap has been a topic of fervent discussion. After all, this is the first time such an event has happened since RAW and Smackdown split into two brands once again. Sure, Jack […]

New Details on Drew McIntyre’s WWE Contract

Strike while the iron is hot. Over Wrestlemania weekend, one of the stories that has flown under the radar was Drew McIntyre signing with NXT. McIntyre has been wrestling around the world since his release from WWE in 2014. Since then, his profile has risen to a much higher level and he was the big […]

Raw Star Reportedly Injured, Could Be Out for Some Time

[This post contains video, click to play] The Superstar Shakeup isn’t the only thing shaking up the superstars of Raw. One third of Monday night’s most prolific tag team looks to be out of action for some time. WWE.com reports that Kofi Kingston has suffered an ankle injury, which will require surgery putting the star […]

Raw Preview: Everything We’ve Heard About the Superstar Shakeup

WrestleMania is the books, and Vince McMahon’s giant wheel just keeps on spinnin’. Tonight, it’s all about resetting for the world after ‘Mania, and we’re going to be seeing Raw and SmackDown stars shifting brands over the next two nights. That makes it a bit difficult to predict what’s going down tonight. All the reports […]

WWE Raw Preview: Superstar Shake-up

Last week, Vince McMahon made the surprise appearance and announced the two-night superstar shakeup from Raw and Smackdown Live. Now on 10th april edition of Raw, Will we see fresh faces for both brands? Will we see champions move? Speaking of champions, who will Brock Lesnar’s next challenger be? The Superstar Shakeup begins As Mr. […]