WWE Announces Second Class of Hall of Fame Legacy Inductees

We’re not quite done yet. One of the major points of the WWE Hall of Fame is to honor the history of wrestling. However, one of the criticisms of the Hall of Fame is that it doesn’t go far enough back into history. That problem was somewhat corrected last year with the addition of the […]

Main Event Results – March 23, 2017: Some Familiar Faces are at it Again

Main Event Date: March 23, 2017 Location: Barclays Center, New York Center, New York Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton You would think this show might pick up a little bit with Wrestlemania just around the corner but odds are we’re looking at some combination of Jinder Mahal, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in the first […]

UK Promotion Returning In Collaboration With “Impact Wrestling”

That’s one more on the team. Over the last few weeks, the new regime of “Impact Wrestling” has made some major international moves. New partnerships with Japan’s Pro Wrestling Noah and Mexico’s Crash Wrestling and AAA have emerged, making “Impact Wrestling” look a bit more important. You can now add a British name to the […]

AJ Styles Answers Whether He’s Too Good for Shane McMahon

At least one person is confident. One of the biggest matches at “Wrestlemania XXXIII” is AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon, which hasn’t exactly fired up interest. The general criticisms have been that McMahon is beneath Styles and that Styles deserves better. One person we haven’t heard from though is Styles, at least until now. Styles […]

Undertaker Gives Rare Candid Speech on How He Became a Wrestler

You don’t hear this one too often. The Undertaker is one of the most famous wrestlers in WWE history but also one of the quietest. You really don’t hear him talk all that much, which makes him all the more interesting. Since it’s Wrestlemania season, a lot of people want to talk to him and […]

Legendary Team on How the Broken Hardys Would Fare in WWE

Well he might know. About ten years ago, Edge and Matt Hardy had one of the most intense, personal rivalries in wrestling history. The two have a long history together and know each other incredibly well. Therefore, it’s worth listening to Edge (and Christian) when it comes to the Hardys. Edge and Christian were recently […]

ROH Officials Emphatically Denying WWE Buyout Rumors

Not so fast my friend. Earlier this week the big rumor was that WWE might be trying to buy Ring of Honor from the Sinclair Broadcasting Group. While the negotiations were billed as secret, one major player in the whole thing seems to think there’s absolutely nothing to them: Ring of Honor. In an interview […]

The Pipebomb w/ McCool & Co – March 24, 2017

 This week, we keep the power of positivity and argue why WrestleMania 33 may be the most loaded card of all time. Plus YOUR #3Count questions on a variety of topics and from new people. Why Bayley has struggled to connect with the fans, Nia Jax, Miz/Maryse, how WWE can improve, Wyatt/Orton, what match will […]

AJ Styles Says This Is Who Paved the Way For Him In WWE

In less than a year, AJ Styles proved himself to be the most phenomenal athlete in WWE–pun intended, but that doesn’t make it any less true. AJ knows it, too. In a new interview with Sam Roberts (transcript via WrestlingInc), AJ spoke candidly about his incredible first year in WWE. “Well, if they’re not [saying […]