WWE UK Championship TV Show Taping Spoilers

Pip pip, cheerio. The WWE United Kingdom Championship was first awarded back in December 2016 when Tyler Bate won the inaugural tournament. The two day show was well received enough to warrant a regular TV series which will air in the near future. WWE has already done taped the first show with an air date […]

Video: Tye Dillinger Does a ‘Perfect 10 People’s Elbow’ at a WWE Live Event

Tye Dillinger, who was just recently called up to WWE’s main roster in the superstar shake-up, decided to hit a “Perfect 10 People’s Elbow” at a recent live event, which the people in the crowd went crazy for. You can check out the video below. #NXTRiverside A @WWEDillinger ?? People’s Elbow! Was awesome! ?? pic.twitter.com/yH1C2vji1K […]

Kurt Angle Says WWE Nixed His Milk Truck Idea for the Hall of Fame

Apparently Kurt Angle made a pretty huge request prior to his WWE Hall of Fame induction, as he asked the company if he could drive a milk truck into the arena for his entrance. Of course, one of Angle’s most famous WWE moments was when he drove a milk truck into the arena, and doused […]

Batista Says He Misses Wrestling, But Not WWE’s ‘Bulls**t’

It’s been roughly three years since we last saw former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista left the company, and even though he’s pitched ideas for a comeback during that time, he hasn’t made his return, and on Friday’s Talk is Jericho, The Animal explained why. “Yeah, I miss [wrestling] a lot. There’s nothing like it, you […]

Batista is Interested in a WWE Return, But Vince McMahon Isn’t

Batista recently appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast — Talk is Jericho — to talk about his movie career, among other things. Towards the end of the show, Jericho asked the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion if he’s interested in coming back to the company for another run, and he didn’t only say yes, but he […]

Come Back Here! WWE Superstars Steal Stuff

Someone get the Repo Man! Almost everyone in wrestling has a signature item that could almost only belong to them. Undertaker (and Paul Bearer) had the urn, Hulk Hogan had the bandana, Jake Roberts had the snake and Jim Duggan had his board. Now what happens if someone takes those things from them? Well that […]

Reby Hardy Tweets Her Displeasure with Impact Wrestling

And so it continues. As you probably know, the Hardys left Impact Wrestling earlier this year and signed with WWE. This didn’t seem to be the best split in the world as there have been lawsuits over the rights to the characters, but also a very vicious exchange between Reby Hardy and the company itself. […]

Will Jinder Mahal’s Push Continue After Backlash?

It’s still a little hard to believe that Jinder Mahal is going to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash, as he’s pretty much been used as an enhancement guy since he returned to the company last year. But, it looks like WWE is big on the idea of making an Indian star, […]

The Latest on the Broken Hardys in WWE

Matt Hardy has been teasing the broken gimmick on WWE television over the past couple of weeks, which has led many to believe that the act will be brought to the company at some point in the near future. According to Cageside Seats, WWE is close to a deal with Anthem Sports, who are the […]